What They Don’t Tell You After The Zombie Apocalypse


Uhm, just gimme a minute here.

The kids are gonna be okay out there, right?

Uh, it’s really nice in here. Real clean. Where’d you get all this white furniture?

(Unintelligible response)

Well,  it sure smells better in here than it does outside. Ha!

Yeah, that’s one thing they don’t tell you about the end of the world, ya’know. They don’t tell you it’s gon’ stink.  I mean it’s not like they can tell ya, cuz they don’t know ’til it happens, but you know…all those movies and shit I watched, don’t nobody ever act like anything smells bad.

Well, you know…people! People say stuff.

I watched some of them movies, the old ones, yeah, and them bodies are looking ’bout as nasty as you think they gonna look, but none of the people chopping them up ever notice how they might be smelling.

(Leans forward conspiratorially)

Or, maybe it’s cuz they can’t smell anything, ya know. Their sense of smell is just all burnt out…only I don’t see how cuz there’s like a thousand ways to die in this world, and they all smell different. Just when you thank Jesus your sense of is smell  gone, there’s some fresh new hell gettin’ up your nose. ( Laughs.)

I think them people down south got it worse tho’. It must smell like death all the time down there. How the hell does anybody eat with all the air you’re breathing smelling like dead folk? I tell ya’. You can’t. You can’t eat nothing. I’m sure a bunch of people musta lost weight.

(She laughs uproariously. She’s delighted by her own humor.)

When this whole thing started getting outta hand, you couldn’t go nowhere didn’t smell like a hot pile of shit. I know I didn’t eat too much back then. I was sick a lot. A lot of people were. We couldn’t eat cuz all the food tasted bad. That smell was in everything.

You know how it is when you got a bad head cold, and you can’t smell nuthin and your food ain’t got no flavor? It’s like the opposite of that. Everything just taste like rot. (Grimacing.)

You couldn’t get away from it neither. It got all over you, on your clothes, in your hair. You’d be walking around, doin’ okay, then you catch a quick whiff off your jacket, or it’d be on some shirt you wore a week ago that you thought was clean.

Up here though we kinda get a  little break when it snow and girl, I be praying for it to snow every day, even in the Summer! (Laughing.)

I think it’s worse down south cuz it s all the time. Maybe they get used to it or something. For me, it just…it just fades a little bit in the winter, and like I said, you don’t ever get rid of it completely so… (Melancholy sigh.)

I don’t know whichaway is worse.


We all have…but..yeah…

…but it ain’t so bad up here sometimes. We got the snow, ya know, and things settle down for a while. We can get out and get some shit done cuz them fuckers freeze up a little. They don’t do too much walking around when the snow gets real high. But I guess we don’t neither. I ain’t gonna be riding no bike in the snow! (Laughs.)

Oh about four, five feet…but that’s dangerous too cuz the snow can cover them up. There’s always some hiding under the snow.

I guess that’s something they ain’t got to deal with down South, maybe.

I don’t know. I guess both places real bad.

Dammit! Waitaminute..

(Runs over to the window.)

Lashawn! Put that hand down and quit chasing your sister. Come get in here! Right now!! Both of ya’!

Oh, sorry about that.

What was we just talking about?


I’ve always loved writing fiction. I used to write horror stories in Elementary school and even wrote a few for the school newspaper in High School. I don’t write a whole lot of fiction anymore and this was a lot of fun to write. No, it’s not based on anything in The Walking Dead TV series, although it is somewhat inspired by it, and was written during the time period when I watched the show every week.

Hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it!


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