Pop Culture Geekery

I’ll be showing my love about various Pop Cultural interests. Film, books, and TV , with a patina of nostalgia and just a pinch of snark,  some remembrances  of  things my brain should have forgotten years ago, throw  in a little of the new hotness about twice a week and that’s  the recipe for geeking out.

I’ll try to blog about current shows like Supernatural, Gotham and The Walking Dead in real time and reminisce about a few old friends like The Invisible Man and Angel. I’ll discuss comparisons of new and old movies and some of my favorite books, too.

19 thoughts on “Pop Culture Geekery

      1. jennnanigans

        Thanks for the link!
        I asked because I have finished a high-fantasy novel and am looking for beta readers. One of the POV characters is black, and she is inspired by much of the discussions I’ve been reading on your blog and elsewhere about the lack of black representation in genre fiction and entertainment. She’s 40, the Master of History at a prestigious place of learning, and a member of nobility in her country (her home country is sort of like Iceland, lots of craggy mountains, green valleys, volcanoes). She’s also thrown herself into her work to avoid dealing with the death of her fiancee when she was 16, and the events of the story encourage her out of her comfort zone and back into action.
        /breathless ramble

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      2. jennnanigans

        Yes ma’am! I have a couple Orlando-local folks I’m going to reach out to but since they know me they might provide a biased opinion where they’re willing to cut me too much slack. I want the opposite of that. Do you have someone in mind you could point me to?

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    1. I wasn’t really an Angel fan til Spike joined the crew, until then I hadn’t really committed, but I will be recapping/reviewing The Walking Dead on my site and Supernatural, every week.

      Did you watch Fear the Walking Dead? Did you like it? I only sort of liked it. It was an okay tide over til the REAL Walking Dead show begins.


      1. I loved Angel at first then it got ROUGH around S3 and didn’t get good again until the final season, which I loved so, so much. Spike brought so much to the show. A Hole In The World will never not rip my heart out of my chest.

        You know, I really wanted to give Fear the Walking Dead a fair shake, but I realized the entire time that I was having to actively try to like it- whereas TWD had me HOOKED from second one. I love anything zombie- so to say FTWD bored me is pretty telling. Oh well. You tried, AMC….you tried.

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    2. Yep! That’s exactly what I mean. I just couldn’t put my finger on it why I wasn’t feeling FWD. I was trying really hard to like it and got bored and skipped a couple of episodes. But here’s the clinker. I didn’t go back and watch the ones I missed.

      Yeah, I was into Angel up to season three and then just lost interest mostly. I kept watching and there was a good episode from time to time, but I wasn’t invested. But when I heard Spike was going to show up, I was really excited. He did bring a new dynamic and I cared about the series again. I think the writers just really liked writing for Spike because he got so,e of his best lines since season four of Buffy.

      I know a lot of people hated the ending but I don’t mind it so much now as I continued reading about it in the comics. They did stuff in the comics that could never have been done on TV, which was all kinds of cool for me.

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