Black Boy Joy (Black History Month Edition)

To Frolic: To gambol, cavort, caper, romp, kick it up, in an excited and happy manner, usually outdoors, usually in meadows!

In these times it’s so important for us not just to look to our past to remark on our trauma but to look to our past to acknowledge our successes and our present to acknowledge why we fight for equality in the first place. Joy is a way of fighting. In times when we are being inundated with one horrible statistic or image after another, joy is a major act of rebellion against despair.

So hi, I have some Black Boy (Man) Joy for this BHM 2023.

This trend happened a couple of years ago but was recently compiled into this five-minute montage of Black Men out in the world just having the time of their lives and frolicking to the Peanuts theme song! I don’t think you can imagine just how happy this made me, or the big goofy grin on my face while I watched this!

I hope this makes your day as happy as it did mine.

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