Coming Attractions

Here’s a trio of forthcoming movie adaptations, based on children’s books. Well…books about children, anyway.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:

I did read the first book in this series but I’ve neglected to read the other two. I need to catch up before this movie is released, I guess. I loved the series, although it started a bit slow, and I don’t normally read books starring children or teenagers. It was very imaginative, a little fun, a little dark, and I liked the characters. I may go see this if I can get my niece interested. This sounds like something she’d adore.

Heck, it sounds like something I would adore!

It stars Eva Green, who is one of my favorite people, even though she has trouble choosing movie projects I want to see her in, and it’s directed by Tim Burton, who is always awesome, no matter how awful a director he can be.




Alice Through the Looking Glass:

I’m getting a little more excited about seeing this movie, even though I’m reticent to spend money on it, because I got burned by the first movie. Not that the first movie was bad, it just got tedious after a while, and like a restless three yr. old, I got bored. It was every bit as imaginative as I expected, so maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it or something, as I genuinely love Tim Burton.

I don’t  think Tim did this movie but it looks fascinating. I’m a sucker for movies about Time and time travel. Johnny Depp is his usual awesome self and the special effects look amazing, although he looks like he’s wearing even more makeup than in the first movie. Of course I thought the first movie looked great too, and nearly fell asleep during it. So, it’s okay to be excited but I do advise a bit of caution.

I’m still uncertain as to why someone thought the first movie merited a sequel, though.



Here’s another, seemingly, female-centric film, with great special effects and starring Chris somebody. I think he was in another movie somewhere. 😐

Anyway Furiosa…I mean, Charlize Theron, is back in this one. I thought she died in the last one, but I guess she was so good, they decided to bring her back and make a prequel. Or the creators were so jazzed by how she was received in Mad Max, they thought they were looking at a sure thing. Still this movie looks exactly like a live action version of Frozen, but without that creepy snowman thing, and all the singing. (Good! I can go another lifetime without hearing that damn theme song again.)


Any of these look interesting to you? Let me know in the comments!