Logan (2017)

I absolutely hated the first Wolverine movie. I mostly try to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. I found the second movie, “Wolverine in Japan”, to be tolerable, but again, its not one of my favorite movies. I love movies set in Japan, about Japan, and I really like Wolverine, so that movie should have been a lot more exciting than it was.

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing in the entire movie was Yukio, and I’d love it if she had her own movie, but its Hollywood, so that ain’t never gonna happen, because Hollywood simply cannot allow an Asian woman to run around being heroic and shit, without a White guy attached to her like a barnacle.

This last movie, the last one starring Hugh Jackman, looks pretty good. Its a different feel than the first two movies, with the first one being a standard action format, and the second one being a kind of action/romance. This one looks and feels like a gritty Western and I find that intriguing. I love a good Western. (Yeah, I’ve seen the True Grit remake about 500 times.) Its also very much what I imagined from the comic book “Old Man Logan”.

I like everything about the trailer. The images, the music, the whole thing. (And I do think that’s X-23, maybe.)

“Atlanta” Creator and Star Donald Glover to Play Young Lando Calrissian in Han Solo Movie


Donald Glover Lando Star Wars Donald Glover (l); Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian (r) REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

article by Justin Kroll via Variety.com

Writer/Actor/Rapper Donald Glover (“Atlanta”, “Community”) has landed the coveted role of Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo stand-alone movie starring Alden Ehrenreich.

That film will be set prior to “Star Wars: A New Hope,” like the other upcoming “Star Wars” standalone project, “Rogue One.”

“We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us,” said Phil Lord and Chris Miller. “These are big shoes to fill, and an even bigger cape, and this one fits him perfectly, which will save us money on alterations. Also, we’d like to publicly apologize to Donald for ruining Comic-Con for him forever.”

Testing for the role of Calrissian has been going on for months with actors like O’Shea Jackson, Jason Mitchell and “The Get Down”‘s Yahya Abdul-Mateen among those who have tested. Glover was considered…

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I loved this review. Its a nice, hefty read, and very enjoyable. I’m addicted to this show, despite its disappointing last season, but I love this character and hope they write better plots for her for the coming season.

One Half of Manic and Malice


Lagertha is the main female protagonist of the History Channel television series, Vikings. She is brought to life by the very talented and beautiful Katheryn Winnick, who successfully and believably portrays every aspect and dimension of this character. She is one of the most popular characters on the program and arguably has the best development and growth of any character in the series.

As I said earlier when we talked about Aslaug, the female characters on Vikings are often subjected to very boring and terrible writing in the later seasons. While Lagertha remains consistently likable, she still falls victim to these poor choices on the writers’ behalf. As I am writing this, the new season of Vikings has yet to be released but based on the trailers and teasers for it, I am expecting to be disappointed. Expect this review to be updated when the new season wraps…

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Wer (2013)

I’m horribly behind in my Halloween reviews. (But not my movie watching. I can do that. Its one of my skillz.) But here’s one of my recommendations for movie watching this Halloween.

Image result for wer movie

I only saw this movie about a year ago, and its a straight Horror movie. Its not a satire, or played for laughs, and its not bad. In fact its one of the more underrated werewolf movies floating around out there. No, its not as good as Dog Soldiers but it is better than the bigger budgeted Wolfman.

I don’t know any of the people involved in this movie. The director, William Brent Bell, is someone I’ve never heard of. The actors, A. J. Cooke, and Brian Scott O’Connor are  unknown to me. I liked the acting here. The actors approach this with the reserve and calm the plot deserves, although I could’ve done without some of the soap drama in the middle, as I felt that was unnecessary. It’s kept to a minimum so I wasn’t too irritated.

Image result for wer movie

A family on a camping trip, in Lyon France, is mauled  by some unknown creature. The mother is the only one to survive the attack, and it looks very harrowing onscreen. Not quite as gory as expected, which is to the good, as sometimes gory can be distracting. Talyn, played by Brian O’Connor, is caught almost immediately afterwards and accused of killing the family.

Kate (A.J. Cooke) is called in as Talyn’s defense attorney ,along with her assistant Eric, and a specialist in animal attacks, Gavin. Gavin and Kate have some kind of romantic history, that Eric objects to, as Gavin begins showing interest in Kate during this case. Eric himself has some unnamed scandal in his past involving the misuse of information, and fleeing the US, and he and Gavin butt heads over all of this. Kate who is still in some grief over the death of her father only has her eyes on this case and helping Talyn.

We follow Kate’s investigation of Talyn’s case,which at first appears to be a setup by the government to try to steal his family’s land, but Talyn  throws a monkey-wrench into Kate’s plans by actually being a werewolf. at one of their meetings Talyn attempts to grab Kate by the hand, and Gavin gets scratched on the arm.Guess what happens!

Image result for wer movie


Talyn is given a physical exam to determine if he has a form of porphyria, which is a kind of cutaneous blood disorder that results in Talyn’s  unique appearance. He looks like a werewolf before he becomes a werewolf. He is extremely tall, his face is covered in hair, he moves and talks slowly, and has unnaturally long fingernails, all symptoms of his disease, according to Eric.

During his physical exam, Talyn goes berserk and kills the entire hospital team, and then escapes into the city of Lyon, and the woods surrounding the city. At the same time Gavin is undergoing some changes of his own, and eventually he and Talyn go head to head, with Kate in the middle of it, as Gavin attempts to defend her from the rampaging Talyn.

Kate is at the center of all this, as she first endears herself to Talyn, by commiserating with him over the recent death of his father. She’s also the center of Eric, and Gavin’s focus as they fight over her attention, but at no point is one given the impression that she is nothing more than a sexy floor lamp.

For one thing, she’s not played for sexy. She makes decisions and has character. She’s not merely a damsel in distress, as she does have backbone. For most of the movie she appears to be fully in charge, standing up for Talyn against a system, and the detective, that has pronounced him guilty, based solely on his looks. You can tell she’s good at her job and takes it very seriously. Although she does  appear strangely unperturbed that her client is actually a werewolf.

Image result for wer movie


I kept waiting for the twist in this movie, like maybe everything was a dream, or a government plot that created Talyn, but none of those things occur. The plot remains pretty straightforward in that there isn’t much of one. Most of the movie reads like  ” A Day in the Life of Kate, the  French Defense Attorney”, and I rather liked that.

I actually liked Gavin , but I thought Eric was a dick. The detective in charge is played by, Sebastian Roche, someone Supernatural fans will recognize.He is kind of a jerk too, but he’s not wrong about Talyn. This doesn’t benefit him much because he is involved in government corruption to steal Talyn’s family’s land, so he goes to jail. But none of these subplots are the focus of the movie. They’re introduced and then settled, and the movie moves on. So, if you’re looking for some kind of in-depth crime investigation, like the movie Crimson Rivers, you’re out of luck. his movie isn’t about that.

Image result for wer movie

Its worth watching for Halloween, also  nice and streamlined, clocking in at a brisk 90 minutes, and its suitable for teenagers to watch. There’s a little gore but its not overdone. Its got a lot of action, including some werewolf on werewolf fighting towards the end, which looks pretty graphic, but again, its not overdone.

Its well worth looking at.

Check it out. Its on DVD.

Dark Matter’s Erica Freeman on Trump and Trauma: How the 2016 Debates are Triggering the Hell Out of Me

Dark Matters

Caricature of Donald Trump by DonkeyHotey Caricature of Donald Trump by DonkeyHotey

By Erica K. Freeman

The presidential debates have left me gasping for air.

For years, I’ve experienced an inability to catch my breath whenever stress tightens its hold on me, strangling like a serial killer. It’s usually not debilitating, but it’s always exhausting and frustrating. If the spells last for more than two days, I start wondering if it’s ever going to stop. It always has, but you never know.

This time it’s my own fault. I’ve been watching the Clinton/Trump debates. I’ve been tempted to just read about them the day after and watch an episode of The Andy Griffith Show instead. (Mmmmmmm, comforting.) But, no, I’ve watched the debates, live-tweeting and yelling “no he didn’t!” at the TV for more than an hour each time. Characteristically, Black Twitter has been using humor to cope with the man’s foolishness, which provides a cushion…

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Black Childhood Deferred: The Sexualization and Decolorization of Riri Williams

Well stated!

Sublime Zoo

I gotta be honest with y’all: I’m still basking in the afterglow of Luke Cage. So much so that I’m not only planning on a re-watch so I can finally review it as promised but as you saw, I’ve written at least 3 pieces on it already. And you know…I probably would have written more if there weren’t already 36282826829494 other thinkpieces on the internet and I wasn’t out here like Julius with eleventeen jobs.

Still, because Black women in particular to be happy about something for more than 30 seconds (it upsets the balance) before the universe comes through and kicks our shit in like a schoolyard bully, it finally happened.

After being celebrated in Luke Cage, we are back to being shitted on.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, peep these receipts:

Can you spot the difference?

Can you? CAN YOU? Can you? CAN YOU?

If you guessed

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Media Link Roundup


Here’s a little roundup of new trailers and articles I thought were interesting. Most of these trailers have been shown at the NYCC.

This show seems to be a spinoff of Dr. Who. It takes place in that particular universe, at least. I’m only a middling fan of Dr. Who, but I have watched many of its spinoffs., and this looks intriguing. I’ll check it out when it makes it to my TV, although its not set to broadcast in the States until next year.



I actually enjoyed the first John Wick. Once you accept its  silly premise, it moves very smoothly from one action set piece to the next. I also like it when Keanu Reeves plays angry, sullen, and/or irritated. He does that very well.



I remember watching this TV show with my little sisters. They were obsessed with it, while I just thought it was hilarious. I do like this version though, which seems to take its premise somewhat more seriously, although it still looks a little cheesy. Hopefully the fight scenes are more ambitious than in the original series.



I know nothing about this show but what’s in the trailer. I do love a good Horror/Comedy, so I’ll check it out, and give you guys the lowdown. I’m a big McGinley fan too, so I’m looking forward to this and expect it to be hilarious.

Stan Against Evil Awakens November 2nd With Back-to-Back Episodes


I still don’t like that Danny Rand is not Asian and is being portrayed by the still completely unimpressive Finn Jones, (Who?) Anyway it is on Netflix soon and I plan to at least watch the first couple of episodes so that I can hold an intelligent conversation about it without turning into a complete rage-monster. Yes, I’m biased against it, because Luke Cage would be hard to top no matter what, but I will nevertheless go into this show trying to find some good in it, and if it proves to actually be good, I won’t hesitate to say so.

This isn’t set to air until May 17th, 2017, so I have plenty of time to get used to the idea.




Here’s a list of links to articles, interviews and posts on Westworld, Luke Cage, and reading and writing Diversity :


I Got Five On It: Marvel’s Luke Cage




An Interview with Daniel José Older

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American Horror Story Chapter Six

So yeah, the twist is indeed in, as well as the shift in focus of the show. Everything has been shifted about. In the interests of openness I have to admit it o a hatred of most of reality TV. I’ll watch travel and eatery shows, or shows about wilderness survival, with experts in them, and  I’ve even seen a couple of episodes of Naked and Afraid, but that got boring pretty fast. I am however really liking this season of AHS, mostly because it’s not focused so much  on the inane dramas between the characters, but on the actual horror of the situation they’re all in.

Image result for ahs chapter six

The idea that we, and the cast, would be revisiting the Roanoke Nightmare House isn’t the twist though. Sydney, played by my precious cinnamon roll, Cheyenne Jackson, is the creator of the show we just watched in the first five episodes, and his proposal to his television backers is that he should gather together the entire cast, go back to the house, and film the results during the Blood Moon. It turns out that what we were watching for five episodes was a huge hit for Sydney and he wants  to cash in on that, despite what has happened to the cast since then. So ,in chapter six, the show goes completely, full-on meta, and I don’t think what we saw tonight is the last of this season’s surprises.

Now, the show has a tendency to go off focus during the season, as the writers get carried away with their storytelling ideas, and start throwing everything into the plot, just to see if it will stick,or just because they like it. This season, with the exception of a few scenes thrown in just to have some action, or a jump scare, has been kept pretty tightly reined in, so I’ve enjoyed it a lot more than previous ones. Tonight’s episode was kept ion point, as well, making it easy to understand, despite how complicated the plot has actually become.

Image result for ahs chapter six

Since their time at Roanoke, Matt and Shelby have divorced. Matt didn’t care for the fame that came to him because of what happened there, that Shelby called the police on his sister, and accused her of killing her husband, Mason. Yes indeed. That was a dick move on Shelby’s part. Yeah, I don’t like Shelby either. The final straw was when Shelby had an affair with the man who played her husband in the reenactments. His name is Dominic. The actress who played Shelby on the show is actually British, and we get to hear Paulson’s accent, as Audrey, which sounds a bit dodgy. She got married to the actor who played Mott in the last episode, and his name is Monohan. And since he’s so much younger than her ,she’s really super-sensitive about that. I thought it was a scam, on his part, but he seems to genuinely be in love with her.

The actress who played Lee became an alcoholic,  just like the original Lee because she was having trouble dealing with being the public face of the real Lee, who has been accused of killing her husband for the insurance money, and custody of her daughter.  (Angela Bassett’s character is named Monet.) Fans of the show started a petition to have Lee charged with murder, her mother in law is suing for custody of Flora, and everyone treats her with nothing but contempt, including Monet.

Image result for ahs roanoke cast

But the worst result of the show is Kathy Bates character, Agnes, who played Thomasina The Butcher, in the reenactments. That actress had a complete mental breakdown and started believed herself  to actually be The Butcher, running through  he streets of downtown Hollywood with an ax, before she was captured and hospitalized. Sydney serves her with a restraining order after a ring of animal organs are found on the new set of the show. He is hoping she will show up on set anyway becasue that will make for great drama. My precious baby is a complete asshole in this role.

When one of the crew gets killed on set with a chainsaw, Sydney’s assistant quits and drives off in an angry huff. She encounters what appears to be a The Butcher by the side of  the road, but is attacked by someone in her car, too, and she crashes. The notecard for her states that she was missing for six months before they found her car, and her body was never found.

Image result for ahs roanoke

The sixth episode is mostly about the setup, as Sydney lies, cajoles, and coerces all the actual people, and the actors who played ,them into staying at the Roanoke house for several weeks, while they film the entire thing with hidden cameras. And you know it’s going to be explosive because while all the characters have their reason for joining the new cast, they all hate each other.

Matt wants nothing to do with Shelby, who thinks that they might be able to reconcile, during the show. He would love nothing more than to beat the snot out ofDominic, because he slept with his wife. The Shelby actress,Audrey,  is deeply insecure about her marriage, and has nothing but contempt for the real Shelby, as being weak and pathetic. The real Lee  hates the real Shelby. The actress who played Lee, Monet,  hates the actual Lee, and the all actors  have contempt for the actual people they portrayed on the show, laughing and joking about them, whenever they leave the room. Also none of the actors believe in any of the stuff that they say happened to them.

I don’t think this bodes well for non-believers because non-belief won’t save them from what’s happening at Roanoke House.  Like Stephen King’s 1408, what’s happening there isn’t dependent on whether you believe it or not. One of the reasons Shelby, Matt, and Lee survived is because they  simply believed what was happening to them.

Things get off to a rousing start when Lee attacks Shelby, calling her weak and pathetic, just as Audrey does later. Here’s where I have to admit to a certain amount of prejudice towards Shelby myself. As soon as I heard what she did for a living my first thought was that she was a  useless woman, and not someone you want to have in a crisis, but she proved to be okay in that regard. I still don’t like her though.

Later, Matt attacks Dominic and they have a knockdown, drag-out fight, as soon as Dominic steps through the front door. This certainly makes for exciting television for the viewers, but that’s not the point of this episode, because this  isn’t the twist.

It turns out we’re all looking at whatever footage was leftover from a show which never got a chance to air because ,with exception of only one person, the entire cast died.

So we’re really watching final days of everyone involved with the making of My Roanoke Nightmare. And they’re might even be additional twists as the season moves forward.

So yeah,I’m really getting into this. When that note-card appeared onscreen, I got chills. This is awesome!

Tumblr Humor

 Yeah, alright. You knew I had to follow up that last post with some of the funniest sh*t  that came across my dashboard last week.

*I think I might have posted this here before, but I don’t care, its still funny:


Fanfiction Gothic

  • It’s late. You know you should go to sleep, but you still click ‘next chapter’. You won’t stop. You can’t stop.
  • ‘I love AUs’, you say, as you open up a story set in high-school. Then one set in a coffee-shop. Soulmate marks. Mermaids. Hogwarts. So many alternate universes; the same characters and situations, repeated over and over. The characters wish they could be free.
  • ‘update soon plz’ the reviewer writes. You update as soon as you can. ‘update soon’ they say again. You update in mere minutes. Still; ‘update soon’. It will never be soon enough.
  • You’re trying to find stories about your favourite pairing, but they’re not very popular. There are so many other pairings. So many. You don’t think you’ve ever heard of any of them. Have you?
  • The characters finally begin to make-out. Their lips touch; their bodies embrace, limbs twisting. You follow the movements. Arms contort, legs bend, spine distorts. Their bodies should be broken, yet somehow, they are not.
  • You post a new chapter. There are no comments, no kudoses, no favourites. Yet, your follower count rises. They are watching you.
  • ‘Just a little one-shot’, the author’s note says. They have only one shot to get this right.
  • You tab into a new fic. It makes no sense; you can’t understand it. It’s written in an old tongue, with grammar that so arcane and ancient that your eyes begin to bleed.
regional gothicfanficfandomshippingalternate universe ficsi did a thingregional gothic doesn’t seem like an appropriate term for these anymore…
*Okay, this just made me smile. Of course, none of this applies in the case of Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, or Jesse Williams. I think  I have a pretty good chance of this happening because I’m not from Indiana. My friend Bethany is shit out of luck though.



i really don’t understand why people feel the need to stan for some actor and then obsess over who he’s dating. like do you want him to be alone until he strolls into the same tj maxx you frequent in buttfuck, indiana and fall in love with you? does he have to get all his potentials screened via snapchat by you? was he supposed to have an open audition to decide where he wets his dick next? cuz that’s not gonna happen, bethany. you gotta be realistic and get out of people’s private lives that they are entitled to.


*This goes out to my one peep! You know who you are:
animelunatic: “ Love you ”
Stephen King has his Constant Reader. I have my Constant Follower: :http://cadburypom.wordpress.com/
Love you, babe!
*This Reverse Daredevil scenario  was hilarious:

Hiroshi Ueda, the Red Devil of Roppongi, is desperately trying to discover the secrets behind the YEEHAW Group that’s buying up strategic parcels of land in Minato Tokyo’s Roppongi district. But every time he gets close, he’s swarmed by lasso-wielding cowboys, sometimes on horseback and with six-shooters. Luckily, he’s been trained his whole life in the American art of wrestling and shooting people with assault rifles.

*And Tumblr is always good for some animal related humor:
princessfailureee: “ zamzamafterzina: “ candiikismet: “ onlyblackgirl: “ cutecocoturtlenipples: “ bigeisamazing: “ ” ” Lmao bye. ” Oh my god. Please stop. ” lmfao i hate y'all ” this had me in tears when I saw it on twitter 😂 ”




*I just put this here because it tickles me. Who doesn’t like SnarkCat?!


*Chronicling the evolution of the Werewolf myth:
neeteryincorporated: “ progression ”

Black People on Tumblr


*This article at the New Republic just spoke to me. It outlines some of the somewhat unique issues WoC have to deal with in fandom. It takes care to note that while there is  a great deal of harassment all over fandom, (lots of women get it), but only in the case of WoC (most specifically Black women) has that sexism been racialized, resulting in what we like to call Misogynoir. You can tell you’re in the presence of non-intersectional feminism when the person makes great effort to not mention the racialized nature of hatred of WoC, choosing simply to present it as just sexism in general. This article is a reminder not to do that.

https://newrepublic.comin the fanfiction contingent of the fandom./article/137489/women-color-price-fandom-can-high


These are the kind of posts that keep me apprised of whatever new racial f**ery is happening in the fandom. My philosophy is, if a PoC  took the time to complain about it, its more than likely true.

I’ve realized that the more diverse a cast is, the easier it is to spot the racist fans. They won’t ship a white main character with the black girl who’s his love interest because it’s “heteronormative” (it isn’t) and they want more “gay representation”. But then when his best friend is also a person of color they don’t ship them together because they just “don’t see them that way”. But then they’ll headcanon a Tragic Whiteboy Backstory for the kid that said literally 8 words to the main character. That kid will be their favorite character, their sweet little “cinnamon roll”and there’ll be 40,230 m/m fics of him and the main character. “Representation”. My ass.

Dear Author

Criticism is not censorship.

Fiction is how many people learn. It’s how people grow and explore new ideas, and it has been since the first fables were told around fires by our evolutionary antecedents. Pretending that the problem is people who “can’t tell fantasy from reality” is a pathetic cop-out. Fiction is always a mirror of reality, because nothing is written without the context of an author’s lived experiences and social and cultural indoctrination and bias.

Marginalized people wanting you to quit writing gross and hurtful shit about us is not the same as censorship. Actual censorship requires power, which we do not have. That’s the whole fucking point!

Members of the kink community telling you that you don’t know shit and are writing dangerous nonsense is not an attack, it’s simply a fact. People telling you to put in the time on researching subjects you don’t have experience with aren’t bullying you, they’re trying to help you improve.

Shitty writing is not a protected form of speech. You are not special or subversive, you are not revolutionary. All you’re doing is contributing to the status quo, which is already shitty. You’re reinforcing stereotypes that get people killed, all while refusing to take any kind of responsibility for your own actions because it’s “just a story.”

You aren’t a victim, you’re just a bad writer with entitlement issues.


The natural hair battles are a thing happening on Tumblr, with various magazines that are dedicated to chronicling White women’s hairstyles, stealing ideas from Black people, changing the name of it, and pretending its some hot, new trend for White women. You also have White women who want to get in on the natural hair movement so badly, that they insist they are oppressed because they have curly hair, and that Black women straightening their hair is appropriation of White culture. 

Yeah, just about everything I typed in that last sentence, is horribly wrong but there are White women who are so desperate to be part of something that unites Black women, something they desperately want to be a part of, but just can’t, that they are willing to believe these things. 

I also don’t understand why white girls pretend like they get any kind of flack for their hair. honestly by the way they attack any black girl who even tries to bring up the complexities of having natural hair (at certain times/places) they scream to the heavens about their “super curly” hair and how they face this and blah blah blah. y’all really think that it’s fun to have your hair looked at as unprofessional and unkempt? y’all think it’s fun to lose jobs or be FORCED to change your hair to keep said job? you think it’s fun to have certain hair styles banned in high school or natural hair all together? (and yes natural hair was basically banned in my high school because they had restrictions on hair height)

NONE, of this happens to white girls at all, and I’m not sure why you guys like to pretend it does because it’s truly the worst experience for some black girls, especially the girls who get it really bad. there’s black girls out here who are so proud of their hair only to be bashed and berated for it constantly. meanwhile, as a white girl you can do just about any hairstyle and even if it’s the ugliest shit on the planet, every magazine, social media, or whoever will spin it around and make it seem revolutionary. so miss me with the fact that you guys face any kind of oppression for your hair. just because someone called your limp, thin hair “frizzy” at one point doesn’t mean that white girls are structurally oppressed because of their hair.


Dear Fandom,







When in writing your shiny new Black Panther slash fics or writing people of color in general.

And you find yourself possessed of an urge to write these characters as:

Cafe au Lait


*and as with all writing, there are (meaning I will, doesn’t mean anybody else will) exceptions granted for a well executed description

This has been a PSA from me: Our Lady of Perpetual Salt

WHY NOT?! THOSE THINGS ARE FUCKING DELICIOUS!!! And who says that what was written was a “well executed description”? I don’t think you are any sort of authority to deem something written as a “well executed description”. How about you write your thing and let others write their thing. And if you don’t like it, oh well. Here’s an example:

The lady walked into the building confident in her sleek pumps; her skin a warm cinnamon which was highlighted perfectly with her sky-blue dress; bright, hypnotizing chocolate eyes; dark mocha hair perfectly primed into tight rings; and a personality as soulful and bold as barista-made cafe au lait.

Using the very examples you deemed that I should resist describing a person of color, doesn’t it seem as though I painted her as… I don’t know… attractive? Plus, not everyone is at the same level of writing skill when describing someone.

Oh White Fandom™ you are so fucking precious.

You don’t use those descriptions because PoC are sick of being fetishized as something for white folks to consume? So maybe when a black woman says “don’t use these” you stay in your fucking lane and listen?

What you described was not attractive, it was a tired, boring, cliche piece of crap.

If you can’t write without reducing PoC, especially black people, to nothing but a gross jumble of stereotypes, fucking sit down and practice, don’t come back and tell us we should take your bullshit hackery as a goddamn compliment.


So, back in The Day, and by The Day I mean yesterday and also in the future, coffee, cinnamon, brown sugar and chocolate were produced using slave labor. Often times, said slave labor has been brown people overseen by white colonialists, and those ingredients were imported to white countries for white people to consume.

Can you see the problem now? Black people described as “yummy” or “chocolate” is not only gross and fetishizing, it has very deeply rooted history in slavery, colonialism, imperialism and dehumanization.

I have met several black men who have referred to themselves as “Chocolate.” This does not make it okay for me, a white lady, to do that. If they do it, they’re owning the terms, if I do it, I’m being gross.

At any rate, there are so many rich and wonderful descriptors for skin color, that you don’t need to be gross about it. So when a black woman says “Don’t fucking do it,” be cool and smart and great and DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

Oh my God at the dude up above, can you not.

There are connotations associated with words like chocolate, cinnamon, and mocha, and you know what? a lot of those words have sexual connotations.  They call to mind stereotypes of black and brown women.  Not here for it.  Look at the language used in the sentence:

The lady walked into the building confident in her sleek pumps; her skin a warm cinnamon which was highlighted perfectly with her sky-blue dress; bright, hypnotizing chocolate eyes; dark mocha hair perfectly primed into tight rings; and a personality as soulful and bold as barista-made cafe au lait.

This woman has a soulful personality, eh?  She’s cinnamon-spicy and bold and takes no crap?  This is the first thing you think of when you’re going to describe a black woman?  For God’s sake, just leave the coded language at home, don’t use food to describe women of color, just don’t.  Don’t.  Don’t.

People of color are not food. I don’t know how many times people have to hammer this in—and cute that you seem to be completely unwilling to respond to anyone who isn’t agreeing with you @botticella89—but people of color are not food. Associating a brown/black person with “cinnamon” and “mocha” and “a barista-made café au lait” (sidenote: WHAT THE FUCK? Why did this descriptor need to exist?) associates them with slave labor, oppression, exploitation, and white colonialism.

And to insist that you should get to use those descriptors because “those things are fucking delicious” is fetishizing and gross. People of color do not exist for your consumption, alright?That’s a borderline cannibalism fetish.

As I’ve said before, media does not exist in a vacuum. Everything you consume—everything you see and hear and otherwise experience—affects your worldview. Everything you create—writing, music, artwork, etc.—mirrors your worldview. If you can only seem to describe black/brown people—as well as other people of color—with tired stereotypes or food descriptions or other words that imply “consumption/consuming,” you are dehumanizing them.People of color are not food.

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Wolf Creek

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So this week was the premiere of the new slasher series, Wolf Creek, which is based on the movie Wolf Creek, from 2005. It airs on the Pop Channel and is based on the true story behind the Backpack Murders that took place in New South Wales, during the 90’s. The actual killer is now serving  7 consecutive life terms.The show is filmed in Australia with a largely Australian and native supporting cast.

I’m not a fan of serial killer movies, or shows , but I decided to review this because I was curious.  This is one of my Mom’s favorite movies, even though she’s not a huge fan of serial killer movies, either. I’d watched the movie (and didn’t care for it), and wondered how the creators would turn that movie into a six part mini-series, without falling into the trap of making six hours of torture porn. I feel like the show is off to a promising start. I don’t have plans to watch the entire run, but I am intrigued, and I might.

This is largely due to the young actress who plays Eve. Eve is a former gymnast, who is on vacation with her family, after having gone through rehab for addiction to pain killers. The relationship between Eve and her father is a tense one, as he’s dealing with a lot of anger regarding her addiction, (warning for some amount of emotional abuse) but all of this doesn’t get much play because her entire family, (Mom, Dad, little brother) are murdered in the first ten minutes, before the opening credits, by Mick Taylor, who is played by John Jarratt, the actor from the film.

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When her younger brother gets attacked by an animal, Mick shoots it, and decides to hang with Eve’s family for the rest of the evening. He is a crude, but jovial man, who cracks jokes about murdering people, right before he murders people. When he makes a crude joke about Eve being on her period, she goes into the RV to listen to music and can’t hear her family being slaughtered, just outside.  I thought the murder of Eve’s family would play out a lot longer ,as we got to know them, but that doesn’t appear to be the show’s focus. You know its going to happen but Mick attacks them so suddenly that it still manages to be a surprise.

He shoots Eve too but she manages to survive. Now suffering from her wounds, and survivor’s guilt, she has dedicated herself to tracking down the man who killed her family. I found this intriguing because I went into this with a certain set of expectations, and the show managed to upturn those, from time to time. I thought for certain Eve would be blamed for the death of her family, and while the idea is brought up, its also quickly shot down.

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I also thought Eve’s  story wouldn’t be believed, but Sullivan Hill is the one cop in Australia who believes her, having kept track of several of Mick’s murders for some time. Sullivan is played by Dustin Clare and you may remember him from Strikeback and Spartacus. I don’t but then I consider Sullivan to be a rather bland character.

It’s obvious that all the character focus  is going to be on Eve, as Sullivan doesn’t make much of an impression, beyond being blandly handsome. No there is no sexual tension set up between these two, at least not on Eve’s part, although I think Sullivan is intrigued. Understanding what she is about to do after she steals one of his casefiles, he sets off in pursuit of the strongheaded girl.

I did ask myself what the Hell it is that Eve thinks she’s going to do when she catches up to Mick, but I’m not too worried about that now. She’s been shown to have some amount of grit and backbone, and the rest of the season will consist of a cat and mouse game being played between her and Mick.

I like that the show is  so female-centric. The story is entirely focused on Eve, and her point of view, so there’s an element of that “Final Girl” quality that I always thought was an interesting trope for such films. We spend very little time in Mick’s presence which is probably a good thing. He thinks he’s hilarious but the show never presents him as comedy relief, even if you laugh at some of the things he says. His good humor only serves to make him more terrifying, as he greatly enjoys killing, and is just doing all this for fun. There’s only so much of that type of mindset you want to be exposed to. (There’s even a Crocodile Dundee joke thrown in.) Both he and Eve appear to be about equal in intelligence and drive, so Eve winning this contest of wills is not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

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Despite all these things to recommend it, I would advise caution for those who are more sensitive. The show is exceptionally gory. At least for the first ten minutes, it does not stint in showing Mick killing Eve’s family, and  shows him shooting a child. So you may be happier skipping the first few minutes, after which the show calms down somewhat (but its still very bloody.)

I may actually watch next week’s episode which airs on Friday. It looks like a good substitute for The Exorcist, which is beginning to drag.

Westworld Epis. 3: The Stray

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This particular episode of Westworld was helmed by one of my favorite directors, Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent and Doomsday, two of the best female oriented action/horror movies made in the past ten years, and Dog Soldiers, the only werewolf vs.soldier movie worth looking at.

The information  is flying fast and fierce, and if you blink, or get up to go to the bathroom, you will have to re-watch, because you’ll have missed some crucial element of the plot that will pay off later. We get answers to some nagging little questions, and backstories for the humans and the Hosts.

James Marsden’s character, Teddy Flood,  finally gets a backstory, courtesy of Robert Ford, which is loosely connected to the origin of Westworld. It involves Teddy’s  pursuit of an evil character named Wyatt (not the MIB, as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong). Teddy has things to say about Wyatt, an old friend of his he used to serve under in the military, who deserted his career, went out into the landscape, and came back with what Teddy calls “strange ideas”. Wyatt claimed to hear “The Voice of God” and we’ll get back to that in a moment.

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Dolores’ and Teddy’s story is  deepened as we are shown their budding romance, and their plans to  ride off into the sunset together, one day. Its funny and interesting to watch the Hosts interacting with each other like regular people because I have to keep reminding myself they’ve been programmed to do this.

Dolores is still adjusting to her new state of consciousness, and Wright’s character, Bernard, is fascinated with it. He still hasn’t had Dolores re-coded, or decommissioned, and it became obvious last episode that the consciousness she possesses is contagious, (so it won’t take long until Teddy is also infected I’m guessing.)  Bernard’s head programmer, Elsie, is becoming increasingly suspicious of why he refuses to correct this problem.

I did kind of get tired of seeing Dolores be  bossed around as anybody’s meat. The creators of the park have made her nothing more than a perpetual victim and it was kind of nice to see her take charge and defend herself for the first time.

Teddy tries to teach her how to shoot but it turns out that the weapons  use protocol is something  given only to specific Hosts, like Teddy, and the stray mentioned in the title. Dolores is  incapable of pulling the trigger. But thanks to her secret conversations with Bernard, and reading a specific passage in Alice in Wonderland that he’d given to her, she is able to transcend her programming and shoot one of the Hosts who’d been intending to rape her. Bernard would be proud of her. Its a great scene, where Dolores memories, of what happened to her, save her life, as the camera flips back and forth between the past and the present.

About all those rape threats: The creators were questioned about this before the show aired and they assured viewers that it exists in the show for a reason, and that there would be payoff. I was initially dubious of this claim because it’s HBO. and known for its depictions of violence against women, but I’ve changed my mind since then. I think it is serving a purpose in showing the evolution of the hosts, and of Dolores, in particular.

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Its also nice to see what I talked about in my last review. During this episode, Teddy has been accompanied by an unnamed female Guest, only ever referred to as his “dickless associate”, who has decided to go for the gunslinger experience. This is her adventure happening simultaneous with William’s and his boorish friend, Logan, and a couple of other Guests, and she turns out to be both tougher and braver than all of them. You can also tell she’s having the time of her life as she shoots down men, and cozies up to Clementine, for a discount. (I also want to point out that Clementine is absolutely gorgeous and a lot of Hosts and Guests seem to have crushes on her. Apparently she is a Park favorite.)

Interestingly, the adventure they’re all on, hunting down Wyatt along the river, with cannibals and Natives, is pretty much the exact scenario of the narrative that Ford gave short shrift to in the last episode. I was under the impression that the Red River narrative had been stalled, but the adventure we see in this episode contains all the narrative elements that Sizemore discussed in his pitch last week, and I wonder if he introduced that narrative without anyone’s  permission. Notice that all the Hosts in this scene are holding weapons.

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William decides to go on an adventure to hunt down some other outlaw, and Logan reluctantly decides to tag along.William, who has just been firmly confirmed as a White Hat, has just saved the life of Clementine, and was shot for his trouble. Apparently Guests can be shot, and it does hurt, I guess, because he falls down, but Guests can’t be killed. What he was hit with, I don’t know. Its also said by Logan that their adventures in Westworld cost some 40 thousand dollars a day. So yeah, you have to be making some nice dough to afford regular visits.

We get  more backstory on Bernard. He lost his  young son at some point in the last year and Ford is concerned that he is using the Hosts as a substitute. Bernard is still in touch with his wife (ex-wife), Lauren, played by the Goddess Gina Torres, while sleeping with Cullen, (Westworld’s operations director), on the downlow. He goes to Ford to express concerns about the Hosts, concerns brought to him by Elsie. Ford explains that he used to have a partner named Arnold, and this is where the “voice of God” idea comes in, which also ties in the philosophy of “bicameralism”.

(Bicameralism (the philosophy of “two-chamberedness”) is a hypothesis in psychology that argues that the human mind once assumed a state in which cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain which appears to be “speaking”, and a second part which listens and obeys—a bicameral mind. The term was coined by Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, wherein he made the case that a bicameral mentality was the normal and ubiquitous state of the human mind as recently as 3000 years ago.   Wikipedia)

At some point, Arnold was going to program the Hosts with this feature, which would allow the Hosts to overcome their basic programming, and interact in any situation, but Arnold killed himself before it could be implemented. There’s the implication here that Ford may have had something to do with Arnold’s death as the two of them disagreed about this endeavor. The new programming that Ford has implemented “The Reveries” that allows Dolores to overcome her inability to use weapons, comes to her as the Voice of God, but only after she remembers being tortured by the MIB. The Host that went batshit last episode, and killed a bunch of Hosts before pouring milk on them,  was seen speaking to a voice only he could hear, named Arnold.

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Ford shows Bernard a picture of Arnold, and no, he doesn’t look like Ed Harris character, but he does look sorta like Wyatt. (Not saying he is Wyatt, just that they look alike to me.)

The Stray of the title refers to a lost Host who has wandered off and gotten trapped in some gulch in, the desert. Hilariously, the group of outlaws he was with, have been caught in a kind of feedback loop, unable to move forward in the narrative because none of them possess the “weapons protocol “, and that Stray is the one Host in their group that  is allowed to handle the ax. So they have been sitting in the same place for two days, staring at a decaying jackrabbit, because there’s no fire, arguing about who is going to cut the firewood, as none of them can pick up the ax, but they don’t understand why.

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Ashley, Westworld’s Head of Security, played by Luke Hemsworth, (the brother of the taller, and prettier Liam) and Elsie go hunting for the Stray, and this is  quite a pairing, as Elsie is a master of the snarky putdown and deploys some of  her best at Ashley, who grows increasingly irritated. When they find the Host, Ashley goes down into the gulch to take its head (to decommission it), it attacks and climbs free, but rather than bludgeoning Elsie with a large rock, it kills itself instead.

So there was a lot of information packed into this episode, and the mystery of the Maze and the Man in Black is slowly unfolding as viewers speculate if he is actually Arnold. Ford did say Arnold had gone insane and died in the park and Ed Harris character says he was born there. We find the Stray has gone haywire in the same manner, as Elsie finds a small stone version of the maze in his tent. She pockets it and doesn’t tell Ashley.



And here’s another perspective from Tumblr:

The above actor’s performance (Louis Herthum seriously shook me) , Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, and Anthony Hopkins being in this sold me in the pilot.

Haven’t had a bit of genre haunt me like that since the second episode of Black Mirror.

On to my bulleted thoughts on it, so far:

  • As a black viewer, I couldn’t help comparing how the Hosts are used as entertainment, fun props to use to make the Guest “feel something new”  while they themselves are seen as non-entities.  In fact, it is mandated that they be dehumanized in every non-Westworld setting.  Reminds me, specifically of how black entertainment is used in a similar way by non-blacks, while the people are often seen as disposable.
  • Likewise, Dolores and Maeve’s narratives,  I see as apt metaphors of aspects of misogyny and misogynoir.  Dolores and Maeve both embody the perfect Virgin/Whore dichotomy, and their casting, in terms of race  and look are incredibly on the nose with casting and viewer constantly placing women like them in those roles;  exotic” unbreakable whore and virginal damsel.
  • Jeffrey Wright is my absolute favorite working actor.  Period.  Ever since, of all things, the remake of Shaft and then going back to watch him in Basquiat.  I adore his precision.  He’s one if I hear he’s in it, I will watch it, right along with Michael Shannon.  …I think Bernard may be a Host.
  • The Man in Black was there for the last “accident” 30 years ago and that is the reason for obsession with the ultimate quest.  That is a definite hat-tip to the original movie, which I am also a fan of, despite it being very different from this incarnation.  I also think that’s why it “isn’t for him.”  despite his loyal patronage.
  • The actual purpose of the Hosts, which Theresa Cullen hinted at, I think both she and Bernard are doing their best to coax from the Hosts as comes from orders above Ford’s head.
  • Maeve’s awakening on the table along with Dolores’ original father’s glitch and subsequent shelving were absolutely the most heartbreaking parts of the show for me, thus far.
  • LOL @ Teddy, the man who “has to lose”  in order for the Guests to feel like winners being played by James (Perpetual Second Fiddle in EVERYTHING) Marsden.
  • This show has been blessed by that cameo by GINA TORRES  <3
  • I have seen Jimmi Simpson shine in so many day player roles over the years,  I’m happy to see him getting bigger featured roles.
  • All the gamer stereotypes are on this show, the newbie,  the pro,  the troll, the filthy casual, the girl gamer (my favorite so far, she’s the only one who  is actually in full rp mode actually enjoying playing”) and on and on.
  • OMG!!!! this show is chock full scenery porn, both western and speculative.  Lord, the details.  <3
  • I am thoroughly intrigued and here for this show until it’s end or quality dips.
  • The diversity of Hosts and Guests in both race and sexual orientation is much appreciated.
  • I also can’t wait to see Tessa Thompson show up.

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