R.I.P Gene Wilder

2016 has seen one pop culture hero after another sadly concede defeat to mortality, and this deeply depressing shitfest of a year has claimed another victim: Gene Wilder. According to the AP (via THR), “Wilder’s nephew said Monday that the actor died this month in Stamford, Conn. from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. In 1999, Wilder […]

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The very first Gene Wilder movie I ever watched was Stir Crazy, where he starred as an ex-con with Richard Pryor. I think now I was too young for that movie, but my Mom was a huge Richard Pryor fan, and it was edited for television, so it wasn’t unsafe for me and my brothers to watch it. I’ve since seen Stir Crazy many times over the years and it remains a favorite.

One of my favorite movies though, is Blazing Saddles. I was in college by the time I saw it, and old enough to understand what I was watching. My college roommate introduced me to a lot of comedies, including Raising Arizona, and later Young Frankenstein, which I was initially unimpressed with but later became my favorite Gene Wilder film.

Gene Wilder had a quality about him that was simply magical. You just knew no matter what he said it was going to be hilarious ,and very possibly scandalous. All the greatest comedians have that mischievous twinkle in their eyes, and Gene had it in spades. I adored him as a child and that didn’t diminish as an adult, watching him charmingly snark his way through Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Facory.

I had no idea he’d been married to Gilda Radner, until she died. I was a fan of hers too, and remember staying up waay too late when I was young to watch her on SNL.

I still miss Gilda. I will miss Gene, too. If there is an afterlife, I hope the two of them are together.

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The Strain Season 3: NY Strong

So, I watched the first episode of season three and I can’t say I was impressed. I didnt hate it, but it wasn’t exactly memorable either. The show picks up very close to where it left off in the season two finale, when Eph’s vampirized wife, Kelly, finally kidnapped her son, Zach, and killed Nora. Setrakian finally managed to gain The Occido Lumen, and we had no idea where Gus went.

Eph is, predictably, getting drunk and waiting at his home for Kelly and Zach to drop by. We know this because he has a nightmare that Zach has been turned into a vampire and he has to shoot him. Its a very harrowing dream and this is one of the few times I actually felt for Eph. I want to snark about how it’ll be the last time I have feelings for Eph, beyond wanting to punch him in the throat, but I’m gonna let it go because he’s discovered snark and  actually made me laugh during the following scene.

Setrakian has a voice-over about the sitrep in NY. Its been 23 days, the plague has spread to other cities, and we get some shots of people running about, some fires, and military vehicles, and personnel. Its good that the military has gotten involved but they have their own agenda which doesn’t seem to involve wiping out the vampires, but only containing them.

The Navy Seals are working with Fet, who is their guide around the underground places of NY. I think that’s an excellent use for him, and he is still one of my favorite characters, but he doesn’t work-work with them. He’s  in contact with the Seals by radio, so you know they’re expendable. Like a lot of military personnel in movies they are overconfident. They do make a point of stating that they should be careful not to get any fluids on them, as the fluids from the vampires contain the worm infection, but none of them are wearing contamination gear, even though there’s fluid flying all over the place, when they shoot the vampires.

So, its especially eye-rolling watching Eph get into a fistfight with one of the vampires later in the episode. If you’re trying not to get infected with the worms, fist-fighting the vampires is not the way to stay uninfected. (Yet, Eph does remain so.) Eph fighting in an abandoned parking garage, while trying to steal gas, is one of the better action scenes in this episode, though. He spends a lot of time running around alone as if he were daring the vampires to attack him. Anyway between running about gathering up supplies, and drinking, he works on his bio-weapon against the vampires, a bio-weapon which is beginning to be less effective as the vampires evolve into something else.


I would prefer that he worked out some kind of inoculation against the infection, instead. That seems like it would be easier to accomplish than killing the vampires one by one, or making them sick. Perhaps a combination of both, so that when they bite people, the people don’t become infected, and make the vampire sick too, but I’m not writing this show, so that idea is gonna die in its infancy.

The show is still taking a pretty casual attitude towards the apocalypse, even though the season has been shortened to just ten episodes. On the other hand, this particular episode was fairly tight, there wasn’t a lot of filler, and we didn’t have to spend any time on Dutch’s boring-ass social problems. We’re introduced to the characters again, find out where they are and get some idea of the problems that will beset them at some point during the season. The trailers for the rest of the season look great, but I have it on good authority that the next two episodes are just as casual in their approach as usual.

We got to see Kelly and Zach interacting. Yes, Zach is still awful, so there’s some consistency there. Now that’s he’s with his Mom, he’s begun whining about his Dad, but at least there’s less of him. Eventually, Eph does get a visit from Kelly, who tries to bargain with him for The Occido Lumen in exchange for their son. There’s a brief appearance by Eichorst baiting a Navy Seals team into following him into an abandoned church, which I could see was a trap as soon as Fet mentioned that it was an abandoned church.

Setrakian and Quinlan teamed up at the end of season two and we get some scenes of Setrakian reading The Lumen and talking about how we aren’t going to get any action scenes out of him this season because he’s got reading to do, while Quinlan looks on impatiently. Quinlan goes to visit the vampire authorities in order to have something to do in this episode. I still think its hilarious how everyone else is deathly afraid of the authorities, but Quin acts like he’s having a friendly conversation with his uncles, or something. He’s totally not scared of them.

The councilwoman, Ferraldo is as spunky as ever. She seems to care deeply about her city and is trying really hard to convince people outside of it, that it needs to be saved. If only politicians acted like her in the real world.  I could’ve done without some of the jingoistic dialogue and cheer-leading by the citizens of NY yelling “NY Strong!” at each other. That was deeply cheesy and they sounded like NY cavemen.


A lot of information is imparted during the episode, while almost none of it is shown. Its mostly characters talking about how bad things are. This plague is supposed to be a countrywide thing but the show only seems to have enough budget to show snippets of the carnage, and I wish we could get a better overview of what was going on in other cities. We see some fires in the distance and there are lots of sirens. So basically, a louder, smokier version of present day NY city.

One way the show conveyed how dire things have become is when Eph goes to trade medicine for food on the streets. The quarantine of NY mostly just caused a supply shortage, so the citizens have set up a brisk trade market of supplies.


Gus is back home and trying desperately to save his  mother from her vampiric condition. Even going so far as to give her his own blood. He can’t save her and he knows it, but he tries anyway. He’s as devastated by his loss as Eph and I wished the writers had shown more of that last season. As it stands, Eph barely mentions the death of Nora.

Well, with a shorter season, the plot will have to move forward, and we won’t have much time to watch Gus trying to feed his mom for five episodes, or Setrakian reading until episode nine.

So, while not a bad episode, the show really has not changed too much from the rather casual management of the apocalypse of last season either. The action scenes are always well done, when we can get them, but once again, the acting and dialogue need some help. At least there’s a lot less Zach, and that is a blessing.

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10 Thoughts on the ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer

Sublime Zoo

Sweet Christmas.

After enjoying the peak Blackness of Luke Cage’s SDCC teaser trailer in which he kicked ass in nothing but a Black hoodie, Cage has returned in full cinematic glory via the Netflix trailer that dropped yesterday morning.

And let’s just say that it was worth the wait.

I’m the dude to the right. Clearly.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

For those of you who have seen the trailer, here are some thoughts I wanted to expound upon and share:

1. Luke is out here representing the quintessential, reluctant [Black] hero.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 15.51.07

The reluctant superhero is not a new figure in fiction. And it most certainly is not a new figure in superhero comics.

TV Tropesdefines this figure as one who “didn’t want [their powers], magic, curse, or whatever it is that was foisted upon them”. They resent being saddled with “the responsibility to…

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Zendaya’s Casting as Mary Jane Watson Proves It’s Never Just About “Canon”

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So this past weekend, I spent all my time collecting a bunch of Chet™ tears as well as the tears of his nerdy cousin Doug™.

Why was I doing this? Well, here’s the thing:

Ya girl Mary Jane Watson…is now Black.

That’s right. Marvel recently announced that Zendaya Coleman is going to be playing the titular MJ in the upcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Black folx everywhere, Blerd or not, rejoiced:

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Tumblr Fandom Antics 1


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*This is an perfect example of the kind of wtf*ery I was talking about when I mentioned, that unless PoC were useful to White fans, they get vilified in the fandom. Here, Nick Fury is unnecessarily demeaned by of all people, Bucky, when the two of them have never interacted in canon. It becomes obvious that Bucky’s sentiments in this ficlet are really just a stand-in for the  writer’s hatred of Nick Fury.  I am an accomplished enough reader to be able to tell the difference, between a writer’s opinions, and his character’s opinions, most of the time. 

Anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky finding out Nick Fury is alive. Can he settle between being simultaneously offended and relieved?

imaginebucky answered:

“That motherfucker,” are the first words out of Bucky’s mouth when Natasha drops the file on the table. A black and white picture of Nick on a beach floats out of the thick folder; he’s in sunglasses, reading what looks like a case file from a lounge chair.

“How do you know Fury?” She asks. “I don’t think you would’ve found the time to, uh. Chat.”

“You mean while I was shooting at him?” Bucky says, lacing his tone with acidic sweetness. Steve, sitting on his other side, rubs a hand over his face and sighs. This, this is why they’d waited to bring it up. Piecing together Bucky’s last decades has been a daily trial, but they need it – and he wants it – to remember, so it can end.

Natasha opens her mouth, then shuts it, and opts to shrug. Bucky picks up the photo. The way Nick is sitting you can’t see any damage to his chest, and his leg isn’t splinted any more. He looks healthy. Younger. “I don’t know him,” Bucky mumbles. “We’ve never met.”

“He’s underground,” Steve offers. “Very underground.”

“Don’t matter.” Bucky flips the photo over and leans far back in his chair, letting his long hair fall into his eyes. “Tried to kill him. Thought I did. What kind of asshole just lets you think they’ve died, anyway?”

Steve catches Natasha’s eye and she scowls. “You get used to it.”


Bucky has never been okay about what he did while under the control of Hydra and how easily he’s able to be controlled because of their mind-control and brainwashing stuff. That’s literally why he did what he did at the end of Civil War, because he regretted what he’d done (even though he wasn’t in control) and how it hurt the people around him and couldn’t be sure that it wouldn’t happen again.

So what do you do?

You write a story where all of these white people sit around judging Nick Fury for not sucking up to the man who tried to murder him. (And you have Steve and Natasha judging him like they wouldn’t understand faking his death when a white supremacist organization has already tried to murder him in public once before.)

You write a story that ignores MCU canon and Bucky’s personality so that you can demonize a Black man for moving on from the Avengers and living his life.

You write a story that doesn’t even make sense from line to line (like what even are you doing with Bucky’s moods here).

There’s no reason why Bucky would be so annoyed by Nick’s continuing survival since he doesn’t know the man or have any beef with him. Hydra’s vendetta was not his vendetta and there is no actual reason in canon for any of the Avengers to hate Nick Fury. None. There’s no reason for him to decide that Nick owes it to him to go “hey, I’m alive” despite the fact that they have never interacted outside him BLOWING NICK FURY UP AND TRYING TO KILL HIM.

To you, you’re just writing a “cute and quirky” epilogue that allows you to address Nick Fury’s absence. It’s not a big deal. But to people (all fans, not just Black ones) who are fans of Nick Fury in the MCU, it’s indicative of how fandom can’t just let Black characters live.

(See how Sam Wilson went from Nanny figure and Team Therapist to an asshole that’d hurt poor, innocent Bucky because he can’t bring himself to get over how Bucky has attacked him multiple times as of CACW.)

I’m not surprised though because fandom has been vilifying Nick Fury since he showed up and didn’t suck up to everyone’s respective favorite white characters.

When they’re not making him the desexualized team dad, fandom has been writing him as a manipulative lying bastard who just wants to keep Stucky/Stony/Clintasha/Starcy apart because he’s mean like that. There are next to ZERO Nick Fury stories in the MCU that don’t tear his character to shreds in order to make white characters look better.

What you’re doing here with your story crapping on Nick Fury for literally living isn’t anything new. It’s antiblack as fuck, annoying as hell and played out, but it’s definitely not new.

Maybe rethink the next time you get a message like this, because for Black fans of Bucky andNick Fury? This is just a slap in the face that once again tells us that we’re not welcome and characters that look like us don’t belong.

And if you seriously don’t understand where you went wrong and why this is upsetting, readTHIS POST and click on all the links. Mkay? Because this sort of thing is NOT OKAY.


Imagine Bucky understanding that despite Hydra traumatizing him and forcing him to commit violence, no one in the MCU (especially Black characters like Nick Fury and Sam Wilson) has to “get over” their trauma at having him hurt them in order to speak with him and make him feel better about what he’s done while under someone else’s control.

Oh wait, that’s canon. Too bad fandom hasn’t received the memo.

*finnnorgana artepen





side eyeing the fuck out of this but idk if it’s just… gross or what.

Like… ugh.

What kind of asshole? The kind that wants to live after you put three fucking shots in his back, FUCK WAD!

This is why I hate this fucking fandom. Fuck Bucky. Fuck his fans. You can all choke.

… I’m gonna vomit, WHY WAS THIS NECESSARY?! Nick Fury didn’t do anything to B*cky but of course, fandom warped shit into being so that no matter what Fury did or didn’t do was harmful to B*cky. Fury was busy saving the world and HAD to fake his death to help save shit, it wasn’t an offense towards B*cky. What, was he supposed to go track B*cky down personally and assure this man he doesn’t know that tried to kill him that he’s not in the wrong?

Also just… why would Bucky think that there being one less name on the list of people he killed as the Winter Soldier is a BAD THING?

Like what kind of logic even…

But I guess they just want Nick dead that badly. Just being out of the picture isn’t enough. He should have rolled over and died like a good target. Gee I wonder why they feel that way? >.>

Like just admit you hate black people and move on why even write a nasty ass ficlet that goes against everything Bucky stands for and completely ignores how it is CANON that he regrets everything he did while under hydra’s control? Like why waste the fucking time to be nasty just why?

Source: dazzledfirestar good god fandom racism



 *This is akin to the same attitude in fandom where WoC are asked to stan for White women’s issues, but when we need the support, they are nowhere to be found, all the while, crowing about how progressive and inclusive they are. How is that any different from White men crying about how they aren’t racist while practicing it? This girl’s Twitter response to Leslie Jones harassment is the same thing.

finnnorgana artepen



Remember that time white feminists pitched a fit demanding that black women ( everyone’s go to attack dog ) do something to save Agent Carter from being cancelled because it was a uber feminist show. And we were meant to ignore the lack of diversity because white women were being represented. And we collectively said hell no and it was this huge thing. They are allowed to be infuriated by our rightful silence because their issues matter and ours don’t. So naturally it’s no big deal if Leslie’s co stars don’t come to her defense publicly because whatever. Fighting racism can’t be done silently or in private but again who cares it’s not happening to their fave transphobic lesbian. I never forgot that Agent Carter BS and I won’t forget this either.




y’all… if your friend was receiving violent racial harassment for months, and the had their website hacked and their personal photos and info leaked, why would you not publicly support them?

what good is telling someone in private “hey i support you”, when you literally have the power to mobilize your own fans in defense of them?

it’s shady af that the rest of the ghostbusters cast has said nothing, it’s shady af that they haven’t been vocal, and it’s so fucking telling that all you white feminists are jumping to their defense like black women haven’t seen this shit go down thousands of times, like this hasn’t happened to us consistently over the course of our lives

like it’s obvious when people aren’t riding, and don’t intend to ride for us, and then y’all have the fucking NERVE to ask us for our support

i’m done with white women lol y’all are so myopic and selfish and honestly i’m tired of being called to the table to defend y’all when most of you cannot be bothered to think for even a MOMENT about WoC, god forbid TWoC

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*This is the reason I had so much trouble watching Jessica Jones. its not even a bad show. I applaud that its talking about some controversial issues and doing so in a sensitive and forthright manner, but I couldn’t get past this part of the show. It reminded me too much of what I’d gone through in the Agent Carter fandom and how the white fans of that show mistreated the poc fans. Since Agent Carter, I’ve been very wary about appeoaching any fandom that for any show with a white female lead and a lack of poc. Its just better not to get near them.


Jessica Jones is a racist show, especially anti-black.

Not only did they kill Clemmons in a very graphic way, they also made Malcolm an addict because of course they did. But not even that gross, racist storyline was his. Kilgrave made him so, to get at Jessica and she, in turn, used him. She put him in danger, she mocked his sufferings and made his addiction about herself. Frankly, it was. We were never shown him actually fighting, resisting to it. He was an addict and then, he was fine. Eventually, he became the support system of Ruben’s sister, another white girl willing to step on him if needs be. From beginning to end, Malcolm was a pawn and a liability, his efforts to insert himself on the narrative dismissed with a patronizing pat on the back.

Luke Cage got off worse. This show was supposed to lead the way to his own show, premiering in  2016. Luke Cage, that historical hero, impervious to bullets, whose story matters so much as of now. We were introduced with is character through Jessica’s binoculars, as she stalked him.

He is shown having sex with a black woman. Said black woman, it turned out, was cheating on her husband with him, allowing us to understand a bit more about Luke as he declines her advances. A straight-up guy, he “doesn’t do drama”. Never once is that woman shamed for her choices, however. She’s confident and upfront and challenges Jessica, calling her out on her obsession with Luke. Nevertheless, she is soon forgotten, set aside to let Jessica and Luke’s story begin. She was the only black woman with a speaking role in the whole series and her potential was already conveniently abandoned before the end of the pilot.

From that moment onward, Luke is surrounded by white people. His colleague is a white guy and all his scenes are with Jessica. He has no world, no friends, no relations. He is utterly othered, rarely if ever sharing the camera with another POC and linked solely to Jessica.

Their relationship is physical, leading to many sexual scenes between the two. The spectator watches as a blooming fondness is born, a trust shared. Luke helps Jessica in many ways, his moral support giving her a drive and a new-found confidence in her abilities. That, in itself, is already symptomatic of a lack of balance in their interactions. Never once is Jessica here for him, to propel his story. So far, there is none to tell. He has no ties but her.

The truth comes out, eventually. Jessica killed his wife, a black woman once again set aside by the narrative to propel their romance. She killed her and never told him, even though she knew who he was. She tricked him, abused of his trust and only came clean because she had to. Luke doesn’t shy from stating how violated he feels, how betrayed. He is completely disgusted with the very though of having slept with his wife’s murderer, showing to the spectator how wrong Jessica’s actions were. Jessica raped him and there is nothing more painful to watch than his face as he realises what she’s done. Mike Colter plays it with such intensity and raw pain, it’s unbearable.

His plight doesn’t end here, however. Kilgrave finds him and learns about is relationship with Jessica. Because they could, the writers didn’t refrain from showing the former bewildered with the very idea of their  interracial entanglement, referring to it as a “pity shag”. He proceeds to take control of Luke, unbeknownst to the spectator. Throughout a whole episode, Luke is literally forced by the narrative to forgive Jessica, to stay near her and to offer his moral support, once more. He has no choice, no say in this. Yet, we are never showed that. His turmoil remains silent, the focus staying on Jessica and her relief at being once again the receptacle of Luke’s affection. His story and feelings are of little consequence. He is pushed back in the arms of his aggressor, by Kilgrave but also by the narrative. That state of helplessness, which is so often described as traumatizing and painful, holds only emotional weight when Jessica learns that him forgiving her wasn’t real. The consequences on his mental well-being aren’t worth dwelling into because, as per usual, only Jessica and their ship matter.

Knocked unconscious for the entirety of the finale (!!!!), Luke is powerless as Jessica holds him, kisses him and professes her love. Once again, he is but a silent witness, a barely consenting participant in that poor excuse for romance.

This show is racist and romanticizes the abuse of black people. And that’s not right in the slightest.

fandomshatepeopleofcolor Source: autisticlynch
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The Techniques of Erasure

This isn’t a new post, and its very long, but if you want to understand the forms fandom racism takes, this is very enlightening.

Stitch's Media Mix

Word Cloud - Techniques of Erasure

This is part one of a hybrid essay-rant series focusing on fandom (the collective community) and its intense race/racism problems. If you’re new to my blog and to this project, start here with the introduction post. Make sure to click the links and read the content because they’ll add further nuance to the essay here.

In addition to talking about race and racism, this post also mentions incest (with regard to how fandom interprets familial relationships to suit their shipping needs).

One thing that becomes overwhelmingly clear when it comes to the treatment of characters of color is the lengths that fandom is willing to go to in order to get them out of the way of their favorite white character ships. There are so many techniques that we could tackle, many of them framed subtly enough that it’s difficult to combat them, but for the purposes of this…

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Lkeke’s Fall Lineup (TV)


I will review the first episode of season three of The Strain this weekend. Hopefully it won’t turn into a hate-review and this season will be better put together than last season. There’s still going to be plenty of snarking on it though. I have never in my life hate-watched a show, but I really believed in the show, because its such a great idea and  the books were pretty good, and I kept hoping the show would get better.

It didn’t.

Last season had some truly awful plot points, characters, and whole episodes. I always go into these endeavors with a sense of optimism, though. I’ll try to do the same for this show as I do for all the other shows.

I will be reviewing as many of the new pilots as I can, and based on my reactions to those, I will add or subtract them to the list of weekly reviews, but my time is limited. I may not review one of your favorites. There are some shows that I’m definitely waiting to review, on a regular basis as soon as they return, like Into the Badlands (TBD/2017), and Shadowhunters, which looks silly and fun,  and The Magicians. I don’t think these will be released until next year. In the meantime, here is the list of shows I will definitely give weekly reviews for.

American Horror Story(9/14) – I have no idea what this season is about. Nobody does. The creators are keeping it a secret which is very frustrating to a lot of people who are used to knowing the entire plots of movies before they’re even released. I don’t mind the surprise, though. I do know that whatever the creators give us will be batshit crazy, so I’m expectant.

Luke Cage (9/30) – I’m so looking forward to this. it looks like its going to be fun. I will be watching for how the characters are treated, especially, the WoC, as Marvel doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to such things.I wonder if Iron Fist will get a mention, and if we’ll get to hear Luke’s catchphrase from the comic books.

Supernatural (10/13) – The show that never ends will be in its twelfth season.  Like I told you guys, I’m gonna be here to the end of the line.  I always go into every  new season with a positive outlook, and I’ll decide how I feel about a season when its over. As usual, my reviews will first be posted on https://samanddeanbrothersinarms.wordpress.com/      and then reblogged here.

The Walking Dead (10/23) – I’ve mostly avoided talking about this show all Summer. I feel really good about this season despite the presence of Negan and the absence of his victim, which I know is really gonna hurt, no matter who it is. I refuse to speculate as to who it will be.

I may or may not review From Dusk Til Dawn (9/6) and Aftermath (9/27) on the Syfy channel. Also coming up is the second season of Ash vs. The Evil Dead (10/2), which I may not review because I didn’t like how the one black woman in the entire show got treated in the narrative. I’m still pissed off about the writers fridging her  (in the   most horrible manner they could think of), just to provide some minor manpain for Ash.

There’s some intriguing new shows coming to the Syfy network , that I have no idea what to think about them, like Falling Water (10/13), and Channel Zero (9/27), which looks pretty scary and weird. I’ll review the pilots if I remember to program them into the DVR.

I still have not watched The Get Down on Netflix, and had no plans to watch Mr. Robot or Gomorrah.

 The pilots I’ll be reviewing are:

Atlanta (9/6) – this looks like a lot of fun. It has an all Black cast, and I’m casting around for a new comedy that’s as good as Black-ish and Brooklyn 99, and I like Donald Glover.


Pitch (/22) – I don’t normally watch anything that’s sports related outside of The Olympics. I definitely do not watch anything involving Baseball, but this looks so good, I’m getting kinda excited for it. I may never watch beyond the pilot but I hope it does well. Its about the first female pitcher in major league baseball, and she’s a black woman, so I hope the writers get the subjects of racism, misogyny, and feminism right.



Versailles (10/1) – I love historical shows about 17th and 18th century France. (Mostly because I love the clothes.) I’m going to check it out because its different from anything else I’m watching and will tide me over til Vikings (TBD/2017) is back on. I always have to watch at least one or two shows that totally don’t fit the aesthetic of anything else I’m watching. I like a little variety, sometimes.



Still Star Crossed (TBD/2017) – This is another historically themed show based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and starring a large Black cast. It looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see it.  I just came off  of Coriolanus,  and Macbeth, on Amazon. I’m no expert, and generally not into romances, though. I don’t study the hell out of his plays, or recite them line by line, but I know enough to get by.



Aftermath (9/27) – SyFy needs to hype its new shows more. I barely paid attention to this one but from the trailer it looks interesting. I don’t know if I’m going to tune in on a week by week basis, because The Walking Dead is enough apocalyptic TV for anyone. But this looks like one of those End of the World Christian millenialist type deals and I’m not gonna get all het up about this if I’m also watching the Exorcist.



Channel Zero (9/27) – There’s a horrible looking tooth-monster in the trailer. That’s all I got because Syfy is trying real hard to be mysterious about the creepy shows its going to be airing this Fall. I’m okay with that approach. It just means I’ll tune in to find out what the hell was going on in the trailer.


Midnight Texas (TBD/2017) – From the writer of True Blood (Charlaine Harris) and it may even star a few characters who made cameos on there. This is on NBC, which brought us Hannibal, but I’m not getting my hopes up ,that the show is going to be too wild. I think Hannibal was maybe a fluke or something.

Westworld (10/2) – I generally try to avoid HBO’s shows as they tend to rely a great deal on female violation to titillate male viewers. I’ve already read a bad review of the pilot for Westworld. On the other hand, I enjoyed Deadwood,  Carnivale, and Oz, and  I have memories of the original movie. I want to know how it stacks up.


Mascots (Netflix 10/13) – This is a comedy from the creator of Best in Show,  which is one of my favorite mockumentary films. Its about the world of sports team mascots. I expect it to be as lowkey hilarious as the movies Christopher Guest writes.


Falling Water (10/13) – I got nothing! Looks intriguing. I know nothing about it. I’m not especially impressed by the trailer and that doesn’t bode well.



Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (10/22) – I remember reading this book in High School. The trailer looks suitably zany and Frodo is starring in it, and I like him, so I’m going to check it out and see what’s up. There’s also a BBC version of this series, which I have not seen but the trailer looks as zany as this one.


The Crown (Netflix/TBD) – Another historical series on Netflix. I’m not especially impressed with this but I may watch it.


The Exorcist (9/23) – There’s no way this is as good as the original movie but I have to watch it to find out if that’s true.


There’s a bunch of returning shows that I will probably watch but only give a barebones review for. I prefer to leave such reviews up to those who’ve been more devoted to those shows than I have been. Nevertheless I am giddy about a few of the returning shows, like:

Teen Wolf (Season 6 -11/16)


Brooklyn 99 (Season 4 – 9/20)

Agents of Shield (9/20) 

Okay, lets try this again. I haven’t been watching this show because I dislike Chloe Bennett. She’s just highly annoying to me, for some reason, although I like everybody else, with my fave being Melinda, naturally. This season is helped by having one of my all-time favorite characters joining the show Ghostrider. I read these comics as a teen, and even watched those shitty movies, starring a totally miscast Nicholas Cage, for the special effects.


Legends of Tomorrow (Season 2 – 10/13)

I kinda like this show. I cant stand to watch most of the other superhero shows on the Cw but I get through this one just fine. I’m not devoted, but I am intrigued, mostly by Firestorm, whose comic I used to read the hell out of.


From Dusk Til Dawn (Season 3)

I missed some parts of season tweo but i watched enough to know what’s going on and to look forward to season three. This show still looks great but some of the acting is a little cheesy, and the plot is all over the place, by the middle of the season. Nevertheless, where else am I going to see lots of bad-ass, Mexican vampires.




I have no intention of looking at these shows although some of you guys might get a kick out of them.

Conviction starring Hayley Atwell –  She’s a great actress but she’s made  the horrible choice of picking a bland lawyer show to star in next and I don’t watch those.

Lethal Weapon – I refuse to relive mediocre eighties action movies, in the form of mediocre television shows.

Sleepy Hollow – C’mon! You know why!

The DC superhero shows on the CW, I don’t dislike these shows exactly, but I’m never gonna be a Supergirl fan, I don’t care who is on that show. Arrow simply wasn’t compelling enough for me and The Flash felt like it was aimed at kids, although I really like the characters.

I like the look of Gotham and I hope its improved since the second season, when I last watched it, but it wasn’t compelling enough for me, even with the addition of Jada Smith.The show looks gorgeous but its stil la show with cops in it and I’m avoiding those right now.

Lucifer has some interesting looking characters, but I’m waiting for an especially compelling trailer or something becasue so far its just not capturing me, even though it stars DB Woodside, on of my fave Black actors.

Training Day seems like a grittier version of Lethal Weapon. I’m not watching any cop shows, so this one is out.

Van Helsing – I watched the pilot. I was thoroughly unimpressed. No.

Wolf Creek – I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet. Its one of those serial killer movies, so maybe no.


Next up Movies and Books to look forward to.

On Tumblr This Week


*On Tumblr this week, we have an example of my rather juvenile sense of humor. I laughed at this til I cried (No, seriously, there were tears running down my face! I had to stop reading!), and its not even because I don’t like Benedict Cumberbatch, although yeah, he’s not  conventionally pretty, and a lot of English actors have too much personality in the facial area. I actually like the guy but I’m not averse to making fun of his name.

But it was that last line  that broke something, though.



“some people dont think [unattractive british actor] is hot???


[image of unattractive british actor]


[image of unattractive british actor]


[image of unattractive british actor]


[image of unattractive british actor]


[image of unattractive british actor]


[3 more images of unattractive british actor]

no it actually doesnt he still looks like a shoe

im glad we’re all on the same page

Source: mercytrash he looks like a bleached lizard
Yeah, from now on, this is what I’m going to think every time I hear someone ask this question.
reverseracism poonany
When people ask your ethnicity/race it’s because they want to know which stereotypes to apply to you
Source: sailormixt
For some reason, this hadn’t occurred to me (and if it didn’t occur to me I know it didn’t occur to a lot of other Black people), the reason we’re seeing so many White people acting a fool in the Klandom, is because there are more and more PoC actually participating (I mean really participating, not just cheering from the sidelines) in mainstream media, and its gotten harder and harder to ignore our presence in Geek Culture, as writers and cos-players and such.
If they’re used to only ever seeing White people, as the lead characters, in the media they consume, then all these Blacks and gays and  women, in TV shows and movies,  all over “their” media is probably going to be alarming, especially if they’ve only ever paid lip service to the ideas of equality, or never paid any attention to the inequality.
I’m willing to bet the vast majority of White men doing the most complaining now, are guys who loved the idea of equality and fair treatment as long as they didn’t have to see it, practice it themselves, or hear about it. As long as if didn’t affect them getting boners from their favorite female characters, or pretending they were the latest onscreen hero, it was not ever a problem.These are people who have NEVER confronted even the concept that they might be racist. After all, how could they be racist? They played vidoegames with that black guy, that one time! And now everything is changing! Things are all higgledy-piggledy! There’s women and black people all over the place(not really) and people keep changing the races and colors and dogs and cats are living together and  OMG… IT’S THE END OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION!!!!
(That is, of course, if the given way to handle the apocalypse, is by screaming death threats at strangers, on Twitter, and ignoring the irony, that by doing so, they are contributing directly to the collapse of human civilization!)

rant alert






I really don’t understand why everyone is so angry about Zendaya playing Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man movie. Yeah, in the comics she was a redhead. So what?

Everyone was fine with having a black man as a stormtrooper and a black man as the human torch but as soon as a black woman gets an important role in a movie it’s “ruining their childhood” apparently.

The same happened with Leslie Jones in the new Ghostbusters movie. Nobody had an issue with a black man in the original but, as soon as a black woman has an important role in the franchise, she’s bombarded with hate and compared to a gorilla.

It’s completely ridiculous how much hate female poc in the media are getting at the moment.
Personally, I 100% support Zendaya as Mary Jane and I think the movie will probably be awesome (fingers crossed).

People really need to stop complaining about things like this “ruining their childhood” because it’s really just pathetic.

Yeah no, there was a movement to boycott TFA because JJ cast John Boyega.

People also had issues with MBJ as Human Torch.

The same thing happens every single time a person of colour wins a role previously played by a white person.

It’s been about eight years and there are still people mad about Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury.

People at one point were threatening to boycott Thor when Idris Elba was first cast as Heimdall.

When Candice Patton was cast as Iris West people came put with the same things they’re saying about Kiersey Clemons as movie!Iris and Zendaya as MJ.

Please don’t frame it as a new thing. This is how comic fans (and nerddom) as a whole behaves and been behaving for over a decade. They want to keep us in what they perceive to be “our place” and they do so by framing themselves as comic snobs put to protect their canon.

This is how these fans have always felt and what they’ve always done when racebending came into play.

Yeah, it seems “new” because there have been so few black leads in genre films. Will Smith got it too with iRobot and I Am Legend (though a lot of white nerds now use those roles as examples of times when it was OK).

If you look at James Gunn’s Facebook after he gave MCU fans a talking to over their racism regarding the rumor that Zendaya is the new Mary Jane, a LOT of commenters take exception to Jordan’s Johnny Storm even if they’re OK with Zendaya’s MJ. It’s not purely sexism by a long shot. Just look at the TFA fandom, MCU, Blade, etc.

No one has ever been fine with black leads lmao.

From James Gunn: 

To put it lightly, all hell broke loose the other day when Zendaya was announced as the new Mary Jane for Spider-Man: Homecoming. James Gunn (Director of Guardians of the Galaxy) got on his Facebook and offered up his comprehensive take on the matter:

People get upset when something they consider intrinsic to a comic book character changes when adapted for a film. I get this. There are movies I dislike because I think there’s a basic misunderstanding of the story or the character when the comic is transferred to film (I still hate how in the first Batman movie the Joker was revealed as the murderer of Bruce Wayne’s parents, for instance.)That said, I do not believe a character is the color of his or her skin. When Michael B Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm I didn’t understand the uproar. The primary characteristic of Johnny was not, to me, that he was white, or that he had blonde hair, but that he was a fiery, funny, big-mouthed braggart of a hero. I was happy that he was going to be played by one of the finest and most charming young actors out there.Yesterday, a rumor broke out that the character of Mary Jane was being played by a young black woman, Zendaya, and all hell broke out on the Internet (again). I tweeted that if people find themselves complaining about Mary Jane’s ethnicity they have lives that are too good. (For those of you who think this means I’m confirming that Zendaya IS playing MJ, realize that although I’ve read the Spidey script, and I’ve met the actress in question, I have no idea what her role is. There’s a good chance someone told me at one time or another, but, if so, I can’t remember. I’m going to find out when I go into Marvel this afternoon, but I feel free to speak until that time because it’s about the concept about a black woman playing Mary Jane, not the actuality or hypothesis of it.)I got a thousand or so responses to my tweet. Most of them were positive. Some folks disagreed – they thought the character should look like what she looks like in the comics – but were thoughtful. And a handful were flat out racist.I can’t respond to the racists – I’m not ever going to change their minds. But for the thoughtful majority of you out there:For me, if a character’s primary attribute – the thing that makes them iconic – is the color of their skin, or their hair color, frankly, that character is shallow and sucks. For me, what makes MJ MJ is her alpha female playfulness, and if the actress captures that, then she’ll work. And, for the record, I think Zendaya even matches what I think of as MJ’s primary physical characteristics – she’s a tall, thin model – much more so than actresses have in the past.Whatever the case, if we’re going to continue to make movies based on the almost all white heroes and supporting characters from the comics of the last century, we’re going to have to get used to them being more reflective of our diverse present world. Perhaps we can be open to the idea that, although someone may not initially match how we personally conceive a character, we can be – and often are – happily surprised.


finnnorgana errrbodylovesfinn


I’ve realized that the more diverse a cast is, the easier it is to spot the racist fans. They won’t ship a white main character with the black girl who’s his love interest because it’s “heteronormative” (it isn’t) and they want more “gay representation”. But then when his best friend is also a person of color they don’t ship them together because they just “don’t see them that way”. But then they’ll headcanon a Tragic Whiteboy Backstory for the kid that said literally 8 words to the main character. That kid will be their favorite character, their sweet little “cinnamon roll”and there’ll be 40,230 m/m fics of him and the main character. “Representation”. My ass.

Source: so-smoke-em-if-you-got-em looks star wars fandom dead in the face
*I’m here for a Black Riddler, though. There was a Black Catwoman once and I’m not sure how White people reacted back then (the 60s) but when I first saw Eartha Kitt, I didn’t bat an eye. Surely, we can have another one.
Incidentally, this was the reason I enjoyed Leverage so much. The one Black guy they had on the show was an IT Specialist, and one of the smartest members of the group.
halbarry batmanrogues

Anonymous asked:

Why do you think Riddler should be black ? Like isn’t he a white ginger in the comics

batmanrogues answered:

the main reason is to be a slap in the face to the angry/unintelligent black man stereotype. constantly in movies, the roles of black men are assigned to being the tough guy or the muscle. there isn’t anything wrong with that in and of itself as when it’s handled by black creators (see: luke cage) it can work tremendously well because black people are allowed to tell their own stories about themselves. however, this is often not the case in hollywood and it becomes a game of choosing black men for these same roles over and over. the riddler is someone who is intelligent, knows he is intelligent and flaunts it (sometimes to the point of overestimating himself.) how many black men in hollywood have had roles like that? off the top of my head i can’t think of a single one, and while i’m sure roles and characters like that are out there somewhere, i’m sure many people will be strapped to find examples. it would be a great role for a black man, a total flip from the hired goon to the mastermind. there are plenty of scrawny/nerdy black guys out there (and yes ginger and red-haired black people exist too) many of whom are undiscovered because big roles like these keep being handed to the same five white people. plus, i think edward’s origin story would resonate a lot more with black and poc audiences (particularly poor black audiences) than white audiences nowadays.

i support this edward nigma dc
Since The Get Down doesn’t take place in the MCU, I don’t think we can hope that White fans will ignore Luke Cage and Black Panther in the same way they’re ignoring this show.  There have been plenty of, now critically lauded, comedies  that centered around Black people, but I have no idea how White people reacted to those things. There was no Twitter when comedies like Sanford and Son, Good Times, In Living Color, and The Fresh Prince were in their heyday. I do remember some of the controversy surrounding The Cosby Show because White  people  didn’t believe there were middle class Black people, and this was the subject of several articles in magazines at that time.
There were a few dramatic shows that didn’t revolve around White characters. I’m trying hard to think what the reaction was from White people back then, but like I said, this was mostly pre-internet, so its possible that either most White people didn’t know about these shows, knew about them but just ignored these shows, or simply had no outlet through which to express their outrage at Black people talking to each. There have always been media aimed at Black audiences, like all of Diana Ross movies. (She was like the Black version of Barbra Streisand.)
And how much of this has to do with the Internet and the ability of racists to be as angry and bigoted as they want to be, in any online space, with little or no consequences? There’s a certain class of bigot,  who act like grade school  bullies. Like those bullies, once they’ve found something they think might hurt your feelings, they keep doing that same thing, over, and over, and over again, because you’ve shown you don’t like it. Like that whole nooses in public places trend that was happening for a while in the early 2000s. It  was a really popular thing for bigots to do for a while, because they’d heard Black people complaining that they didn’t like it, and bigots are essentially lazy, and  unimaginative people, who love to find shortcuts to cause other people misery.
I predict that the harassment of Black women online is going to increase to an even worse degree, not because Black people are doing anything different but because bigots have seen that it works on some of us.
I’m just saying: Pre- internet, I have no idea how White people felt about any of these movies and shows, though.Were they mad? Outraged at no White people in these narratives? Idk! 
finnnorgana irisvwest




It’s funny how on my post about The Get Down and Stranger Things, people are acting like the two shows have to be of the exact same genre, to be compared.

Y’all know damn well that if The Get Down was lead by a white boy who was learning what hip-hop was, and coming into his sexuality, it would be all over the place. Y’all binge every white show there is, no matter the genre, but all of a sudden now you need an 10k word essay on why The Get Down should be watched. On why I put it in the same hype category as a show about white kids finding aliens, when let’s be honest, that happens about twice a year in every summer blockbuster.

Stop deflecting, and just own up to the fact that people aren’t checking for The Get Down, simply because it’s lead by Black and Latinx kids. Because it’s not the music that’s the issue. Y’all listen to that. It’s not the location, because y’all live there. And it’s not the Afros, because y’all love those on Halloween. The issue is the fear of enjoying something that is extremely Black/Brown, and doesn’t cater to white people. The kids aren’t ghetto, criminals, or teen mothers. They have goals, feelings, and confidence, and apparently that’s more complicated to imagine and consume, than a white girl with super powers.


This mess is exactly why Larry Wilmore just got canceled. If there’s more than two Black people it becomes a Black Thing ™ and white people can’t handle it.

Same ballpark as why fandoms set themselves on fire when the Black girl is the love interest.

This is a relatively newish form of geek/pop racism too. This wasn’t so much of a thing in the 90s/early Oughties and thats how movies and shows with Black people in them were so successful.


*A nice takedown of that silly-assed Dora Milaje criticism, that she was a big ol’ meanypants to Natasha in Civil War. I thought the DM was being kinda respectful. She could’ve just tackled Natasha right there, and no one would’ve said anything. I  really like Natasha and all, but like Black Panther, I’m not above watching her get her ass kicked by the DM.  Canon has it that there have been other Black Widows, that when sent to spy in Wakanda,(where the Dora originate), never came back out again.

finnnorgana sunwukxng


what are these people talking about bashing the dora milaje for being “rude” to nat? since when are secret service polite? i’m sorry but if someone was standing there blocking president obama’s way with no intention of moving his secret service would tackle on sight idk what fantasy (or should i just come out and say racist) world yall are living in in which you believe that secret service whose career rests on protecting some of the most important people in their respective worlds would be polite to someone who is a potential threat to the president/king of their country

Source: paullwalkers


Monsters in the Mist

Monster Legacy


An adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist was first considered by Frank Darabont (director of several other film versions of the author’s novels — i.e. The Shawshank Redemption) in the late 80s, with a script produced in 1988. Both Greg Nicotero, head of KNB Efx, and Everett Burrell, head of Optic Nerve Studios, were initially contacted for the project. Darabont, however, became occupied with other films and adaptations of King’s novels — including, most importantly, The Green Mile — thus delaying the creation of his film version of The Mist. In a matter of 18 years, the same team was brought together again for the project.

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Headcanons on Tumblr

This is mostly people just making up their own stories and head canons on Tumblr. For me, this is one of the most fun things on there. Just like the last one I posted where people basically re-invented American magical systems, by extrapolating from JK Rowling’s misconceptions of American culture. (I’m going to revisit that again because I just love the idea of different magical systems being influenced by  cultural, environmental, and    geographical constraints.)

Plus, there’s some meta in here about LOTR and some critical essay type stuff, like this insistence (from men, btw) that women’s armor have titties, or flowers, or something on it to designate that a woman is in it. Why? Exactly what purpose is served by decorating the armor that way?






“ It’s armor. On a woman. It doesn’t have to look feminine.”

If I ever don’t reblog this, it’s because I’m dead.

game devs take note

What a weird impulse. Why would you need it to look feminine? Or masculine? It’s armor to protect your body from death. Not dying should be gender neutral.

Not dying should be gender neutral


Anonymous asked:

Can you tell me why Frodo is so important in lotr? Why can’t someone else, anyone else, carry the ring to mordor?

notbecauseofvictories answered:

but someone else could.

that’s the whole point of frodo—there is nothing special about him, he’s a hobbit, he’s short and likes stories, smokes pipeweed and makes mischief, he’s a young man like other young men, except for the singularly important fact that he is the one who volunteers. there is this terrible thing that must be done, the magnitude of which no one fully understands and can never understand before it is done, but frodo says me and frodo says I will.

(when boromir is thinking of how he can use the ring to defend gondor, when aragorn is thinking of how it brought down proud isildur, when elrond is holding council and gandalf is thinking of how twisted he would become, if he ever dared—)

but then there’s frodo, who desires nothing except what he has already left behind him, and says, I will take the Ring.

it is an offer made out of absolute innocence, utter sincerity. It is made without knowing what it will make of him—and frodo loses everything to the ring, he loses peace and himself and the shire, he loses the ability to be in the world. It’s cruel, the ring is cruel, it searches out every weakness you have and feeds on it, drinks you dry and fills you with its poison instead, the ring is so cruel.

and frodo picks it up willingly. for no other reason except that it has to be done.

(the ring warps boromir into a hopeless grasping dead thing, the power of the palantir turns denethor into an old man, jealous and suspicious, it bends even saruman, once the proudest of the istari, into a mechanised warlord, sitting in his fortress and bent over his perverse creations—all the best of intentions, laid waste)

but there’s a reason gollum exists in the narrative, which is to show—well, to show what frodo might have been. because even as frodo grows mistrustful and wearied, as the burden of this ring grows heavier and heavier, he is never gollum. he is gentle to gollum. he is afraid—god frodo is so afraid for 2/3 of these books he is so tired and afraid, but he keeps moving, he walks though it would pull him into the ground, because he asked for this, he said he would.

someone else could have carried the ring to mordor, I suppose. the idea of a martyr is not dependent on the particular flesh and blood person dying for some greater purpose. but such a thing has to be chosen, lifted onto your shoulders for the right reason, the truest reasons, and followed into the dark, though it would see you burnt through and bled out.

I will take the Ring, though I do not know the way.

Source: notbecauseofvictories


More critiques of fandom racism, or as Stitchmedia likes to call it “Klandom.”


We’re never believed when we talk about racism in fandom and people are just so eager to silence us.

I’m on the “fandom racism” tag on tumblr because I occasionally do like to find new people to block when I see this blogger talking about the white women in fandom doing shipping olympics to justify not shipping Spider-Man with Zendaya!MJ.

Their next post in the tag comes from some anon fussing at them, accusing them of generalizing and blaming a “vocal minority” in the same anonymous message. (”hardly any white girls probably even care about spider-man” the anon said as if a majority of transformative fandom isn’t made up of white women and therefore, the spider-man fandom has a ton of white women in it)

Nevermind that people have been shitting on Zendaya since the second that the news dropped (and btw, it’s still not official news from Sony/Marvel).

Nevermind that the Thor fandom is now pretending that it cares about Jane Foster in order to excuse misogynoiristic complaints about Tessa Thompson playing Valkyrie and possibly playing Thor’s love interest.

Nevermind that every time a Black woman is cast as a white character, white men derride her appearance and white women dismiss her character and act as if she’s unworthy of being in a relationship with the white fave she’s undoubtedly cast opposite.

Nevermind that already I’ve seen female members of fandom talking about how “it’d be nice to have a Spider-Man movie where Mary Jane doesn’t have a love interest” (like Homecoming already doesn’t have that!!).

When we (fans of color and anti-racist allies) talk about the racist abuse we see directed towards, fans, actors, and racebent characters of color, the first thing we see is their outstretched hands demanding “proof” and acting like making up racism is like a thing people actually do.

It pisses me off so hard because right now, we’re getting it from two sides: members of “mainstream” fandom constantly crapping all over Black women as if it’s their job and (largely female) members of transformative fandom who’ve learned to couch their racism and hatred of women of color in social justice rhetoric so it looks like they’re fighting for us, not against us.

And even though you can look at Twitter, in tumblr tags, and google this shit, people are still like “I don’t see why you’re complaining, it’s not a big deal”.

Our anger is reactionary. We are reacting to endless racism aiimed towards fans, characters, and creators of color. If you sincerely believe that the right thing to do when faced with this reality is to demand proof and get mad when it’s given?

You can fuck right off.

text posts fandom ugh UGHUGH long post
*Why Candice Patton is a total bad-ass!
finnnorgana pocketlass




Candice Patton as Iris West helped play a massive part in Kiersey and Zendaya being allowed to portray superhero love interests, and opened doors that would have been closed to them three years ago, when they wouldn’t have even been considered an OPTION.

Candice Patton as Iris West helped show execs that a WOC as a romantic lead is a smart decision. From their standpoint, it’s likely financial, but little black girls are going to be allowed to see themselves as the girl the hero loves, wants to be with, and get to see themselves being Important to the story.

One day, saltyass haters will realize that’s why Candice Patton as Iris West is needed, because she’s making a *difference* and one simple casting decision is shaking 50+ years of history for the better.

“Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But, I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, its about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them.” – Candice Patton

She’s honestly such an amazing human being and I love/respect/adore her SO MUCH.   Source: attoseconds


*More explanations on the Zendaya freak-outs:

Zendaya as Mary Jane




This can be taken multiple ways to me.

1. If everyone gets mad when people of color are played by white people, why can’t white people be angry when it’s done to them?

2. White people have taken roles from people of color for so long, it’s only right if we do the same to them.

3. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. Zendaya went through the same audition process as everyone else and she just happened to be the best one for the job.

I’m more in tuned with number 3.

1)  They can be angry, and they are.  Frequently when a role is racebent like the role of Mary Jane has been rumored to be, many white fans will express anger around it.  They are more than entitled to express their opinion about the media product and they know it.   Nothing stopped angry white people upset about racebent Johnny Storm from giving Michael B. Jordan crap about being cast in the role, for example.   The anger does make folks who do that look ignorant; however, because they have access to representation that the PoC they are complaining about lack.   White fans who are upset about a mixed race black actress playing MJ have access to representation through the main character and much of the supporting cast, representation through the writer, director, producers of the movie (and the white execs of Marvel Studios), and representation through countless other superhero movies–including three Spider-man movies with a white MJ.  Girls of color who consume superhero movies simply do not experience the same.    They can be angry, but it looks petty.

2)  What is happening here is not “the same.”   PoC being cast in racebent roles for supporting white characters (and having to receive racist flak for it) is not the same as white actors using raceface or whitewashing to score lead roles.

3)  We don’t really know what process resulted in Zendaya being cast, but her casting as a love interest for Peter Parker does matter because it makes a major social statement, and it is a form of media representation.


Also can we stop acting like Mary Jane has to be white? Not only is she a fictional character, but her only defining characteristics are red hair, lives in NY, grew up with Peter. That’s it. Despite the hype white people don’t have a lock on red hair. And Zendaya is the first Mary Jane cast for live action who does have that flirty personality that everyone associates with Mary Jane Watson.

Source: jrashad51


*Along with Black Women in  movies Tropes:

stitchmediamix karnythia



Giving a black male character a black female love interest (the earlier in the series, the better), but either:

A. Only show her in flashbacks because she’s dead
B. Kill her off within a few episodes
C. Write her as being an irredeemable bitch who the BM character has already divorced/broken up with or will divorce/break up with soon.
D. Have her choose her career over the relationship.

That way writers have “proved” that he doesn’t hate black women (or hates one “with cause”). Then he’s free to experiment or fall in love with female characters of other races (especially white) and they never have to show him with a black female love interest again for the rest of the series.

Source: abbiehollowdays racism antiblackness misogynoir


*I am absolutely loving this Arthurian explanation for why Finn is a Jedi. Finn is The Awakening that the movie talks about. There’s a lot of fandom that likes to villainize him and/or erase his presence, but they can’t erase the fact that this movie’s title is in reference to Finn, as much as it is to Rey. 

In my mind, the reason he loses his battle to Kylo is because it’s his first real lightsabers fight, and he was never trained to use that weapon. It’s the first time he’s ever seen, or held, a lightsaber. He doesn’t know the rules. He’s never had a Yoda, or been anybody’s Padawan.  He becomes uncertain about his intentions and focus, (he gets scared), and  is finding it increasingly difficult to keep his connection to the Force, (if he even knows what that feels like), that purity of purpose that made him accept the lightsaber in the first place. It’s as if, right in the middle of this fight, he experiences the terrifying magnitude of what he’s doing. (Omg! This the leader of The First Order! What the hell am I doing?!!)

One of the rules of using the Force is purity of purpose. Without that, it’s easy to fall to the Darkside, or lose one’s connection to it, and just as Yoda said, emotions cloud intentions. This is probably something that happens a lot  to  students of the Force, and I’ll wager that Finn probably doesn’t even know what that is, although, like Rey, he’s heard of it.

jawnbaeyega adagalore


Maz giving Finn the lightsaber is noticeable for many reasons, not least of which because it happens twice and for all the Arthurian parallels surrounding the scenes.


The first time takes place just after the destruction of the Hosnia system which is what makes Finn return to Han (and implicitly to the fight against the Dark Side). At this point none of them knows that they’re about to be attacked themselves by the First Order, not even Maz.

Despite this she immediately upon Finn’s return  takes him, Han and Chewie into the cellar where she keeps the lightsaber. When she takes it out of the chest Han recognizes it and asks where she got it, she brushes him off and focuses on Finn.

Why Finn? Last she saw him Finn made it clear that he was leaving. Hosnia’s destruction marked a tentative return, but so far it is tentative. And wouldn’t Han a man who might not be a paragon, but someone she’s know for years, make more sense?

Her words as she passes it are ambiguous. “Take it. Find your friend.” And do what exactly? Give it to her? Use it to protect her? What? Recall, no one but Maz and Rey herself knows that Rey can use the Force at this point. In fact Finn is never told this in TFA.

In assorted other things the fact that Han’s attention shifts off Maz and onto Finn the moment she tells him to take it, but before she stops talking is interesting. His intent gaze on Finn as he makes the choice to take the weapon is mirrored in the second “giving” by Maz.

Maz too is looking rather expectantly as Finn reaches out and takes the lightsaber from her. The music that has so far been playing softly in the background swells dramatically the moment Finn’s hand touches the saber and mixes with the diegetic sound of an approaching TIE fighter as Finn raises the lightsaber as a young Arthur might Excalibur. The scene ends in a dramatic boom as the castle is struck just as we see Finn look at the saber with a serious face.

It is noticeable that Finn is so entranced by the lightsaber that he doesn’t seem to hear the incoming TIE. Not long before at Niima Outpost he jumped at the first sound of it, but here he’s oblivious to the noise.

Now before I go on to the second “giving” I’m going to make a small detour around Arthurian myth.

Much have been made of the Arthurian parallels in TFA. Kylo Ren as a Mordred like figure. Luke as either a Merlin or a fallen Arthur himself and of course Rey pulling the Skywalker lightsaber out of the metaphorical stone. But the Arthurian parallels have been ignored where Finn is concerned, especially when it comes to the giving of the lightsaber/Excalibur, because in Arthurian myths there are two kinds of givings of that sword. One is Arthur pulling it out of the stone which declares himself the true king of Britain, in the other it is given to him by The Lady of the Lake.

In both versions Arthur starts out as a youth of unknown parentage grown up fostered by strangers, just as Finn is. In the second versions Arthur runs into Merlin, often portrayed as an older, wiser man. Depending on the version Arthur either asks Merlin for help or about his future, in either case Merlin takes him to The Lady of the Lake.

The Lady depending on the version of the tale is either a powerful magical being or a High Priestess of Avalon. She proceeds to ask the young Arthur several question and put him through a test which he fails, but she sees that though he is not perfect he has a good heart and a true spirit. Realizing this she bequeath him Excalibur, the sword of the true king and the mark of a hero.

Maz is in a quite literal sense The Lady of the Lake. She a powerful alien, strong in the Force who has made her home on a lake.

Her initial interactions with Finn runs parallel with The Lady’s testing of Arthur, complete with Finn “failing the test” by choosing to leave. But in deciding to return to the fight Finn proves to The Lady of the Lake that he’s heart and spirit is true and so she gives him Excalibur (the Skywalker lightsaber) to wield.


That she means for him to wield it and not just as a caretaker becomes clear in the second “giving”.

When they exit the now ruined castle the dark forces are upon them and battle is joined. Maz once more tells Finn to go find his friends.

This time Finn has no intention of leaving proving him once more worthy of Excalibur and this time Maz’s words are unambiguous, she intends, and always intended, for him to be a wielder of the blade, not just a carrier.As Finn again lifts the Skywalker lightsaber and this time ignites it, Maz look on with great expectancy clearly meant to mirror the audience. Will “Excalibur” accept Finn as its wielder? And will Finn accept the lightsaber as his?

At first we see doubt on Finn’s face, it’s an unfamiliar weapon and a Jedi’s weapon to boot. How can he wield this? But Maz believes he can and Finn is nothing if not up for whatever challenge life throws at him so he ignites it. The blade flashes to life in his hand, accepting him as a worthy wielder, and the moment it does Finn’s decision is also made. He may not be a Jedi (yet), but the sword is his.


tl;dr. There is a lot of Arthurian coding around Han (Merlin) bringing Finn (a young Arthur) to Maz (The Lady of the Lake), Maz testing him and in finding that he has a good and pure heart gives him the Skywalker lightsaber (Excalibur). The sword allowing itself to be ignited (drawn from the sheath) confirms Finn’s worthiness as its wielder.

Source: luminousfinn LISTEN THIS IS THE CONTENT FOR WHICH I AM HEREGOOD SHIT RIGHT HERE OK finn facts finn meta finn is force sensitiveboth rey and finn are gonna be jedi ok choke on THAT


*This would make an excellent alternative to those War of the Worlds movies! Yeah, pretty much most of the wildlife of Australia is dangerous, from various sized birds, to insects, and forms of sea-life, like jellyfish, octopi, and stonefish. This explains why  Aussies are the way they are, I guess.













I really want a science fiction story where aliens come to invade earth and effortlessly wipe out humanity, only to be fought off by the wildlife.

They were expecting military resistance. They weren’t counting on bears.

Imagine coming to a hostile alien world and being attacked by a horde of creatures that can weigh up to 3 tons, run at 30 km/h (19 mph), and bite with a force of 8,100 newtons (1,800 lbf).

By the time you realise that they can traverse water, it’s too late. The surviving members of your unit manage to make it back by shedding their excess gear and running for their lives; the slower ones were crushed to death within minutes.

You later describe the creature to one of the humans you captured, wanting to know the name of the monstrosity that will haunt your nightmares for cycles to come.

The human smiles as it speaks a single word, slowly and distinctly, in its barbaric tongue.


This is giving me the biggest, creepiest grin I might have ever grinned

Imagine being the next crew to go down to earth and thinking “it’s fine, we got this. We have the weapons and equipment necessary to deal with bears and *shudders* hippopotamuses. We’ll be fine.”

And at first you are, you’ve learned how to dodge. You’ve learned where their territories are. You know how to defend yourself.

But then one night you are sleeping in your shelter. You’re in a tree covered temperate part of earth. It seems benign. There are been no sightings of the dreaded “hippos” around. Not even any bears. But there is a slight rustle of the undergrowth. You try and ignore it telling yourself it is just the wind.

Then you hear the rustle again. closer this time.

You peer out into the darkness but see nothing amongst the trees.

The rustle again and now you realise you can smell something. It’s musky and slightly foul. It’s the smell of an omen, a warning. But what of? Where is this smell coming from.

You sit up, but it’s too late. The foul smelling creature is on you. You are hit with 17kg of coarse fur and vicious bites. Long dark claws tear in to you and you are pinned down white the striped creature tries to bite your throat.

It takes some doing but you manage to wrestle free. Blood drips from your wounds and already they itch with the sign of infection. The creature has a bloodied snout, rust rad, mingling with the black and white hairs. It lets out a terrifying growl from the back of its throat and looks to attack again. It’s between you and your knife, so your only choice is to back away.

Eventually the creature gives up and snuffles off in to the undergrowth, down a hole near your shelter you hadn’t noticed before.

When you make it back to your base you once again consult the captive human.

“Badger.” they say, with a solemn nod.

One word: Moose

“Our vehicles are far superior to the local human models, in range, speed, armament, and any other metric you care to name! Nothing could possibly-”


“That’s called a moose.”

“We should be free of the threat of the ‘moose’ here on our new floating accommodation”

*humans start sniggering*

“… they can swim, can’t they”

*humans start laughing louder*




“What is this ‘wolverine’ you speak of?”

Tell me the story of the unpleasantly surprised alien invaders and their captive human remnant, getting more smug the more the aliens fail at basic scouting…

I know we’re all talking the big smash-‘em-up type animals, but what about the little ones? Are aliens prepared for spiders? Mosquitoes? Fleas? Ticks? Even humans get sick or die from some of those, who knows what the fuck they’d do to an unprepared alien.

Nobody expects the mosquitoes

Turns out skunk spray is fatal to the aliens, whoops

Truthfully aliens would try to attack, land in Florida & get taken out by snakes, gators…you name it. Or they would land in Australia & the whole continent would attack. Imagine being the alien that doesn’t take a kangaroo seriously and gets beat the fuck up. Or the one that tries to approach an ostrich and gets kicked to death? They landed once, maybe twice & then they decided we breathe death & are surrounded by monsters.

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*I love this particular headcanon.

*Who goes to a party to watch the TV show House Hunters? That’s just so many levels of wrong. Is that even considered a party? Can you be still be friends with someone who invites you to one of those?

karnythia antimana

went to a househunters-watching party over the weekend; here’s my impression of the show



VOICEOVER: She wants a historically accurate thirteenth century castle in the heart of bustling downtown L.A. He has his heart set on living in a small metallic orb that would float over a bottomless gorge, beyond space and time. Can this pair of newlyweds see eye to eye???

WIFE: The location is nice but I don’t know about these staircases…I just had my heart set on an escalator made of sand and artisan brie.

HUSBAND: Well it’s definitely not a small floating metallic orb.

REALTOR: That…would defy several laws of physics.

WIFE (squinting): Do you have anything that is simultaneously larger, cheaper, newer, and more historic?


WIFE: And I need a big kitchen. I love to cook!

(Cut to footage of the wife in her current kitchen, wearing an apron and surrounded by pots and pans. She is hitting a banana with a hammer. On the counter next to her is a pile of doll hair.)

HUSBAND: Yeah, get her a nice kitchen. Of course, I won’t be spending any time in there, ha ha! (His laugh is loud but his eyes are so empty. They are empty all the way back.)

WIFE: And I need a room for my shoes. That is simply non-negotiable.

HUSBAND: Also, if we can swing it with our budget, I’d love a finished basement where I can really unwind and stew in my toxic masculinity and repressed emotion. And hardwood floors.

WIFE: And hardwood floors.

HUSBAND AND WIFE IN EERIE UNISON: Hardwood. Floors. (somehow it sounds like way more than two voices, more like the collective whisper of an army)

REALTOR: Okay, I will certainly, um. See what I can do? Anyway, this next house, it’s a metallic orb hanging on a sturdy cord near a ravine—

WIFE: Well it’s definitely not a genuine thirteenth century castle—

HUSBAND AND WIFE: (stare at each other in open contempt)

REALTOR: Heyyy so why don’t we take a look inside?

This is the most accurate ever depiction of House Hunters but I’m still stuck on the idea that somebody somewhere thought a PARTY to watch HOUSE HUNTERS was a great idea like why do you hate yourselves.

Source: idiopathicsmile
Okay, I was working on my finalized list of shows to watch and review in the Fall, the next Hannibal review, Naka Choko, and a review of Brooklyn 99. Oh, and BBC is now showing the first season of Into The Badlands, from the beginning.
I just finished watching the finale of The British Baking Show, where I  cried for the winner, too, a young Indian woman named Nadiyah. She was awesome, and I was rooting for her, and I thought she wouldn’t win because there was a White guy in the contest, too. He was nice enough, and quite talented, but I didn’t want him to win, and he made some baking mistakes. But Nair came through, with a cake based on her Indian style wedding. It was gorgeous and I wanted some. She didn’t believe she’d  won either, at first. But it was lovely. Her husband and family were very supportive, and of course they got to eat all her practice work, so…
I like British reality shows better because there’s less bullshit talking, the contestants actually seem to get along ,and there’s less chatter just to hear oneself say something, and fill in space. The contestants just seemed like nice people in a contest, trying really hard. None of them were trying to play to the camera by trash talking their opponents, grandstanding, or letting their egos write checks they couldn’t cash, something I absolutely hate about American reality shows. They also came across as more intelligent but that might just be a British thing, in general.



Delicious Tea on Tumblr

Trust me, this will be fun for y’all!

The discussion on Tumblr, about Zendaya playing Mary Jane in the new Spiderman movie, continues apace, with the people on Tumblr having waay too much fun snarking theangry manbabies that are upset that she is being portrayed by a Black teenager.

And c’mon, isn’t there just a tiny element of, since it’s largely White men who seem to be having the most difficulty with this issue, how much of that issue stems from the idea that when Mary Jane was portrayed by  White women, she was considered by these grown-ass men to be great boner material? Now that she is being portrayed by a Black teenager, its suddenly become a lot more difficult for them to watch the new Spiderman movie while fantasizing about boning his supermodel girlfriend.

And no, its not because she’s a teenager either. After all, the male fandom of Full house had no trouble, whatsoever, speculating about how hot the Olsen Twins would be when they reached their majority, and that’s when they were still pre-teens. Let’s be honest here, there’s a certain portion of the fandom that gets really upset when Hollywood doesn’t provide them with  regular doses of fresh masturbating stimuli, and I guess Zendaya ain’t what they’re looking for (not that I want her to be). This is why there’s such a hangup about her looks.

Also, for those people whose sole argument against the new Mary Jane is that she’s not a redhead, because they  really don’t believe, or want to believe, that Black people can be redheads:



hey racists who think Zendaya can’t be Mary Jane, not all redheads are white

Source: mic.com
*Still, the snark continues:

finnnorgana jawnbaeyega


Dear comic book fans,

With the casting of Zendaya as Mary-Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man film, I’ve noticed some tension and controversy surrounding this topic, and I just want you all to know…


Source: manicsrealm we’re taking over
A callin’ out of the hypocrisy:
finnnorgana khiravaggio


people are really more scandalized about mary jane’s hair color than tilda swinton playing a tibetan in a bald cap and mighty whitey iron fist i’m screamin like please tell me when redheads became some sort of ethnic minority to be protected

Source: afro-elf
“ dazzledfirestar:
“ fandomshatepeopleofcolor:
“ Saw this on the MCU Facebook post announcing Zendaya’s casting. Thought it was a great response.
Publishing this but just making sure people are aware, this is a fanpage on...
*Oh yeah, and Dan Slott, the writer for the original Spiderman is laying the smackdown on the bigots on  Twitter. I have a whole new love for this man now, outside of just writing Spiderman books. This is how you  ally.


Dan Slott, one of the Spiderman writers, is killing on twitter.

*And let’s bring it on home with some clapback from the fandom.
reverseracism desbreaux


My favorite thing right now is that everyone who doesn’t want Zendaya (a black girl) to be Mary Jane is sighting her hair as the problem because MJ is a redhead but like,

I didn’t hear ya’ll complaining

then, so why now?

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If you’ve managed to stay silent and unbothered about both actors playing Barry Allen looking and acting nothing like the character in the comics or about the whitewashing in Doctor Strange (which isn’t canceled out by casting Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo), now is not the time to open your mouth about any of the Black women playing racebent female characters in the MCU and DC universes (film and television).

Because clearly, despite your claims to the contrary, you don’t care that much about the canon if you only care about “defining characteristics” like a character’s haircolor when the character is female and the person playing them is black.

Bonus: Most of these women cast as these racebent female characters are super light-skinned Black women which is its own set of problems, let’s be real here.

Basically,if you’re silent on whitewashing (or worse, angry and aggressive towards POC calling it out), you need to keep your mouth shut about racebending.

fandom racism racebending i’m so tired of fandom
*I’m totally loving all the responses to this ridiculousness all over my dashboard. I don’t even have to join in this fight. I can just: 

The Precious Cinnamon Buns of Crime


*This post is a reblog from daughterofmulan. This is stated so perfectly, that I don’t have anything to add, except this also ties into how fandom does the same thing. Woobifying and playing down the criminality of White villains in the primary narrative, as simply preciously misunderstood, while vilifying PoC characters for committing the same actions.

This is exactly what I mean when I say people need to critically assess the media they consume. We’ve been fed this particular narrative for decades, and most of us have never thought about it, or how this narrative plays out in the real world, with Black people being coded as hopeless thugs from birth, while White criminals get treated as “good guys gone bad”, by the Criminal Justice System.

Its not just a television phenomenon. Media stereotypes have real world consequences for PoC.


Please visit hir blog on Tumblr for more on this topics.

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