Ten Of The Most Bizarre SCPs

This is a list of SCP items that are simply weird. Most are considered safe in that they can be, or are, easily contained. Most of them are not actually harmful, although I wouldn’t necessarily consider these benign. They may cause you to harm yourself, or the people around you, however, and unlike a cognito-hazard, they may not cause a person mental distress. On the surface, they don’t seem quite as horrifying as some of the more nasty SCPs, like The Flesh That Hates, or The Indestructible Reptile, but at the same time, they are anamolous, and can’t be allowed to remain un-contained.

SCP 426: I Am A Toaster

This one seems safe enough, doesn’t it? Its not gory or particular violent. It is after all, only a toaster, but it’s a cognito-hazard that, once settled into a home, takes over the minds of its victims, leading all who come in contact with it, to believe they are a toaster. Yes, people have actually died while doing seemingly innocuous activities like trying to plug themselves into electrical outlets, or choking on bread.

SCP-426 "I am a Toaster" - YouTube

SCP 3300: The Rain

This one is confusing because , it’s not an actual object, or really an event, so to speak. Its told in the form of a long story, about a young woman and her friends, who get lost in a strange town, where all the people seem to be missing. Actually they have all been subsumed into a kind of hive-mind caused by the incessant rain, that exists only in that specific town. Getting caught in the rain dissolves a person’s body, only for that body to be reconstituted into a water-like form, that congregates near the uninfected. Its unknown if this is an alien invasion, or what, but the town has been cordoned off, and the town is considered Safe.

SCP-3300 │ The Rain │ Euclid │ Meteorological SCP - YouTube

SCP 1993 : Your Leg

This one is deeply weird. Its a cognito-hazard that takes over a person’s brain, making them believe that a disembodied leg they’ve stumbled across is actually their own leg. They become so obsessed with this idea, that they will attempt to re-attach a leg that is very obviously not their own, to the point where they will cut off their own leg to do so. After removing their own leg, they will try to attach the disembodied leg, which actually works! with the newly detached leg now becoming the cognito-hazard. Hey, I don’t make this up, I’m just reporting it.

SCP-1993 "Your Leg" - YouTube

SCP 2316: I Do Not Recognize The Bodies In The Water

When I say that these SCPs are strange, I mean it. This is a cognito-hazard that is very odd to describe and somewhat difficult to contain. Its a lake that produces wooden, or stone, simulacra of bodies that those who view them, might know. If they see someone they recognize, they will be compelled to enter the lake to rescue them. They will not return, and might even become one of the bodies someone else recognizes.

Steam Workshop::SCP-2316

SCP 3166: Gorefield

This SCP is only dangerous to about one person, the creator of the Garfield comics. This one is so weird, I can’t even accurately explain it, so Imma let someone else do this:

Thank you! The Rubber.

SCP 511: Basement Cat

This is another SCP that seems relatively harmless, but is deeply creepy and disgusting. It cannot be allowed to grow beyond its location. Its not actually a cat of any kind, but a mass of biological matter that appears to be a diseased and feral cat, except its made up of dead tissue, that consumes all the dead creatures around it, to add to its mass. Its growth can usually be controlled by making sure that it is fed the occasional cat, and making sure that the house under which it dwells is kept inhabited by an old lady with a lot of cats.

SCP-511 Basement Cat | euclid | Animal / hostile / swarm scp - YouTube in  2020 | Basement cat, Scp, Animals

SCP 956: The Child Breaker

When I first heard of this, I thought it was kinda funny, but after some long thought, it turns out to not actually be all that funny. In fact, its kind of mean. Its an anomaly that takes the form of a pinata. It was discovered at a children’s birthday party. Any child under the age of 12, after approaching within a certain range of it, becomes immobilized, and the pinata activates and attacks that child, and any other immobilized children within range, until the child’s body breaks open, and candy spills out of them. This anomaly is currently considered Safe.

Oversimplified SCP Chapter 44 - "SCP-956 The Child Breaker" - YouTube

SCP 3671: Box Of Cereal

This was a box of cereal that used to display encouraging messages on its label, while producing unending amounts of cereal, until one of the researchers investigating the anomaly, slightly damaged it ,after which the box began to display hostile messages towards the man it believed wronged it. After a seemingly calm period, the box started creating things in its interior, that were increasingly dangerous, like cornflakes laced with cyanide, thumb tacks, razor blades. and even explosives, often with a corresponding nasty message displayed on the label.

Write your own joke here!

SCP-3671 "A Very Angry Box of Cereal" // Safe Class | Sentient Food SCP 🥣  - YouTube

SCP 2598 : The Traveling Moth Salesman

This is just a regular sized moth who, using morse code by bumping against your head, wants to sell you a tiny moth helmet, for the low, low, price of three easy payments, of 19.99. Personally, I feel that sixty dollars is far too much to pay for a helmet that only fits moths, but then I don’t have any tiny moth friends I need to buy gifts for…

What If SCP 2598 Was Real? - YouTube

SCP 251: The Deceptive Snowglobe

This is another strange cognito-hazard, that isn’t actually dangerous by itself, but is very disturbing for people to be near it. It’s a small globe, filled with snow that never stops moving, despite not being handled by anyone. In the presence of people, it starts to display fantastical and strange snow scenes like the one below, or scenes of perpetual violence, with the accompanying noises of screams and gunshots. It drives the people near it to great emotional distress, or extreme violence..

SCP-251 | Snow globes, Walter martin, How to make snow

Honorable Mention:

SCP 1296: Dial A Llama

This one is pretty self explanatory. You call the special number and the dealer shows up, anytime, anywhere, with a llama.

SCP-1296 - Dial-a-Llama - Album on Imgur

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