Many Resisters Don’t Want Change; They Want to Get Back to Brunch

Throughout history, photographs have captured the emotion and message of movements or pivotal times in history. Many of us can recall seeing images that spoke to the times with many of the photographs moving, inspiring, challenging, angering or calling us to action. I can still recall the emotion I felt seeing former President Barack Obama…

via Many Resisters Don’t Want Change; They Want to Get Back to Brunch — WriteSomeShit

I had to reblog this because this is exactly my faith level when it comes to White women in the US. I don’t have any. Not one ounce. My faith in them was never very high in the first place, but its pretty much at 0%  , and has been since the election.

Don’t spin this to mean I hate White women, or dislike them. I can smile and laugh with them about their favorite TV show, or a nice purse they just bought, but I don’t trust them when it comes to political or social issues, unless they are walking the walk as much as they are talking  the talk. And I have seen very little walking from many of them, although running they’re mouths seem to be a great hobby for some of them. The same thing goes for intersectionalism feminism, and the #MeToo movement. Many of them are just talking the talk because they want to be seen to be doing it, not because they care.

3 thoughts on “Many Resisters Don’t Want Change; They Want to Get Back to Brunch

  1. Barbara Elliott

    Not all of them! I am trying to get everyone I know to vote. We need to bring integrity and truth back to the whitehouse! That only happens with a democratic majority.

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    1. I agree. My faith can be restored to some degree if they would just get out there and vote for Democrats.
      But here’s the thing: I certainly hope it happens, but I have no faith that it will. I been burned too many times for me to have faith.

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      1. Oh, and I know it’s not ALL of them but its just waay too many, for my comfort, who are willing to act like this. Let’s hope there’s enough of them who don’t simply think of injustice as an inconvenience to them.

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