I Did A Thing!

I think I started knitting about a year and a half ago. I am a crocheter, so knitting wasn’t too far from my wheelhouse, if you catch my meaning. Since then, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time to learning new stitches, because I wanted to produce the beautiful knitwear I saw online. I was so jealous that I couldn’t do that stuff.

Since then, I consider myself an intermediate knitter, having mastered a variety of different stitches, and a few I’m still working on, like the brioche.

I hadn’t given much thought to stranded knitting before, because I was too intimidated, although when I first started knitting I did try to make a stranded knitting style hat. Not knowing what I was doing, it came out a confusing mess, but not a complete one, so I wasn’t discouraged. I just assumed it was beyond my skill level at that time. I frogged it, and didn’t think about it again. Recently though, I saw some very nice fair isle hats, and I thought to myself, “I can do that.” Because none of the other things I’d tried to do were especially difficult, and the books I read kept telling me, “Hey! Give it try. It’s not hard!” So I took the bait, and the result is my first fair isle hat pattern, a baby hat from Purl Soho:

Its not perfect. It’s a tony bit bubbly, because I’m not in full command of all my floats in the back, but it’s my first one, so give me time. It’s also just a practice hat for my next one, which will be done in wool. This one is in acrylic, mostly. I used some donated fingering yarns, doubled up, in red-orange, green-blue tweed, lite pink, and white, and didn’t bother to check gauge. I didn’t feel the need to because the hat is for charity. Someone will find it and love it.

My goal is to knit a shawl this summer, and in 2019, I hope to knit an actual article of clothing to wear, like a sweater. (Oddly enough, I still haven’t done socks, because gussets are intimidating, no matter how much people try to explain them. Once I can fully visualize it, I feel confident enough to do it, and I’m not there yet.)

And while we’re at it let’s celebrate with some of my favorite knitting memes. And how hilarious is it that Ryan (Officer K) Gosling is in these.


4 thoughts on “I Did A Thing!

  1. jennnanigans

    I love to knit too! I’m in awe that you got started so recently and are doing color changes. I am terrified of even trying. I just started cabling lately and can just get a cable braid going.

    That’s a lovely hat! Someone will definitely find it and love it!

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    1. I have done a little bit of cabling, and I’m still working on the Brioche stitch, which isn’t so much hard as it is involved, and my attention occasionally wanders. But most of this involves extremely dedicated hours and hours practice. (Insomnia helps!)

      The hardest part is memorizing the various abbreviations of terms so I can read the patterns.

      I actually like cabling, but haven’t had a chance to put it into practice yet.

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      1. jennnanigans

        “my attention occasionally wanders”

        THIS. I have trouble counting rows and I forget how many I’ve done, so my cables look like double braids sometimes. I even bought a stitch counter and immediately lost it! 😀

        Sorry you have Insomnia, at least you are making the best of it with a hobby!

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