Reylo Is The Worst Ship Ever

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The latest Last Jedi trailer was incredible – apart from the hype it caused over Rey and Kylo Ren.

Rey and Kylo Ren are magnificent characters in their own right. One fascinating and one brilliant in his loathsome and brooding way. It would be understandable for fans to ship them together, if they weren’t such a toxic pairing. Reylo represents the worst of heteronormative and mononormative society.

People do get over things very quickly in any drama and in sci-fi that’s especially true. It’s how we end up with completely random friendship/ally pairings which can make TV and film so glorious. It only works though if there’s real exploration of the issues the characters face, and if it doesn’t romanticise horrible behaviour. For Rey and Kylo Ren within one film, that ship should have sunk. To recap, Kylo kidnapped Rey, watched her while she was unconscious, tried to use the…

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2 thoughts on “Reylo Is The Worst Ship Ever

    1. Rey/B8 would still be a far less obnoxious ship, I’m guessing. Although, the way these people show their whole ass, I’d probably grow to hate that one too.


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