Why It Matters When Women of Color Play Love Interests

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I tweeted this over a month ago from The Nerds of Color handle, when I was excited about the Zendaya news and wanted to quickly hop on the celebrations. Suffice to say the tweet raised some eyebrows. The tweet fails to mention other recent castings or acknowledge the other women of color who came before them, in both film and TV. And from a feminist point of view, the inclusion of romance in a film is often considered a disservice to the female character (coughBruce/Natcough). The complex ways in which women of color are portrayed on screen is worth exploring, so let’s take a closer look at that now. How far have we come in terms of representation? And what does it mean to show a woman of color being loved?

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2 thoughts on “Why It Matters When Women of Color Play Love Interests

  1. I love this ongoing discussion on Black women as love interests and Iris is one of the main reason I stan for The Flash so hard.

    This sentence says it all and I couldn’t agree more:
    “As long as vulnerability and softness are the basis for acceptable femininity (and acceptable femininity is a requirement for a woman’s life to have value), women who are perpetually framed, because of their race, as supernaturally indestructible will not be viewed with regard.”

    Candice Patton gave an interview to TV Line a couple of days ago and she had a lot of positive things to say about her character and the romance between Barris and Iris. A little taste: “You’ll get to see Barry try and woo her in Flashpoint. It’s really, really sweet. It reminds me of the pilot.”

    I cannot wait because Barry’s pining was on 10 in season 1 lol. That was before Iris got engaged to another guy and he had to stop giving her googly eyes all the time out of respect (and bitterness lol).


    1. I’m going to watch The Flash this season, so I can support Candice Patton and Iris. The relationship between Iris and Barry is responsible for most of the speedsters that exist in the DCEU. Most of them are their descendants and relatives, so their relationship ain’t going nowhere.

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