Good Things on Tumblr

It seems that the only time I mention anything on Tumblr its almost always some kind of racial takedown or dragging or bad news. Well, this post is going to celebrate all the positive stuff  I’ve seen on Tumblr. Please visit these websites, sign onto Tumblr if you can.

I know it seems like we spend an inordinate amount of time beging Hollywood for representation, and that’s important, but it needs to be known that Hollywood isn’t the only game in town when it comes to diversity. SO here are some online links, if you’re interested. (And its okay, these are safe spaces for you to express yourselves. Some of the other sites I  link to may not be too welcoming.)


*I do not watch Once Upon a Time, but when I heard that Mulan was on the show, I was kinda kickin’ myself. (That doesn’t mean I’m going to go back and binge it though.) The costumes are gorgeous.

13 weeks of ouat positivity:
• Week 12: favourite costumes [8/15]




Monstress # 4 (2016)  //  Image Comics

Story: Marjorie Liu , art: Sana Takeda

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*Okay, you know I had to add a little bit of no-goodnik to this post. The Pretty Feminist is a staunch advocate of diversity across the MCU. She is fighting all these battles with clueless fandom, so that I don’t have to.
I think the two worst items on this list is: the treatment of Martha Jones whom I love; and the idea that people are actually  shipping Natasha and T’Challa, without any examination or understanding of  how problematic is the insertion of white characters into the Wakandan narrative. Some people only seem to care about inclusivity when they want to insert white characters into the narratives of PoC. When it happens the opposite way, their championing of diversity seems to disappear.
The struggles of being a black fangirl

Queen Guinevere fans: Spent years defending Gwen from fans who said that a black woman being in a medieval fantasy show was unrealistic, despite the show featuring magic, wizards and dragons.

Martha Jones fans: Dealt with continual racists and sexist attacks from Rose Tyler fans who felt that Martha was trying to replace Rose.

Bonnie Bennett fans: Dealt with years of racist attacks and Delena fans demanding that the writers kill off her character, despite her playing a major role in the books.

Iris West fans: Constantly fighting against people who want Iris to be written out of the show or killed off, despite her being the female lead and the wife and mother of Barry Allen’s children in the comics.

Michonne fans: Constantly defending Michonne from fans who openly refer to her as unattractive and not a proper love interest for Rick Grimes (aka not white)

Abbie Mills fans: Spent the last 3 years fighting for Abbie to stop being sidelined and disrespected by the writers, only for the writers to kill her off and turn her into a sacrificial negro.

Finn fans: Constantly dealing with Reylo fans arguing that Finn is not a proper love interest for Rey, but somehow, a genocidal father-killing maniac, who also made a not-so-veiled rape threat to her, magically is.

T’Challa fans: Currently dealing with Bucky and Natasha fans who are pushing for them to play a major role in the new Black Panther movie. Oh, and let us not forget the Natasha/T’Challa shippers who are actively advocating for Nat to become the new queen of Wakanda. Because having a white Russian assassin who used to work for Hydra being the queen of an African nation isn’t creepy or racist. Nope, not at all.


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