Supernatural Season 11: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Written by Jeremy Carver and directed by Robert Singer, tonight’s episode picks up directly from the season ten finale. So it’s nice to not have some kind of lag of several months between events. Last season, Dean killed death just before Rowena magically removed the Mark of Cain, which was last season’s endgame. But just like in the best of shows, solving one problem, creates a greater, sometimes worse, problem. (Yeah, it’s problems, all the way down!)

By removing the Mark of Cain, Rowena has unleashed a sentient, primordial Darkness, that existed before God made the world. Now Dean and Sam have to figure out what it is and if and how it can be stopped.

Tonight ‘s episode gets me off to a good start with some Creedence Clearwater Revival: Run Through the Jungle. And its kind of appropriate because Cas does quite a bit of this in the show before, as the title kind of says, going from the frying pan into the fire. He makes the desperate mistake of praying for help. In hte middle of his conversation with Dean, his brethren show up ad take him to some undisclosed location fro some fun and games, I’m bettin’.


When the Darkness hits the Impala, Dean gets pulled out of the vehicle and has a special meeting with The Darkness in the form of a beautiful woman. Its a little confusing, as this happens in flashbacks, as the brothers wake from unconsciousness. Is this really it’s true form? Why is she cozying up to Dean?

Sam wakes up in the car (after having been knocked unconscious) and goes looking for Dean,who is lying unconscious, in a field, half a mile from the Impala. He tells Sam about his meeting with Darkness, who claims she doesn’t even know who Death is. So apparently, The Darkness existed before Death?

As Sam and Dean investigate what happened they come across a dead road crew and a highly alarmed Deputy, who describes something like the events in the episode Croatoan. She’s injured, so the Winchesters take her to the local clinic which has also been attacked. If the men who were exposed to the Darkness outdoors went insane, then why didn’t this happened to Sam, who says he was in the car? The reason I ask is because the clinic doors were wide open. Were the people in the clinic exposed? Or were the doors left open by the attackers? There were a some elements of tonight’s episode that were mildly confusing for me.


In the meantime, Cas remembers stabbing Crowley until he smokes out of his body. Crowley finds a female meatsuit, has an orgy with  her husband and neighbors, and then calls for help to get back into his old body. His minions inform him of the Darkness, at which Crowley scoffs. He doesn’t believe in it, I guess. He’s informed that half of Hell is in a panic, and there were screams coming from the cell, in which Michael and Lucifer were imprisoned.  I think that was the creepiest thing said all evening. Crowley’s scenes are, as usual, the funniest part of the show, though, even while he’s being actively evil.

The Winchesters search the hospital and find a man, and his baby girl, trapped in a supply closet being attacked by one of the infected. The infected man eventually collapses and dies. The  trapped man tells them how he got trapped and when they find out he’s infected, he wants the Deputy to take care of his baby for him, to which she agrees. She must be on some tremendously good painkillers, because she just had a major wound stitched up  an hour ago and is smiling adn happy when she agree to adopt a newborn baby.


The brothers argue about tactics after the hospital is besieged by some infected people. Dean advocates killing everything in sight, while Sam would rather save lives and find a cure. After some argument, they go with Sam’s plan to lure the Infecteds away, while Dean, the Deputy, and the baby, make their escape and it works, except Sam gets infected, while defending himself, and is now exceptionally motivated to find a cure.

The big question is, will he tell Dean about it, or try to keep it a secret? I bet I can guess which one!

In a very interesting epilogue, the young deputy finds a strange birthmark on the baby’s left shoulder. Its the Mark of Cain. What does this mean for the baby? For the Darkness? For Crowley and Rowena, who I don’t think is going to make it to the end of the season? Is Sam going to be sick again and how will we stand it? I mean, we just got used to him being free of all illness, of some kind, in season ten. That’s really not long enough to get used to seeing him in his right mind for a change.

Has anyone else noticed that Sam, in his right mind, is a seriously stubborn son a b****? I know it must be a special kind of infuriating for Dean to have to argue every little thing with him ,every time he makes a decision. He probably has to resist the urge to knock Sam unconscious himself, which has already happened once, just in this first episode. Somebody should be keeping track of that.

Did anyone else think it was deeply creepy when the Infecteds ran up to Sam, sniffed him and then wandered away in disinterest? Yeah, I know. If Sam’s demon blood kept him from being infected in Croatoan, will it come into play for this new, whatever-it-is, too?

How did you like this season opener? Let me know in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 11: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

  1. Did anyone get the feeling that the Darkness is like Eve? Eve predates the Angels, as the Mother of Monsters, she had ability to create new life like God, she had the ability to assume a more pleasing form or likeness from their minds to make them more susceptible to listen and not kill her on sight. The inky veins reminds me of the Leviathan’s too. It’s like God used the Darkness as a blueprint to make the Leviathan’s, and we all know how that little experiment worked out for him, since he scraped that lil project and made the angels.


    1. That’s a good catch. It never occurred to me that God used anything as a blueprint. If that’s the case then yeah, it’s not a good idea to use The Darkness as a blueprint for anything because it’s basic nature is the opposite of all that’s good.

      Is this Darkness like Chaos? Like a basic elemental force like decay? Everything bad that exists in the world springs from it, which is why we’re seeing echoes of the Leviathan, the Croatoan virus and Eve?


      1. Sorry, sorry been really busy lately with my jobs. My thoughts is the Darkness isn’t either good or evil… more like; a vacuum, a black hole…empty. Not necessarily evil, not goody goody either, but because it’s neither good or bad it was banished and trapped in that cage by God because it just happened to be in the this little galaxy first. Funny, when you think about it that way, it sorta seems like God was a bully. 😃

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  2. Wren Collins

    I loved it- reviewed it myself for Geek Girls Rising. Wasn’t the Cage reference great?? And by the way, someone is keeping track of how many times Sam’s been knocked out. So far, it’s 78, I believe. There’s a page on the Superwiki.


    1. Oh, yeah! I loved the ref to The Cage. I do wonder if one of them will put in an appearance this season. I’m kind of excited for that.

      I’ll check out the Wiki. It sounds funny. I know the two of them get knocked out far too often.

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  3. Supernaturalover: Is there any chance that the demon born child from season five, I think, will put in an appearance. That would be interesting. You have Sam as the former Anti-Christ, Amara, who Sam will of course, want to save, and that boy who was born from a mother possessed by a demon.



    1. I hope so. This far into the story, the show can afford to revisit some storylines. That child could be very handy against Amara and he would be @ 18 or 19 years old now. His name was Jesse. Yes, Sam, Jesse and Amara would be very interesting to watch!


  4. I loved the episode! After reading your article, I don’t believe that the woman Dean saw in his flash back is the Darkness’ true form. I believe the entity searched Dean’s mind and assumed a likeness that he finds physically attractive. Since the Darkness predates God and everything biblical, it would not be in human form since we had not yet been created. It needs a meat suit, plain and simple. So, like the angel Anna, Amara will grow up human but I believe will always be aware of her true nature.
    If the show is smart, The Darkness will remain a story line for a two season arc. I do not expect a quick solution and the Winchesters to come out on top without a lot of loss. This should be the game changer for the show to bring new characters that will be around for awhile. We have to replace Charlie, Kevin, Garth, and even Bobby. While I enjoy Cas and Crowley, they are not human and the Winchesters need human allies and friends to stay emotionally grounded.

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    1. Oh, I like this. It’s well thought out. I did half suspect that the woman we were seeing was possibly a figment of Deans imagination. After all, she’s his perfect type. Dean likes a slightly older woman with dark hair, mildly exotic features, a touch of olive skin tone, and she perfectly fits. So yeah.

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      1. Have you read a book by Tananarive Due entitled The Living Blood? It’s about a baby that was conceived by a human mother and her father ingested the blood of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. The child possessed God-like powers but was still a child subject to temper tantrums, etc. I think Amara will be a similar character. She will not be like Lilith hiding out in a child’s body while committing terrible acts; she will be a child with full knowledge of her abilities. SPN will have the opportunity to create a pre-biblical universe and tell how and why God did away with The Darkness.

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  5. myfaketvboyfriend

    “Has anyone else noticed that Sam, in his right mind, is a seriously stubborn son a b****? I know it must be a special kind of infuriating for Dean to have to argue every little thing with him ,every time he makes a decision. He probably has to resist the urge to knock Sam unconscious himself, which has already happened once, just in this first episode. Somebody should be keeping track of that.”
    This is the funniest but truest thing I have ever read!

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    1. I don’t mean anything bad by it though. I’m sure Dean is very long used to arguing with Sam since the first season. That’s just how they roll. It’s just this is the first time, in a long time, I’ve ever really looked at it from Deans pov. Theres something about this episode reminded me of first season angst.

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  6. I liked it, gave it an 8 in my review.

    I’m intrigued by Amara and I like her so far. I like that the Mark is still in the picture as I loved this storyline, and I like the connection between Dean and Amara. I like that she’s looking out for him and I like the mystery of why, he’s looking out for her, whether he knows it or not.

    Sam’s part made me a little sad, especially when the 3 rabids attacked and when he was left all alone and sick in the end.

    I enjoyed Crowley in his female vessel. The actress definitely studied Mark and I’m glad Crowley is back and ready to rumble. I was stressed for a good part of hiatus at the thought of losing him.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t know why but I kind of glossed over the Crowley part of the show. Also I left out the really funny moments but Cobwebqueen had it covered, though. I didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was and Sam being Un/intentionally funny was great. Plus the show had me with CCR, in the title openings.

      I had a really good night last night. American Horror Story had some great music too.

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