Innocent Looking But Hungry SCPs

The SCP Wiki is full of innocuous-seeming SCPs that actively hunt and eat people. These are objects and/or things that have a taste for human flesh but are often camouflaged as a natural part of the environment, a house, a car, a bag, or some object you might actually be carrying on your person. Earlier, I talked about carnivorous coins and predatory graffiti. The key is that the object has to be disguised as something you see every day, and it has to be a biological creature that entices or hunts humans for food.

Most of these are classified as SAFE because they require little in the way of containment. All you have to do is avoid them, but some of the others are not quite that clear-cut, and despite not being world-ending SCPs, are hungry all the time, and do require some pretty elaborate containment to keep them under control.

And a few of these are not and never have been secured or contained.

Beware of innocent-looking objects. You may not survive interacting with them.

SCP 101: Hungry Bag

Don’t worry! This is an SCP that has been completely secured and contained, I think. It was found in the mountains next to an armless man that some believed to be DB Cooper. This isn’t an active predator but one that likes to entice its prey into reaching inside. Inside are a set of giant teeth, and a tongue that leads to god only knows where but appears to be interdimensional. Its origin is unknown. No, it doesn’t speak. It will eat absolutely anything you drop into it and can change shape and size to appeal to passersby by transforming itself into things like Krispy Kreme boxes, expensive totes for wealthy boutiques, or grocery bags that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

This does remind me of that cup that changes shape to trick people into picking it up and then drains all their bodily fluids. It doesn’t eat people, exactly, but you definitely will not survive interacting with it.

So yeah, I fervently hope this thing is secured. Or that there aren’t any more of these hiding in the wild somewhere or that next donut could be someone’s last.

SCP 647: A Cardboard Box

This is one that I found deeply creepy. It looks like a raggedy cardboard box someone dumped in an alley but it’s a sly predator that actively hunts and attacks people when it gets hungry enough, which sounds pretty silly, except when you think about how it was discovered. The SCP was alerted to its existence after the disappearance of a large number of homeless people that could not be accounted for by the general activities of the homeless in that area. It prefers to act as a lure, enticing its prey by appearing to hold objects like blankets, canned goods, and even bottles of liquor inside. When that doesn’t do the trick it then becomes a bit more mobile, removing itself to new locations (its method of locomotion is unknown) and even springing onto its victims if necessary.

Once it has a victim, the flaps close and it emits digestive juices that liquify the victim’s insides, after which it ejects the bones and clothing and moves to a new location. It possesses the ability to self-repair (the repairs start out looking like duct tape but then eventually blend into the cardboard) when it gets vandalized, but it will protect itself by shooting digestive fluids at an attacker. The SCP keeps it contained by feeding it one D-Class person a day to keep it from attacking personnel or relocating and thereby breaking containment.

I don’t know why but I thought this one was creepier than the hungry bag. Probably because it feeds on the most desperate and helpless people, while the bag mostly just feeds on the greedy.

SCP 307: Hungry Ivy

This SCP heavily reminds me of the creeping Ivy known as Kudzu in the American South. The only difference is that Kudzu doesn’t eat people or actively hunt them when they come within its sensory orbit, as far as I know. This SCP has been known to extrude snake-like tendrils in a flanking maneuver to grasp its prey, indicating at least a certain amount of, not just awareness, but intelligence.

I don’t know if it’s Keter class creature, but people are not allowed to be near it, it’s kept in a small steel room with strictly controlled humidity and temperature to inhibit growth, and its care is entirely controlled by remote. This Ivy will grow on anything except metal and any person who comes into physical contact with it and survives the experience, will become a vector through which it can spread, so they are automatically terminated. So yeah, it’s slightly more dangerous than Audrey II.

Upon contact with any warm-blooded prey, it will paralyze them, liquefy its insides, including muscles and organs, and drink them through the numerous large red thorns covering its vines. This has led to researchers referring to it as “spider ivy” and no, I do not like this at all, thank you for asking.

SCP 729: Marble Bath

Who doesn’t love a soft, soothing bath?

Okay, this one is very obviously not an active predator. I certainly can’t see this thing romping through the streets chasing after victims, but then, it doesn’t need to. No, this is the kind of object that gently entices a person to get inside it by inducing feelings of relaxation, or a desire to feel clean. Once a person gets in the tub they cannot be persuaded to leave without violence. After a while, their muscles begin to atrophy, and the fat in their body dissolves, spreading out into the water, which the victim either ignores or just doesn’t notice. In the last stage before death, their internal organs get removed into the water, while still intact. It can take approximately 7 to 8 days for their entire body to be dissolved, which causes some discoloration in the marble, after which, it and the water become clear again.

I do not own a marble tub but this still make me want to test out my bathwater by throwing in the family pet first (which I would never, btw.)

SCP 189 Parasitic Hair

I think this one is pretty disgusting and kinda terrifying. If you’ve got issues with worms for example you might want to skip this one.

So technically this one doesn’t actually eat people, but it does hint people for food. It will replace all the hair on their body and use them to infect new creatures or people. It was discovered after a researcher took his dog on a trip to the rainforest, only to find after he’d come back that most of his dog’s fur wasn’t even fur, but hair like worms that moved of their own volition to infect new hosts.

These creatures eat hair and replace the follicles with their own bodies, which sounds pretty insidious to me. The SCP spends most of its energy monitoring for external infestations of the parasite and trying to keep its one specimen from breaking containment, activities consisting of quarantine, stringent anti-parasite protocols, and sometimes extermination.

Yes, the whole thing makes my skin creep, but better that than my hair.

SCP 330 Bowl of Candy

Okay, this one doesn’t eat people but it does involve enticement, food, and death, so I think it’s fair to add it here. SCP 330 is a small metal bowl full of candies (apparently the candies can look like whatever is most popular) with a small sign attached to the bowl which instructs a person to take only two. All attempts to cover or remove the sign have failed, and it is impossible not to read the sign, even when seen from multiple angles.

If a person reaches into the bowl and takes more than two pieces of candy their hands will be severed at the wrist, regardless of how the candy was removed. For example if a robotic arm is used to take three pieces of candy the person’s hand will still be cut off. The bowl will “reset”, every 24 hours, after which it becomes safe to remove two more pieces of candy.

Even though candy is enticing this SCP is easily avoided, and requires little in the way of containment. It’s simply been locked away in a container.

SCP 4740 Serrated Lawn

Yeah, just like the marble Tub, I don’t see this SCP chasing people down and chomping down on them, although it does remind me of a humorous Science Fiction story in which a guy gets chased around the galaxy by his vengeful lawn!

This one is still pretty insidious (and kind of mean) because who doesn’t like strolling barefoot on a beautiful green lawn? Well, strolling on this one would be lethal. The plant acts much like a honeydew. When victims tread on it they get stuck on the small barbs along the edges of the leaves as the blades of grass become embedded in the flesh. The blades emit digestive fluids and “drink” the liquified flesh. Basically you get stuck, you fall over, and you get eaten.

It’s containment involves keeping it from sending out seeds and reproducing uncontrollably, so it’s kept in an oxygen rich, low light environment.

SCP 574 Predatory Buildings

Well, naturally this is not an SCP that actively chases down people to eat, but the location does actually eat people, and much like the predatory cardboard box, it uses sounds, scents, and images to entice people into its interior.

SCP 247 Tiger Cat

I do love cats so this one is especially terrifying. There are some things in the SCP where you just know if you encountered it you’d be dead in a few minutes. A lot of these creatures and objects play on human weaknesses that would otherwise be considered non-lethal, or at the very least, benign.

SCP 3470 The Car

I have no idea what to think about this one because it’s just so damn weird, and many of the SCP researchers aren’t exactly sure if it eats people, or just transports them somewhere. It is dangerous though, and only partially contained, meaning they know where it is and have the area blocked off from traffic, but it’s not locked up or anything.

This isn’t the only vehicular predator out there either. Apparently, the roads of America are just chock full of vehicles that are only pretending to be vehicles, which does not inspire any trust in public transportation.

This vehicle haunts the backroads of a forested area of the US, where it will follow its prey until it runs the person off the road. It appears to be the car from the Harry Potter movies, and there even appears to be a driver inside, although the windshield is fogged so that the face can never be seen.

One of the creepiest things about this vehicle is the drivers hand, as the car follows its victims by sticking its hand out of the window and making driving signals, but there are two eyes set in its palm. It’s method of consumption however is unknown. It was tagged at one point but all efforts at investigation have resulted in missing people.

SCP 1701 Pop-Up Canopy

Okay, even I had to laugh at this one, although it isn’t a joke SCP. It’s a real SCP with a name and class and everything, and it is deeply weird! I’m

SCP 1507 Pink Flamingos

I have never liked Lawn Flamingos or even lawn gnomes or jockeys. I don’t get decorating one’s lawn with objects that are not flowers, trees, or grass. That said, I did think the SCP for this was pretty funny, as it’s written as an emergency recording of some random homeowner’s encounter with these creatures.

Dishonorable Mentions

SCP 2086 Carnivorous Public Bus/Rerouting

SCP 799 Carnivorous Blanket

SCP 160 Predatory Drone

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