Some Very Exciting Trailers

Okay, I have to say that at least one of these I probably won’t watch but I know they have a huge fan club and I’m excited on their behalf, and I’m going to wait for these people’s reviews to see if it’s any good. But I absolutely love most of these trailers and I’m really looking forward to seeing if these movies and series can live up to the hype.

The Munsters

I have to confess, I was never an Addams Family fan until the movies came out in the 90s. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely watched the series as a child, and I liked it and thought it was fun, but I’m a Munsters girl and have been ever since. I just loved the wholesome kookiness of it. I even liked that early oughts remake called Mockingbird Lane that never got off the ground.

But I absolutely love this trailer. It perfectly captures the fun, quirky vibe of the original, except with bright fun colors, since the original was in black and white. Also, the soundtrack was always kickin’ it like this! Everything you see in this trailer is pretty much the exact same vibe that was in the series, right down to Herman Munster’s ridiculous laugh.

The nostalgia factor, for those of us who fondly remember the series, is pretty strong here, and it’s probably a movie that’s not to everyone’s tastes, but the point is to go in expecting to have some light-hearted fun, a good time, and not get too deep beyond the message of tolerating strange and unusual people.

Halloween Ends

And so here it ends. Laurie Strode and Michael Myers have been at each other for four decades, I guess, and here comes the end. It’s time to get this over with, I guess. Sooner or later it was gonna come down to the two of them, since Laurie was always the one who got away.

The second movie in this trilogy was not as good as the first, but I greatly appreciated the effort because it answered a number of questions, and tied up some loose ends.

Now the only question left is: Who will win this fight? And really the answer is totally up in the air at this point because I don’t really think the writers are caring too deeply about what fandom wants, as they in completing an arc.

So yeah, Laurie could very well die at the end, and I need people to understand that’s a very real possibility. Is it gonna hurt if she does? Hell yeah, but I’m preparing myself for that eventuality, just in case. I’m reasonably sure I’m not going to see this in the theater. I’ll wait until it streams because I really don’t think I could sit through that amount of tension in a public space.


I really liked the original movie but apparently THIS IS NOT A REMAKE of that film!!

Guys, this movie is based on the stage musical, which I have never seen. I really like this trailer mostly because I liked the book, and I like musicals. The trailer seems pretty good. I liked the dancing and the little snippets of what songs I heard. I probably will not see this in a theater though I am looking forward to it because I know their are a helluva lot of fans of the original film who think this is a remake of that, and I really hope they like this version.


This looks like the type of martial arts action movie I can get in on. A Lone protagonist, against a city full of assassins and other deranged criminals (and I’m not entirely sure, but possibly zombies!) There’s always some new take on zombie films coming out of Southeast Asia and I am here for it. Don’t get me wrong, I like American zombie films, especially the classics from the 80s, but Taiwan and Korea are really taking this subject to some interesting new places. This seems as if it might be a mashup of two of my favorite topics, so I hope it is zombies, or something zombie adjacent.

The lot sounds pretty pedestrian so I won’t have to think too deeply about. A little boy is carrying a cure for some lethal disease in his blood and needs to be transported and protected to some new location to save humanity. Most action movies are not exceptionally deep plotwise because the focus is supposed to be on the action, and that’s okay. This one is coming to Netflix.


I really like the original Predator movie with Arnold, and I’ve enjoyed at least 3 of the subsequent movies in this franchise. I don’t like all of them, but I have watched all of them, and I plan to watch this series when it comes to Hulu next month. The trailer looks interesting. We have some kind of tribal thing going on, and a female protagonist, which sounds pretty cool, since I actually liked AVP, which also had a female hero. Will this be well executed? I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to taking it for a test drive, and I will probably talk about at least the first episode here.

Honorable Mention:

Day Shift

I mentioned this Netflix movie once before and I just wanted to say, once again, that it looks like a lot of fun. I like Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg, it has vampires, and I liked Vampires Vs, Brooklyn. I like that it’s not taking itself too seriously because I’m not watching anything that’s too heavy this Summer.

This weekend:

I’m watching the fourth season of What We Do In The Shadows on Hulu, and The Gray Man, an action film by the Russo Brothers on Netflix.


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