Greatest Science Fiction Remixes

(That Are On my Playlist)

Extreme Ways – Moby (The Bourne Trilogy)

This trilogy features a series of increasingly odd remixes of its basic theme song.

Spybreak – The Propellerheads (James Bond)

I realize that it’s pushing it to call the James Bond series Science Fiction, but it does have elements of it, at least.

Saat Saat – Rayess Bek (Moon Knight)

This is just one of the modern Arabic pop songs I was exposed to while watching this series.

Ghost in the Shell – Kenji Kawai (Aoki Remix)

The live-action version of this anime was a hot mess, but I really liked the theme song. The original sounds much more introspective though.

Furious Angels – Rob Dougan (The Matrix)

You’ve got to remember this theme from the first two films. All of Dougan’s work is well worth listening to though.

While the Earth Sleeps – Peter Gabriel/Deep Forest (Strange Days)

Not a lot of people remember this movie. I remember that I didn’t care for it very much outside of it starring Angela Bassett, and this theme that plays over the end credits.

Doctor? – Orbital (Doctor Who)

I first heard this back in the 90s, although I feel like I may have heard it earlier than that, as there are several remixes of the series’ most popular theme.

Lost in Space – Apollo 440

I hated the movie but this is the theme I remember playing over the opening credits. I’m not a huge Apollo 440 fan, but I liked this song.

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