Aww Shit!

Yeah, this ones gonna hurt. 

Bill Paxton is dead, at 61, due to surgery complications. 

Wow! I was right there,when his career started, playing a punk, in The Terminator. James Cameron helped make this man’s unusual career, which took off after he played Hudson in Aliens.  I remember every line he has in that movie. After that, I watched every movie he ever starred in. I loved him because he seemed to be having such a damned good time, in all his films. He seemed to understand, on a certain level, how lucky he’d been in his film career, and reveled in that. 

I’d kind of gotten away from him as he and I got older, but I didn’t forget the effect he had on me, as a teenager, when I first saw him in The Terminator and One False Move, to Frailty and the new Training Day series. I grew up with him. And while I might have stopped clocking his career so closely, I never forgot about him, and he wouldn’t let anyone forget him either. 

Normally, I’d watch a marathon of a late actor’s greatest roles in tribute to their life, but I can’t bring myself to do that right now. Maybe one day I might, but not now.

Game Over, man! Game over!

Bye Bill

Love ya always!

3 thoughts on “Aww Shit!

  1. I feel you; it definitely hurt. I grew up watching Paxton in films too. From The Terminator to Aliens as Hudson, the only character in that movie who acted like a human being – Hudson kept it 💯, man. He was great in Trespass, A Simple Plan, and Edge of Tomorrow. And who can forget Paxon as Chet in Weird Science? My son and I watched Frailty when he was about 8-years-old, and we still love that movie. Underrated actor. His contribution to film will be missed.

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