Nerds of Color Reports

The New Imax Trailer For Dune

This latest trailer looks really good and has intriguing music. There’s definitely an African Muslim inspiration going on there.

Leslie Grace is Batgirl

Batgirl': Leslie Grace To Play Barbara Gordon in New Warner Bros DC Film –  Deadline

This is the lead of WB’s new film about Batgirl. Leslie Grace is Afro-Latina.

Michaela Coel Joins Black Panther 2 Cast

Michaela Coel joins the cast of 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' - CNN

Although there is a lot of speculation as to what role she will play in the film, most people do not think she will be playing Storm. I wouldn’t entirely rule that out, and am adopting a wait and see attitude about this, especially since Marvel’s Phase 4 will be dealing with characters within the Marvel Multiverse!

Jordan Peele’s New Movie – Nope

Nope': Jordan Peele Teases His Brand New Horror Movie With Official Poster  Art! - Bloody Disgusting

I am a Jordan Peele stan, and always look forward to anything he creates.

Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu

This looks intriguing. I don’t particularly care for Nicole Kidman, but she appears relatively harmless here, and the plot, and rest of the cast seem okay.

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