The Most Tragic SCPs

One of the great things about the SCP archives, is that its a kind of shared world anthology, and ordinary people people get to practice their writing skills. Not all SCPs are terrifying, hostile, or sneaky (that’s just my personal interest). Some of them are just beautiful, adventurous, thrilling, happy, and yes, sometimes even tragic. Here are nine of the most popular tragic SCPs.

SCP 682 The Inevitable End of All But Me

This one really got to me. I don’t think most people follow the idea of immortality to its inevitable non-end, and dreams of immortality are something indulged in only by the very young, (usually after they have had their first existential crisis), because as a person gets older, their thoughts about being on this planet forever, are definitely going to change. SCP 682, that unkillable Reptile, finds out exactly what it means to live forever.

SCP 1762 Where The Dragons Went

The first time I heard this one, I didn’t fully understand what it meant, but subsequent viewings brought a real sense of pathos. This isn’t just about the destruction of another world, but the part humanity played in that destruction.

SCP 1342 To The Makers Of Music

This one brought tears to my eyes, too, and is a little hard to describe, but its the story of the encounter between Voyager One, and the sentient avatar, of an alien species.

SCP 4999 Someone To Watch Over Me

In the SCP, no one ever dies alone, and one could do worse, than meeting this SCP, at the end of their life…

SCP 1609 The Chair

We’ll talk about the Global Occult Coalition at a later date, but basically, not all SCPs are dangerous, or even hostile, and one of the reasons that the SCP secures, contains, and protects, is so horrible things like this don’t ever happen again…

SCP 451 Mr. Lonely

Its one thing to wish for invisibility, but have you thought through all of the consequences of what happens, when nobody can acknowledge your existence? What happens when that works both ways?

SCP 1337 The Hitchhiker

This is yet another instance of why security and protection are the SCP’s watchwords. The SCP keeps anomalous objects and people close, not because they don’t want to destroy them, but because attempting to destroy something, without fully understanding it first, could trigger something much, much, worse.

SCP 2273 Major Alexei Belitrov

This is a long one, but well worth the listen. At first, you think perhaps, this is an alien invasion story, but its something very different, with a very different ending. I enjoyed this one a lot.

SCP 1192 Timmy

I thought this one was deeply heartbreaking. Its about a bird that believes its a little boy named Timmy.


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