Star Trek Day (9/8/21)

You guys know I’m a big Star Trek fan (I prefer Trek to Wars, actually), so you also know I I couldn’t let this go by without mention.

Star Trek Day was earlier this week, and in acknowledgement of that, Paramount released new trailers for its forthcoming TV Series, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds, and returning series, Picard, now in its second season, and Discovery, now in its fourth!

Picard Season 2: (2/2022)

I have not paid a lot of attention to this series. It’s not that I don’t like it, just that it was not as compelling for me to watch than Discovery, for example. The first season was okay, but peaked my interest a little more with the addition of Seven of Nine to the cast, and ended on an interesting note between her and Raffaella. I like Rafaella, and I want to see how their relationship develops, so I’m going to watch this new season. I’m a little less enthused at the addition of Q to the series, and hope there wont be a lot of him, and yet more time travel. I’ve also had just about enough of the “dark timelines” tropes in TV shows. Initially, the characters were kind of difficult for me to get into, and that’s part of the reason I wasn’t stanning for this series very much, but I’m willing to give it a try, again.

I don’t always watch a new Star Trek series. I skipped out on Enterprise entirely. It felt it was boring and I didn’t like any of the characters, which was a first for me. There’s always at least one character I find interesting, but not there. I feel like Seven of Nine and The Borg are what saved Voyager from being ignored by me, and there was no one character in particular that saved DS9, but that was a much better written show.

Strange New Worlds (No Release Date Yet)

This is the series I’m most excited about. Anson Mount is an incredibly handsome man, who I never get tired of looking at, so I’m not going to mind watching him for an hour or so each week, but he was a known commodity, since he was introduced in the last season of Star Trek Discovery. What I’m really, really, excited about is the rest of the cast, especially the new Uhura, who is a gorgeous, dark skinned beauty. I am so jazzed to see this, and I don’t know why it never occurred to me that she would be in the show! Uhura has always been one of my icons, and a role model for Black womanhood (as she was for a whole lot of Black women my age), so I’m eager to see how she will be portrayed. Spock was a feature character in the last season of Star Trek Discovery as well, and I was really happy to see that actor’s portrayal of him, which is very satisfactory. He’s no Zachary Quinto, (who is absolutely perfect as Spock), but he’s not bad.

It is my understanding that the reason there is no Sulu and Checkov is because those two characters never served under Captain Pike. They didn’t show up until the Kirk era, but Uhura, Number One, and Spock were there from the beginning. I’m also glad to see Dr. M’Benga. I do remember him from the original series, where he starred in about two episodes, but this new version of him seems to be a series regular, is very handsome, and it’s just nice to see Black men (with facial hair, no less) in Star Trek. The character of Number One has finally gotten a first and last name, and is being played by Rebecca Romjin, (aka Mystique from the X-Men films). I like her a lot here, which is surprising to me because I’ve felt somewhat lukewarm, (and unimpressed), towards that actress for most of her career. But she looks really good, and has captured something of the no-nonsense, all business attitude of the original Number One, as played by Majel Barrett, (who then went on to play Nurse Chapel, who is now portrayed by an unknown actress in this series.)

So yeah, I was already very familiar with these characters from the original series. the only thing is that I’m somewhat unfamiliar with are the new actors playing them. I’m still a little disappointed that no trailer has been released yet, so that’s what I’m now waiting for..

Star Trek Discovery: (11/18/2021)

I’m definitely coming back for this show. I’m liking the changes its made so far. It can take as long as three seasons for a show to really hit its stride, and I feel like Discovery was firing on all thrusters last season, and kept my attention with the addition of some great new characters, and some interesting story-lines outside of the primary one.

Now, what I’d like to see this season, is more development of the bridge crew, and I hate to say this, but slightly less of Michael Burnham. She’s a great character and all, but its time for her to step aside a little bit, and let some of the other characters share the spotlight. We can deal with a couple more episodes that aren’t about her for a minute, while we get to know characters like Jett, Detmer and Owosekun, and Grey. As the season progresses I will probably write some longer reviews and opinions.

So hey, I took the plunge and signed up for two new streaming services, even though I said I wasn’t going to sign up for any more, because I got tired of wondering if I could watch the bootleg versions of certain shows. My criteria was: If a streaming channel has more than ten movies, and more than five series I want to watch, then I’ll probably sign up for it. I subscribed to Paramount, which hosts all the new Treks and most of the old ones, and the Disney Channel because of the new shows they’ve got coming up, and I would like to watch Shang Chi when its released for streaming.

The number of streaming channels I subscribe to is still less than ten, and still under sixty dollars for those, and I actually watch them, which is more than I can say for even half the channels when I had cable. My staple channels were Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and earlier this year I added HBOMax becasue of the same day release thing they had going. (Yeah, I’m not going to the movies any time soon, and I want to see Dune.)

Next week, I’ll have some mini-reviews of things I watched, in the past three weeks. Next month is Halloween, so look forward to reviews of Halloween Kills, Venom 2, and the new Dune.

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Day (9/8/21)

  1. GrumpySphinx

    Really looking forward to your movie reviews next week! I’m curious to see how this new Dune compares to the original.

    I just discovered your blog recently and have really been enjoying reading through all your posts and commentary, it’s been both refreshing and entertaining. I was wondering if it would be alright if I translated a few excerpts from posts to Spanish for my portfolio; I would credit you and provide a link to this site (unless you prefer otherwise).

    Best wishes!


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