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It may make some of you feel better to know that you arent the only ones reeling from the loss of Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow:



Sleepy Hollow fans are furious about this major character death








Like, Abbie Mills wasn’t even the hero I needed – I’m a cis white guy, the importance of Abbie Mills, of a black woman in the lead of a TV show, wasn’t the representation that I personally needed – but I am still so pissed off about this. Because I fully get the importance that comes from seeing a person like you appear on your screen, not as the sidekick, not as a supporting character, but as the lead.

Because I watch the pilot, even most of the first season of Sleepy Hollow, and it’s clear that Abbie’s the one who is the central focus. She is meant to be the hero. She’s got all the makings of being the one who has the hero’s journey. Her mentor is killed, she is swept up in a bigger and greater destiny, she is chosen for something. And yet all that ended up happening with her was that Abbie was continually sidelined for the sake of her sidekick. They cast the absolutely gorgeous Nicole Beharie, but bizarrely try to make us the audience see her as not being deserving of romance, of having men falling over themselves trying to ask her out.

And I’m not even getting to the list of Nicole’s pedigree as an actress, which includes the only unanimous decision of Julliard’s drama board on giving her a scholarship. This woman deserved a series that would give her everything, and for a hot second, it seemed like that would be Sleepy Hollow.

And then they utterly waste the talents of this phenomenal actress. And I keep coming back to the fact that if Nicole Beharie’s skin had been white as snow, they would have banked on every last drop of her talent, that this show would have delivered on the promise of being Abbie’s hero’s journey.

And it pisses me off.

I wish Nicole Beharie the best, that she gets the recognition and accolades that are absolutely due to her. I wish for the producers and writers who decided to waste her talent, throw away Abbie’s heroic journey, in order to shove heaving bosoms in corsets at a white man, to never work in this business again.

Sadly, I’m sure the second wish won’t come true, but I desperately want to hope that the first will.

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I’m glad OP said that it was Abbie’s journey that was highjacked for an audience that never watched in the first place.

To the Sleepy Hollow writers & producers:

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