The Strain Season 2 – First Born

Okay, this is my last review for a couple of episodes because I’m going to be reviewing other stuff. It doesn’t  matter too much as the show, even though its season has been shortened by a couple of episodes, still insists on meandering its way towards the plot. I think I can skip at least a couple of episodes, as nothing important is likely to happen. I don’t dislike this season  exactly, but everything that was most annoying about the last season, is pretty much still happening, only with slightly quicker editing.

I was really hoping, with it’s emphasis on Quinlan and Gus that I wouldn’t need to look at either Zach or Kelly during this episode, but the show decided to torture me anyway by opening with a completely unnecessary scene of Zach and Kelly hanging out.

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In the last episode, I noped out before the scene where The Master infected Zach with a single worm.The writers seemed to consider that some sort of cliffhanger (not realizing we don’t give a shit what happens to Zach) and left that scene until now, where we find that Zach is fine. Well, at least we got the two of them out of the way. We don’t see them for the rest of the episode.

Setrakian finds the Occido Lumen has been stolen. Fet’s conclusion, jumped into with both feet and a yahooo, is that Quinlan did it. Well he’s not wrong. Quinlan and Eph did it, so that Eph could trade Zach for the Lumen. And this is yet another reason why the writers need several good punches to their necks. Eph clearly  and succinctly outlines to Quinlan, why giving the Lumen to the Master, is a bad idea.  He could be dooming the entire human race if he does so, but decides to go along with his plan anyway because he’s a parent, he loves his boy, blah, blah, blah. Honestly, if Eph isn’t the most irritating white male protagonist I’ve ever seen in a show, I don’t know who is. I’m guessing he’s meant to be unlikable.

Quin gets some backstory outlining how he was found by an old witch woman and given civilized behavior, in an effort to fulfill the prophecy that he would one day kill the Master. The Master, discovering his existence, traps Quin and the old woman in a cave. She feeds herself to Quin before he can starve, and become too weak to fight the Master, when he returns.

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Its nice to see Eph and Quinlan bonding like this (NOT!). Quin has no patience for Eph’s general foolery. Yeah, Quin doesn’t like Eph very much either. I quite understand.

Plot is  still dawdling along despite having only 7 episodes left.

We go to Gus’ circumstances as he and Angel try to hide his mother from the local security patrols who are going from building to building looking for vampires, I guess. I’d have more to say about this but I was distracted by all the garbage strewn throughout the halls of Gus’ apartment building. I kept wondering if it looked like that before the apocalypse, and if not, when did the apartment dwellers find time to leave all this loose trash all over the building. Its just a tiny thing, but it strikes me as some white middle-class set designer’s idea of extreme poverty. Lots of trash everywhere.

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Gus is successful at letting his mother get away, but he and Angel get conscripted by the local police to do patrols. Actually, that isn’t a bad idea. The guy who conscripts them says it doesn’t make any sense to have able-bodied men just sitting in jail, when they could be out fighting the plague. Its heartless, but sensible.

Eph makes a deal to exchange the Lumen for Zach at a neutral meeting place. Eph is so dumb that he takes the real book with him trusting that the Master is going to live up to his end of the bargain. Setrakian and Fet track the book to the meeting place.

Glowing red eyeballs on the vampires still make me laugh, tho’!

All these forces converge at the meeting, and the show keeps teasing us with  wonderful ideas, like an infected SEAL Team, that we will never get a show about. Naturally, the Master betrays Eph. That was to be expected. (Just not by Eph.) All the vampires get poisoned when Setrakian, bad-ass that he is, sets off several silver grenades. He even manages to poison the Master enough to slow him down long enough for Quin to chop off his head. So the master appears to be dead, but since its only the third episode and I did read the books, I’m pretty sure he’s not, as most of his worms got away. And we’ve seen him switch bodies before, so…

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So really, it was just an okay episode. Not bad, but nothing really great.I liked all the Quinlan stuff because that’s always cool. Ephraim Goodweather is an annoying idiot that needs a good face-punching. Setrakian continues to be OG, while Fet, Gus, and Angel are his smaller, less intelligent, backup gangstas. Zach needs to be burned in effigy, thereby exorcising him from the show. And no Palmer, Eichorst or Dutch, so that’s in the plus column. I hope this episode isn’t as good as the show gets though.


The Strain Season 3 – Bad White

This second episode shows a tightening of the script just a bit. Since the show has fewer episodes this season, if the writers want to wrap as much of it up as possible before the season ends, they have to jettison a lot of extraneous plotlines. This episode didn’t involve a whole lot of movement, so much as a whole lot of maneuvering, which is to be expected in a second episode, as various characters lay out goals or aims, and move into positions to achieve them. It’s a little slow in that we are still dealing with the fallout of last season, but we have got movement on the nature of certain people’s goals, and the layout for this season.

Ephraim Goodweather : Has got homework in the form of trying to steal the Occido Lumen from Setrakian, so he can exchange it for his son. For the first time he and Quinlan meet and it’s kind of awesome. Quinlan sees right through Eph’s bullshit almost right away. He is not fooled for a moment, although Eph is able to distract him, by throwing his suspicions back at him. This is one of the most well written scenes I’ve seen on the show. It was actually fun to watch. 

I still don’t like Ephraim, but he’s a much more interesting character, now that I understand these purposefully built flaws. Eph is an alcoholic. With that comes a host of recriminations and bad decision making skills. Eph is frustrating to me exactly because of his weaknesses, and I don’t think the viewer is meant to like, or identify, with him. He genuinely loves his child, although I’m still not sure what he feels for Kelly as that’s never made clear. Kelly is a cipher, anyway.

As it stands, Eph is really, truly alone in the show. He doesn’t have anyone in particular to attach himself to, now that Zack is gone, and Nora is dead. Note: there’s a brief conversation had by Setrakian and Eph about Nora, so at least they remember she existed, which is more than I can say for some shows, where the characters simply move on without remembering one of their comrades has died.

I’m looking forward to more interactions between Quinlan and Eph, as that relationship looks explosive. (I do like what I see developing between Fet and Quinlan, which looks like they have more in common with each other, as they’re both warriors, to-the -manner, born.) Eph and Quinlan are either gonna fall in love, or try to kill each other, they are such different men. Quinlan is a very controlled, self contained, thousands of years old vampire, with clear goals, and little patience with human messiness. Eph, is a weak willed alcoholic, with no clear goals for his life, but has deep emotional ties, and is smart as a mf. This can only end in tears and betrayal, or bro-hugs, as far as I’m concerned.

Dutch: What is it with women being named Dutch in TV shows? Why is this a popular name suddenly? Anyway we get some Dutch action as she throws in with a group of old, but thoroughly useless, hacker friends, who are trying to ride ou the current wave of what they believe to be merely urban discontent, by stealing stuff from rich people. Their way of handling this is by breaking into rich people’s homes, and buildings they believe are abandoned. Now they know about “the plague”, as its called, but I’m not entirely certain they understand its nature, or if they do, they don’t care. In fact, the leader seems to think it was caused by overpopulation, and that its some kind of reset button for the human species. He’s not exactly wrong, but he ain’t right either. 

You can tell by the artfully torn pants and watch cap, that this guy is a rebel.

Dutch does try to warn them about how dangerous it is, but they just poo- poo her concerns as Dutch being hysterical. Consequently, they all die, when they break into a high-rise, and get waylaid by the vampires, which I saw coming as soon as they laid out their plans. Dutch, who thanx to Fet, has definitely  been “born again hard”, is one of the only ones to survive, decides this is not the group for her, and coldly leaves them to their own devices, after beheading their worm infected leader, which is some of the coolest shit I’ve seen her do, since the beginning of the series. You can tell the plot has been tightened up because all the things that just  happened would’ve taken seven episodes of the last season, watching Dutch dither around, until she felt like leaving. This all happens in about fifteen minutes and we get some nice vampire action too.

Zack and Kelly: Unfortunately, we also get some Zach and Kelly scenes, but the upside here is that these scenes  would’ve taken to the middle of last season before. Now that Zack has his mom, he’s been whining about  seeing his dad, and being just as snarky, and disrespectful to her, as he was to Eph, so at least his lack of character remains consistent. I’m never gonna like this actor, who is conistently awful. He finally gets to see what type of creature his mom actually is when he catches her feeding on another child, and tries to make a break for it. I don’t know what the outcome was for this scene, (other than he didn’t escape, ), because I noped the fuck out of watching any more of it. I was ready to move on. I really don’t care about Zack even half as much as Ephraim does.

Vasiliy Fet: Gets his ashes hauled. This show should avoid any and all love scenes, as they are, every one of them, entirely cliche. I don’t know who his new woman is, or even if she’s staying, but she didn’t make a great impression on me, becasue I’m not particularly interested in watching people hooking up during the apocalypse, although I guess that’s what’s happening. The city is going to Hell, and people are short on food and medicine, but the bars are still open apparently. See, it’s scenes like that that confuse people into thinking maybe the apocalypse isn’t so bad. For every scene of people enduring hardship and danger, we then get a scene of people who seem to be just living it up, as if nothing were happening. My expectation would be that the streets would be thoroughly empty at night, and full of people running around during the day, because no vampires can go out then. The show seems to have this a little backwards,with everyone running around at night (or like Set and Fet, just casually walking around), and off the streets in the daytime. 

The budget is so low for this show that they keep reusing the same helicopter shot, and an overview of the city with a few fires in the distance. I wished this network cared enough about this show to give it a budget, instead of trying to do such an epic idea on the cheap.

Eldridge Palmer: Has discovered that Setrakian has been using vampire goo to extend his life and is desperate to get his hands on it, so we’ve gone back to this character’s original motivations from season one. This goo, called The White, is distilled from vampire worms, and Palmer has funded a laboratory, to figure it out, but experiences a setback when the lab leader quits.  Palmer goes to Set, to plead for The White, in exchange for taking himself off the playing field. Set turns him down, explaining to Fet later, that The White is only given to very special and specific people, in exchange for their service against the vampires, and it only extends life, not immortalizes, as Palmer seems to think. Eichorst,the smug little maggot that he is, gets to smirk at Palmer a lot, but otherwise doesn’t get much done in this episode. He does mention the blood factories he intends to set up later, and that they need to increase the number of people to sign up to have their blood typed. Why?

I feel like this  plotline is a mistake and can be taken out of play. It serves no purpose other than to make Eichorst appear more diabolical, otherwise he doesn’t have much to do. It doesn’t serve the vampires much as they seem to have very little trouble procuring meals, (what with humans just wandering around like there’s no danger), and I don’t see how this helps The Master, because he doesn’t either. In fact there’s not much purpose in The Feelers, although they’re interesting to watch. 

Overall, not a bad episode, but not good either, just like the first one. Stay tuned next week when I may or may not review the next one, because there’s going to be interesting new shows airing.

The Strain Season 3: NY Strong

So, I watched the first episode of season three and I can’t say I was impressed. I didnt hate it, but it wasn’t exactly memorable either. The show picks up very close to where it left off in the season two finale, when Eph’s vampirized wife, Kelly, finally kidnapped her son, Zach, and killed Nora. Setrakian finally managed to gain The Occido Lumen, and we had no idea where Gus went.

Eph is, predictably, getting drunk and waiting at his home for Kelly and Zach to drop by. We know this because he has a nightmare that Zach has been turned into a vampire and he has to shoot him. Its a very harrowing dream and this is one of the few times I actually felt for Eph. I want to snark about how it’ll be the last time I have feelings for Eph, beyond wanting to punch him in the throat, but I’m gonna let it go because he’s discovered snark and  actually made me laugh during the following scene.

Setrakian has a voice-over about the sitrep in NY. Its been 23 days, the plague has spread to other cities, and we get some shots of people running about, some fires, and military vehicles, and personnel. Its good that the military has gotten involved but they have their own agenda which doesn’t seem to involve wiping out the vampires, but only containing them.

The Navy Seals are working with Fet, who is their guide around the underground places of NY. I think that’s an excellent use for him, and he is still one of my favorite characters, but he doesn’t work-work with them. He’s  in contact with the Seals by radio, so you know they’re expendable. Like a lot of military personnel in movies they are overconfident. They do make a point of stating that they should be careful not to get any fluids on them, as the fluids from the vampires contain the worm infection, but none of them are wearing contamination gear, even though there’s fluid flying all over the place, when they shoot the vampires.

So, its especially eye-rolling watching Eph get into a fistfight with one of the vampires later in the episode. If you’re trying not to get infected with the worms, fist-fighting the vampires is not the way to stay uninfected. (Yet, Eph does remain so.) Eph fighting in an abandoned parking garage, while trying to steal gas, is one of the better action scenes in this episode, though. He spends a lot of time running around alone as if he were daring the vampires to attack him. Anyway between running about gathering up supplies, and drinking, he works on his bio-weapon against the vampires, a bio-weapon which is beginning to be less effective as the vampires evolve into something else.


I would prefer that he worked out some kind of inoculation against the infection, instead. That seems like it would be easier to accomplish than killing the vampires one by one, or making them sick. Perhaps a combination of both, so that when they bite people, the people don’t become infected, and make the vampire sick too, but I’m not writing this show, so that idea is gonna die in its infancy.

The show is still taking a pretty casual attitude towards the apocalypse, even though the season has been shortened to just ten episodes. On the other hand, this particular episode was fairly tight, there wasn’t a lot of filler, and we didn’t have to spend any time on Dutch’s boring-ass social problems. We’re introduced to the characters again, find out where they are and get some idea of the problems that will beset them at some point during the season. The trailers for the rest of the season look great, but I have it on good authority that the next two episodes are just as casual in their approach as usual.

We got to see Kelly and Zach interacting. Yes, Zach is still awful, so there’s some consistency there. Now that’s he’s with his Mom, he’s begun whining about his Dad, but at least there’s less of him. Eventually, Eph does get a visit from Kelly, who tries to bargain with him for The Occido Lumen in exchange for their son. There’s a brief appearance by Eichorst baiting a Navy Seals team into following him into an abandoned church, which I could see was a trap as soon as Fet mentioned that it was an abandoned church.

Setrakian and Quinlan teamed up at the end of season two and we get some scenes of Setrakian reading The Lumen and talking about how we aren’t going to get any action scenes out of him this season because he’s got reading to do, while Quinlan looks on impatiently. Quinlan goes to visit the vampire authorities in order to have something to do in this episode. I still think its hilarious how everyone else is deathly afraid of the authorities, but Quin acts like he’s having a friendly conversation with his uncles, or something. He’s totally not scared of them.

The councilwoman, Ferraldo is as spunky as ever. She seems to care deeply about her city and is trying really hard to convince people outside of it, that it needs to be saved. If only politicians acted like her in the real world.  I could’ve done without some of the jingoistic dialogue and cheer-leading by the citizens of NY yelling “NY Strong!” at each other. That was deeply cheesy and they sounded like NY cavemen.


A lot of information is imparted during the episode, while almost none of it is shown. Its mostly characters talking about how bad things are. This plague is supposed to be a countrywide thing but the show only seems to have enough budget to show snippets of the carnage, and I wish we could get a better overview of what was going on in other cities. We see some fires in the distance and there are lots of sirens. So basically, a louder, smokier version of present day NY city.

One way the show conveyed how dire things have become is when Eph goes to trade medicine for food on the streets. The quarantine of NY mostly just caused a supply shortage, so the citizens have set up a brisk trade market of supplies.


Gus is back home and trying desperately to save his  mother from her vampiric condition. Even going so far as to give her his own blood. He can’t save her and he knows it, but he tries anyway. He’s as devastated by his loss as Eph and I wished the writers had shown more of that last season. As it stands, Eph barely mentions the death of Nora.

Well, with a shorter season, the plot will have to move forward, and we won’t have much time to watch Gus trying to feed his mom for five episodes, or Setrakian reading until episode nine.

So, while not a bad episode, the show really has not changed too much from the rather casual management of the apocalypse of last season either. The action scenes are always well done, when we can get them, but once again, the acting and dialogue need some help. At least there’s a lot less Zach, and that is a blessing.

The Strain: Night Train

I sort of stopped watching this show for a while. I wanted to give my outraged sensibilities a chance to calm down, having been presented with a subpar show that I really wanted to like. I mean it’s a f***ing VAMPOCALYPSE! And this show has done everything in its power not to give us an ounce of excitement. It’s a show that desperately tries to be The Walking Dead with vampires but is too cheap to show us vampires, action, or even be consistently written.

It presents some great ideas and then doesn’t follow through on most of them. The main characters are either deeply uninteresting or deeply stupid, sometimes  (incredibly) both. Even the villains are kinda dumb. I’m not religious but watching Carl, er Chad, or whatever the Hell his name is, trying to emote will make a person pray for death. Of that child!

Okay, well tonight’s the last episode of the season, and we’ll see if anything has been accomplished. All season long, Setrakian has been chasing the McGuff..I mean, the Occido Lumen. Gus has been sort of just wandering around. Fet’s been blowing up stuff. Eph has been trying to solve the problem between hangovers. Nora has only  looked worried. Dutch has has been…I don’t know what the Hell she’s been doing. She’s a totally unnecessary character. The only character that committed to some kind of action all season was The Master,who switched bodies. If we’re very lucky, something might happen in the finale.


Okay, things happened in the finale, that have been trying to happen all season.

Setrakian got his book, in the least exciting sales auction I have ever witnessed, with only Eichorst and Setrakian present, and the auction conducted through a banking version of the game 21, where whoever has the most money wins. Setrakian who was backed up by the Ancients didn’t and Eichorst won, only to have his money get pulled because Palmer got pissy because he wasn’t invited, even though its his money.

So, 12 episodes to retrieve a book, that could have been done in three, on a better show

KellyvampMom finally gets a hold of her spawn and takes him out of the picture. Yippee! I’ve been encouraging this all season because Zack is quite possibly the dumbest child that has ever been written for TV. But before that ,we spent some of the most gawdawful moments watching Nora and Eph blubber about how much they care for each other, after having not paid any attention to each other all season. Plus they have all the heat of a pair of titmice. So, no.

Then we spent I don’t know how long waiting for Nora and Eph’s train to leave the station so Zack could be taken to Georgia, only to have the train derail because vampires are on the tracks. So naturally, the thing to do is for everyone to get off the train and be attacked by Feelers and run through the dark tunnels. Well, Nora and Zack run off and Nora does a pretty good job of protecting Zack’s life, but  Zack is one of the most hard headed and obtuse children on TV, and once again, as in a previous episode where his Mom showed up, he just stands there looking at her.

Nora gets bitten and by  the time Eph gets to her, she’s already infected and she kills herself, rather than become a vampire.She managed to go out in style, which is I suppose, the best we can hope for, for the Latina to die, while protecting some guy’s snotty larva. It’s okay everybody!. Not to fret! Gus has joined Setrakian’s team, so our PoC Highlander rule is still in play.

Having lost the book to Setrakian, Eichorst tries to ambush him on the way home, and Gus and his fugitives from prison show up just in time to have a stand off with the vampires that are attacking Fet and Set. Quinn and Eichorst face off and its very exciting, but the writers don’t want us getting too worked up, so their fight only lasts a few seconds. The show doesn’t want us to break out the smelling salts, with too much excitement. But at least we got a one second shot of a Mexican wrestler twisting a vampires neck, before having to go take a nap.

Eichorst, pissed that Palmer was acting like a beeyotch,  costing him the Lumen, confronts Palmer, who makes demands of both him and The Master, who actually deigned to show up and give him some attention. Coco, who has suddenly been rewritten to behave like the femme fatale of the local mob boss, backs Palmer’s play, and in the highlight of the entire evening,The Master himself who bites her as punishment for Palmer being so cocky. This results in some delicious Palmer tears.

I’m not even surprised. I saw Coco’s fridging weeks ago.

I stood and I applauded!

Then I had to go take my blood pressure medication after getting all het up like that.

Set and Fet escape their ambush by, what else, blowing shit up and escaping through the sewers, but they are accosted by Gus, whose been hired to procure the Lumen for the Ancients. Instead, Gus and Quin team up with Set’s crew to take out the Master first.Its about the only thing that’s made sense and it took all season long to do this, with most of that time watching people sort of wander around getting into romances and shit.

Seriously writers! It should not take 13 episodes to get two or three things done. Are the writers just drinking their way through the script? And where the Hell did Coco’s new personality come from? And why was it so annoying? So that we could cheer for her death?

All I can say now is thank Jeebus the season is over, and thank her once again, that the show doesn’t last for 26 episodes.

The Strain: By Any Means

HOLY CRAP! Was this episode bad!

Now normally, I don’t get negative on this site. We are all about the “squee” here at Chez Geek, hence the name. The closest I get is snarky, but from time to time, giving a bad review is unavoidable, and this week’s episode was awful . I can think of only one moment I truly enjoyed. I think I was cheering at my screen and I’ll get to that point in a moment. But it’s episodes like this one, that make me contemplate, never watching this show again. If there’s another episode like this one, I’m going to give serious thought to  pretending it didn’t happen.

So, lets get the least interesting portion of our evening out of the way-Kelly Goodweather’s campaign to turn her son into a vampire, by using some blind child vampires called Feelers. They’re blind, so they could  just as easily been called Smellers or Listeners or something, because that’s how it looks like they’re navigating the world. They scuttle around on their hands and knees and they only touch the floor and don’t have whiskers, so I don’t know where the name Feelers comes from. Anyway, Kelly kills one of them and I’m not sure if its because she thought she had one too many, to teach them who is top dog in this pack, or because she thought it was defective. I found their glowing red eyeballs distracting and kept laughing every time they flashed their “disco eyes”.Apart from that, this particular subplot is uninteresting, but I soldiered through it because, according to the books, it will be important later.


Then we get Eichorst, anticipating being the  Master’s new vessel, when the old body dies. The Rock musician, from first season, who was among the first of the transformed, puts in an appearance, and it was kind of nice seeing him again. I had wondered what happened to him. He does not appear to be one of the mindless foot soldiers, that’s enslaved to The Master. He seems to have his own thoughts and those thoughts appear to be about taking Eichorst’s place at the Master’s side. I hope he gets to be the new Master. For one thing, he looks way cooler than the current Master as he’s still wearing the black lipstick and manscara, from when he was human. I don’t think that’s what will happen, because of Ms. Ex-Goodweather’s  future actions, but I can hope.

Setrakian gets caught in a flashback sequence, involving a younger version of himself, wearing a truly awful fake beard ,that I could not stop staring at (and laughing), meeting Eldridge Palmer for the first time and chasing after Sardu’s cane. No, seriously, he chases the guy who owns the cane through the streets of Prague, Warsaw or wherever and through several hotels.

See, one factor  I use, when considering whether or not an episode is any good, is the amount of distracting thoughts I have, while stuff is happening on screen. During the chase, the guy that  Setrakian is chasing, knocks over a bellboy who is pushing a huge luggage cart and he falls down and loses the cane, which Setrakian runs over and picks up, while the guy escapes, and all I could think was why doesn’t he help that poor bellboy pick up that massive luggage cart that he helped knock over. I guess this was in lieu of a fruit stand, though, and those fruit stand guys never get help picking up their stuff when it gets knocked over in chase sequences, either.

At one point they run through a grand dining room and I remember yelling encouraging stuff to them like “Okay! Now knock over one of the dining room tables!” And they didn’t do that and I felt deeply disappointed.

I consider that sort of behavior to be positive engagement, but it can also be seen as a sign, that the plot is less than compelling.

A minor or major McGuffin, is the special book that Setrakian is looking for, called The Occido Lumen, that may contain information about how to kill The Master. There are some more flashbacks involving Palmer hiring Setrakian to find the book for him. Later on, in the show, he meets Palmer, who is acting his usual cocky asshole self and  Setrakian teases him with the idea that he’s close to finding the book and Palmer looks like he just smelled a fart.

We also get also get some Dutch/ Fet action. Fet has decided to clear the neighborhood of vampires and vamp-proof the buildings, so the two of them break into the local rec center, and take out the vampires there, using silver dust.  Being covered in silver dust,  obviously demands, that they immediately get naked and go swimming. I lost interest after I got a good, long look at Fet’s naked ass, and wandered away from the TV, so I have no idea if they got it on or not and mostly don’t care. I’m not going to rewatch to find out.


I really like Fet, and his ass muscles were truly impressive, but I really don’t want to watch him make out with  mannequin-girl. I keep trying to like Dutch. I want to like her because she’s snarky , and because she broke the internet (HA!) but that’s all she’s got in the personality department. There’s just no there there. At some point, the writers are going to have to kill her, or give her something to do besides being Fet’s lovely assistant. I strongly suspect, though, that Dutch is going to get fridged.

Eph and Nora torture that old couple that they found at the storage lockers and Nora angsts over doing it. At least they did the right thing and informed the couple that they were dying, that they would become vampires and they were going to do experiments on their bodies. Nora was back to her usual whinging behavior and Setrakian had to set her straight about what a good woman she was.


You can tell that Setrakian has no patience with all these young people and their emotional dithering. He is a flatly pragmatic person. Part of it is just being old. I know this because, as I’ve gotten older, I have less and less patience with the emotional wankery of the young , too. Another part of it, is that he’s been through so much pain and grief, that he simply doesn’t understand what Nora is whining about. As he says, he’ss seen people be evil just for fun, so her fibrillations over whether or not she’s evil, don’t register to him as an actual problem.

Really Nora, you’ve got more pressing concerns, like trying to stop a vampire plague from taking over the world.


At the top of the episode, I cheered during a meeting of  the mayor and various district heads, who are discussing the ongoing crisis. Once again, no one wants to mention exactly what that crisis is, except for one woman, whose district is being overrun by vampires. She is quick to name what’s happening and  asks some serious questions like, “Where are the National Guardsmen everyone keeps saying are out in force, but only really seem to be protecting City Hall? And why are the infected being warehoused, instead of being put-down?” She’s blunt and feisty and can tell that the other officials are trying to bamboozle her. She says if they don’t handle it, the people in her district will. I liked her. I cheered when she walked out, in the middle of the meeting, but I now suspect, she will end up on somebody’s death list.

The most annoying moment in this episode, is when Eph’s son wanders in from wherever he’s been just  sitting, sleeping or whatever and, once again, harangues his father about what he’s doing wrong. I guess that’s his purpose now that Nora has given up that game, because really, what does the boy do all day?They’e at Setrakian’s place, so I know hes not playing video games, or talking to his friends on the phone. He wanders in, shits on his Dad, then wanders  back out again, after Eph cops an attitude. WTF? I really wanted for Eph to go off on the boy and drop kick his ass into another plot, that only  involves him being present on paper.

Here’s me, offering major encouragement to Kelly VampMom, to please hurry up and  come eat her child!


The second most annoying moment is when Palmer, still flirting with his real estate agent, whom he has hired to write speeches for him, has decided to create a series of depots, for people having trouble procuring food and other essentials, during the “crisis”. He gives a speech about how NY will come back from “this” and they take care of their own, pablum, which he didn’t write. His actual plan involves taking down the participants personal information in a kind of reverse Vampire Holocaust. I’m pretty sure all these people will be personally visited by the vampires later, in this much more efficient system, which I guess beats running around, breaking into random buildings and eating the inhabitants, which is what they’ve been doing.

I guess Palmer doesn’t feel the Vampocalypse is happening fast enough and needs more assistance.
Palmer is such a smug bastard that he has totally forgotten that he’s actually expendable. He really believes he’s indispensable to The Master and I’ll be glad, when he realizes, just how shafted he’s about to be.  Setrakian  confronts him after the speech and when Palmer sends his goons after Setrakian to kill him, Fet proves, once again, what a complete and utter badass he is, by blowing up the place,  as a distraction for Setrakian’s escape.

Fet really cares about the old man, even though Setrakian tries really hard not to be close to anybody, and its really cute how he worries if Setrakian is eating properly.I have it on good authority that off screen, the two actors are very close friends and you can kind of see that onscreen, even though Setrakian is supposed to be a grump.


So basically, there was no Master. No Special Ops vampires or Gus. All of the elements that make this show worth watching, were missing and I had to spend the evening with the show’s  least likable cast members. Most especially Zack, who is almost as horrible an actor, as the little boy who played Baby Vader. We didn’t even get any good vampire action, of random people, being attacked, in their homes and streets. This is one of those insidious apolcaypses, where you see a lot of smoke, and hear sirens everywhere, but there are no people on the streets.. The people from the suburbs are still showing up for class and work, but all the local people are hunkered down in their homes, without any food.

This is one of those episodes that’s basically a bridge to another, better episode. Every series has several per season and I can comfortably erase this one from the DVR. I’m not going t be hankering for a rewatch on this one, unless its to laugh some more at Setrakian’s false beard or hate-watch Zack.