Classical Soul Day

Hi! Why not mellow out to some of the nostalgic musical tones of yesteryear. This is the relaxing stuff I grew up listening to, because in our house, you listened to the music of whoever controlled the radio, and that was Mom, (until we were maybe about twelve.) No cares, right now. No worries. Just some music to chill out to….

The Chiffons

The Supremes

Al Green

Bobby Womack

The Ronettes

Marvin Gaye

Smokey Robinson

Stevie Wonder

James Brown

Bill Withers

Aretha Franklin

Musical Interlude For Wednesday


Have some music. Just some stuff I’ve been listening to while I tool around town. I plan to introduce my Mom to Stapleton and Jacob Banks. They’re just the type of artists she enjoys.

I’m not sure where I first heard this song, but chances are, it was in a movie or TV show.

Petit Biscuit is for when you just wanna get chill. I like all their music but I keep returning to this one.

This song is from the Black Panther Soundtrack, which is now available on iTunes. I’m not a Kendrick Lamarr fan, and  don’t know much about him, but he seems okay. His praise seems well deserved, although I wish the creators had chosen someone like Jidenna instead.

I like new versions of Old School R&B, and Calvin Richardson really seems to capture that style.

This reminds me of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. It’s basically the same song with different words, except Rihanna’s version seems less triumphant. Beyonce’s is a declaration of independence, while this one just seems like exasperated anger.

I’d never heard of this guy before a couple weeks ago. Probably because I’m not a country fan, and this is country music.

I have no idea what these women are singing about. I just like the beat.

This is another song from the Black Panther soundtrack, and was used in one of the trailers. For some reason I expected less cussing, but I don’t mind it.

I first liked this song because it reminded me of Michael Jackson. It seems the type of thing he would sing, I think. There’s a mellower remix of this that’s also on rotation on my MP3 player.

I like Calvin Richardson, so you know I’d like Banks. He’s sounds like a grittier version of Richardson. There are a whole series of these videos on Youtube, showcasing new  and indie artists.