Classical Soul Day

Hi! Why not mellow out to some of the nostalgic musical tones of yesteryear. This is the relaxing stuff I grew up listening to, because in our house, you listened to the music of whoever controlled the radio, and that was Mom, (until we were maybe about twelve.) No cares, right now. No worries. Just some music to chill out to….

The Chiffons

The Supremes

Al Green

Bobby Womack

The Ronettes

Marvin Gaye

Smokey Robinson

Stevie Wonder

James Brown

Bill Withers

Aretha Franklin

 Summer of 2017 Playlist

These are the songs that are blowing up on my MP3 player, usually while driving anywhere.  I’m there for anything with a good beat, but sometimes you need some calm go-to-sleep type stuff, too. I think you’ll begin to notice a theme in my choices. Truthfully, I get a lot of my musical obsessions from TV, movies, and Youtube, as I dont listen to the radio. Almost none of these songs are on the radio.


Legend Has It – Run the Jewels 

This is the theme from the Black Panther trailer. I immediately fell in love with it. So did a lot of other people, I guess, because Run The Jewels is, as Marilyn Manson would sing,  “the new shit”.


Papillion/ The Other Woman/Get Up – Mounika

The French Mounika, (and I don’t know if this is a group or just a person), crafts some of the most relaxing, and hippest, music for reading, knitting, or studying. I say craft because it mostly consists of some remixed sample beats.  Mounika is for when I’m reading or knitting.


Hurt – Johnny Cash

Very few of Johnny Cash songs don’t make me cry. I just love how it starts off soft but then becomes a song  of strength and defiance while keeping the same mood. This is the theme song from Logan, which is quite possibly one of the saddest superhero movies, ever. You’re gonna need to pull out some tissues for this song, too.


Sledgehammer – Rihanna

I’ve developed a new appreciation for Rihanna. I love the passion in this song. Its like a 21st century version of “I Will Survive”. This is the theme from the last Star Trek movie, which I really enjoyed. I like how she tried to capture the mood of the movie in both the song and the accompanying video. It turns out that Rihanna is a SciFi geek, too. That’s my girl!


Only Human – Rag & Bone Man

I’d never heard of this singer before this song was used in the opening credits of Into the Badland’s second season. It reminds me of the main character, Sunny. If you haven’t watched this show, I’ve done full reviews of both seasons, and its available on Netflix.


Morning Noon and Night – Ryan Shaw

I love old school R&B, and Ryan Shaw totally captures the feel of  70s Soul music, with just enough touch of a modern edge. This is also one of my Mom’s favorite singers right now, along with, oddly enough, Childish Gambino’s Redbone.


Redbone – Childish Gambino

I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to this singer, until his show, Atlanta, blew up, and then I had to go back and take a listen. You might know Childish better as Donald Glover, who also plays Aaron Davis in Spiderman Homecoming. This song was featured in the end titles of the movie Get Out. My Mom loves it because it sounds like Prince, and she misses him.


Way Down We Go – Kaleo

I just love this song. I know nothing about the singer, but ihe successfully captures the mood of the movie, Logan.


Better Love – Hozier

This song is from that deeply stupid Tarzan movie but I don’t care. Sometimes you just love cheesy love songs, and Hozier writes some of the best.


Thunder – Imagine Dragons

Aaaaahhhhhh! Yes, I am an Imagine dragons fan. I can’t explain it. Their music just works for me. I have crafted some great images in my head to this song, which really needs to be used in a movie.


Gangsta – Kehlani

This song is from Suicide Squad. I don’t normally listen to this type of music, but the scene where it was used in the movie, just sticks with me, and I liked the melody. The dub remix sounds even better.


Ghost in the Shell (Steve Aoki Remix)

I didn’t see the live action movie, and aint lookin’ to do that anytime soon, but I loved the original movie and have an entire playlist of remixes of the title theme. This one just joined the list.


Because I’m Me – The Avalanches

I cam across this video while looking through some other Avalanches videos and its sooo cute! I just love the lovelorn little boy in the video, Wallace, who is trying so hard to give his heart to this thoroughly unimpressed woman, who is just trying to get through her day.

But I also love it for sampling that 7o’s song by The Honey Cone, called Want Ads


Are You Down Remix – Marian Hill

The Potato loves to listen to this in the car. Marian Hill is another very soothing and relaxing singer. This is great for when you need soft sounds for concentrating on some other activity, like driving.