Yay!!! New Movie and TV Trailers

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

This is a movie I’m excited about. To be honest, I was really surprised at how much I liked the first movie, despite my misgivings, and the director’s mis-steps in casting. This sort of plot is more like it, considering the wild and crazy shit that Strange got up to in the comic books. I’m still not a fan of Wanda though. I will never, I think, be a fan of that character, and have always been indifferent to her in the comic books. I don’t dislike her, but I don’t like her either. I do, however, like the actress, just fine. My mind likes to make the distinction, I guess. I do not like Cumberbatch, for example, but I do like a lot of the characters he plays. Go figure!

I have the distinct memory of seeing an ad for the Doctor Strange comic book in one of the X-men titles I was reading and making a special effort to find his books. I was not disappointed. Doctor Strange is one of the few comic books I was really excited to read and equally excited there was going to be a movie about him. Hopefully, I can see this in the theater with my nephew, who is really into the MCU, and has made plans for us both to go see this.

The King’s Man

I am mildly excited about this movie, largely based on my liking for the first film in this series. I hated the second film, though. I tried to watch that one three times, and fell asleep the first time, and lost interest after I tried watching it a second and third time. Three attempts are all a movie is going to get. I am “cautiously” excited about this one, mostly because it has some interesting actors in it, and I like fictional stories involving Rasputin. Why? I don’t know. I’m just weird!

I say cautiously excited because I was also just as excited about that last Three Musketeers movie (and I love The Three Musketeers), and I fell asleep on that one too. To be absolutely fair, it could just be that I am a sleepy person, and these movies aren’t actually boring, but I’ll never know now because I have no intention of trying to watch them again.

The Northman

For reasons known only to god, the devil, and Bob, I am fascinated by movies about Vikings. Now, along with a new television series about Vikings, here’s this movie that I will definitely be watching. On the plus side, watching these types of movies has led me to do the proper reading on this topic, so I can know, (more or less), what’s historically accurate, and what isn’t, and that’s been fun, too. It turns out that being a Viking wasn’t nearly as exciting as it looks in movies, since most of them were actually farmers, and that whole looting and Viking thing was a kind of chosen profession, sort of like joining the military, only more mercenary.

Now, this has a stellar cast, with Nicole Kidman, Willen Defoe, Bjork (who is my funny personal favorite), and Alexander Skarsgard, who is lookin’ kinda hot, and it’s from the same guy who made one of my favorite Horror movies, The Witch. What’s it about? I have no idea, but it does appear to contain elements of the supernatural, which is just fine with me.


I am not normally a CW watcher, because I don’t have cable or television anymore, and I pretty much just stream everything. That said, if I can find a way to stream this series, without adding the CW app to my lineup, I will do just that. This looks intriguing, and for some reason, heavily reminds me of a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It doesn’t hurt that it’s produced by Ava Duvernay, one of the few Black female directors I’m generally on board with because she’s interested in making Fantasy and SciFi projects, of which this is one.

So yeah, none of those projects have been successful, but I’m still rooting for her. She will eventually get a hit. Maybe this will be it. It doesn’t hurt that it’s based on a superhero comic book by Brian Michael Bendis, who I also happen to like. No, I have not read the comic book, so I will be walking into this one blind.


I like Detective stories, and I like the supernatural, so I will always show up for a mashup of the two. That said, this looks pretty good. The fight scenes look good, it heavily reminds me of The Man From Nowhere, and South Korea has been hitting these Action films out of the park for the last five years, so I’m looking forward to watching this.

Hopefully, it will show up on one of my streaming apps.

Everything Everywhere All At Once

I’m really excited to see this one because it stars one of my all-time favorite actresses, Michelle Yeoh. I like seeing her play non-Actiony dramatic roles as well as her Martial roles, and this looks like an interesting combination of both of those, along with some multiverse action. Also, Michelle looks really good in this movie.

I love movies that are mashups of well…everything, all at once and this looks wild, and mind-bending, and complicated…and it’s interesting to me that audiences have become sophisticated enough that movies like this are a regular occurrence. Mindbending movies like this existed long before this but they didn’t do particularly well at the box office and a lot of them were Indie films. Now, these wildly hallucinogenic movies are major blockbusters, and I blame Christopher Nolan!