Supernatural : Baby

This was a highly enjoyable episode of Supernatural and will probably turn out to be one of my all- time favorite episodes for the entire season, something I hesitate to say because it’s so early. We still have about twenty  episodes to go, and yet…

I was very looking forward to this episode, too. All of the action, except for the last minute or so, takes place entirely inside the Impala. Like Weekend at Bobby’s, it’s basically a day in the life of the Impala, while she listens to the brother’s conversations, gets washed, bloodied up, or violated by some joyriders. By the end of the episode, she’s as exhausted and beat up as the brothers, but she’s determined to keep chugging along, and come through for her beloved Dean, no matter what.

Even Castiel’s voice gets in on the fun.

We start off with Baby’s backstory and a shot of a bloody knife and Dean handcuffed in Baby’s backseat. Baby must be horribly worried about what’s happened to her Boo. Then we’re on to happier moments. Uncle Sam  and Sweetie Dean are giving her a wash. Dean is  complaining that he’s washed her twice already and is getting cabin fever, but I’m sure she doesn’t mind all the special attention.

Naturally it rains on her afterward.

I’m convinced that Baby just carries around her own weather, because she’s always lit well and she knows rain makes her look stunning.  I love these first moments in the car. Dean annoyed at not having beer, Sam telling Cas about Netflix and Dean never taking Swayze’s name in vain. That’s right! You do not dis the Swayze!

They stop at a roadhouse, argue about whether or not they have a case and, later that morning, after a night of debauchery, Dean says one of the funniest things during the episode: Mistakes Were Made! That is a mantra, right there. Sam begs off hanging with Dean in the bar, to make his own mistakes in the backseat, with a perky blonde. I can see Baby rolling her eyes. She’s seen this before.

Dean, never one to let a parting shot rest, “Night Moves” Sam, with one of my all-time favorite bands, Bob Seger, (because I live in Cleveland, and it’s the law.) Yep! just let it wash over you, Sam. Do not try to resist The Seger! I’m certain this is one of Baby’s favorite songs and she’s laughing at Sam, too. In what will go down in history, as one of the finest moments on television, Sam and Dean are singing in the car, and Baby’s feeling fine. They’re all on the road, they’ve  got a case, and  her boys are happy.

Later, the brothers discuss one night stands, having some kind of future beyond that  and whether or not everything is a Bob Seger song to Dean. Well, of course! Bob Seger was very practical about love.

Later, Sam dreams about a young version of John, or something pretending to be John, (creepy), who tells him that The Darkness is coming and gives the encouragement that only he and Dean can stop it. I still wonder who or what this being is. Is it God? The Devil? Some other opponent or a fraction of The Darkness itself? It doesn’t seem malevolent but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Sam has had visions before, that he used to save people, but those turned out to be from Lucifer.

When he mentions this to Dean, Dean says it was just a fever dream. Sam has to come clean about his infection, in episode one, when he prayed to God for help. Dean is disappoint, but confesses that he dreams about Dad teaching him how to drive. It’s a comforting dream for him. Sam confesses he dreams about Mom. They dream of the normal life they’ll never have.

Their case has some conflicting clues of both vampires and werewolves, and Dean coins the term were-pire, which Sam refuses to acknowledge. Dean gives him pissy-face. Deputy Donnelly, of whom we are instantly suspicious because he’s so friendly, gives them advice on where to stay and eat.

The  local eatery only has valet parking, which alarms Dean. I know how he feels. I hate for strangers to sit in my car, too. The valet, Jesse, is less than careful with Baby. I can tell Baby’s  nervous about this person driving her and is soon outraged at her violation, (or possibly secretly delighted. Let’s not assume!),  as the girl does donuts in an empty parking lot nearby.😄😄😄😄 Dean, however, notices nothing wrong.

The Secret Adventures of Baby without Dean!

We don’t know what she gets up to.

Castiel calls Dean at the crime scene. He’s done some research but Dean isn’t listening to him because Officer Donnelly attacks him and hence he misses Castiel acknowledging his were-pire theory. It takes several more tries to put Donnelly down and even beheading doesn’t seem to shut him up. Baby is worried. She’s helpless as her Boo, fights for his life.

Dean finally throws the head in the beer cooler, and gets a call from Sam about a woman being attacked. After picking up Sam, Castiel tells them about what they’re really dealing with, a Nachzehrer. Or, in Dean’s words, a ghoul-pire, which Sam again refuses to acknowledge. Finding that they need actual copper pennies to kill the monster, they stop to get change.

Mrs. Markham, the woman they rescued, wakes up in the backseat and attacks Dean, while Sam is getting change. Hilariously, their entire fight takes place in the interior of the car. Nobody bats an eyelash at this vintage ’67 Chevy riding around with blood all over its windows. Markham takes the car, while Sam shoots out Baby’s back window. Markham reunites the deputy’s head with his body and he confesses his entire scheme to Dean, about making as many converts as possible, to fight The Darkness. He plans to turn Sam, with Dean as Sam’s first meal. Even the monsters are scared of The Darkness. Like the Alpha-Vamp, of season seven, he’s creating an army.

Sam’s one night stand lost her brooch in the backseat, and Dean uses that to pick his cuffs, and then commandeer the vehicle.  You can just hear Baby whispering encouragement to HER baby, as another knockdown, drag out fight, ensues inside the car, between Donnelly, Markham and Dean. And of course, Dean comes through for her, as he always does. That’s why she loves him. After the pack leader, Donnelly, is dispatched, all his victims revert back to human.

Markham, Dean, Sam and Baby, too, all look the worst for wear. Baby’s really tired. She’s got blood all over her, her grill has been bashed in. Baby has been through the ringer on this run, and she’s on her last leg, but when Dean whispers those beautiful words to her, she comes through for him, as he did for her earlier. I don’t care what anybody says, he’s her baby too, and she’ll do anything for him.

Dean grabs his brother, and  sweet talks Baby into rallying for him, again.  I know she’s proud to hear Uncle Sammy call her their  home, while Dean acknowledges his girl has  done it again. Dean’s family intact, the three of them ride off into the sunset, to the soulful strains of Night Moves, which is straight-up going on my MP3 player, right now.