Geeking Out About Mortal Kombat

So, what had happened was, the trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie dropped last week, and I think its safe to say that Mortal Kombat fans, were all jitterbugging in their bunny slippers, with happiness. I know I was. Luckily, I do have HBO Max, so I can watch this without going to a theater, (I can’t go yet.) The movie is set to release on April 16th.

Now, I am not much of a gamer, but I have played a few of them. One of my favorite types of games are the martial arts combat games, like Tekken, which was my personal favorite, and Streetfighter, which was a lot less fun, and I did play Mortal Kombat, a few times during the 90s, back when I owned a Playstation. I was never as much into MK, as I was Tekken. I still play Tekken on my IPad, to this day. But I did like a lot of the characters from MK. Yeah, Sub Zero, Scorpion, and Raiden were favorites, but I most often just played the game as Liu Kang. No, I never played as Sonya, and by the time some of the characters from later games showed up, I’d stopped playing most games.

I’m not going too talk much about the last movie, except to say that I watched it, and it was kind of fun, but I’m not going to stan for it, or anything. I saw it once, and mostly don’t remember a whole lot about it. I have no plans to watch it again, in the future, unless its to compare it to this version.

That said, I do really like the trailer, and I’m looking forward to it. I like the special effects, and the characters look pretty cool, but I am mostly into for the actors. Some of these actors I’ve been watching for years, with my top favorite being the guy playing Scorpion, Hiroyuki Sanada, who I last saw in Westworld, portraying one of my favorite Japanese historical figures, Miyamoto Musashi, and in The last Samurai, with Tom Cruise.

Of course, Lewis Tan is a big favorite of mine, (as having been the best thing in the Netflix series Iron Fist), as an original character named Cole Young. There’s also Tadanobu Asano, as Raiden, and Ludy Lin, as my personal fave, Liu Kang. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to this, and hope it doesn’t disappoint.

The First Black Female Planeswalker

On August 3, I was excited to unveil a project I’d been working on for nearly a year. I had been working with Magic: The Gathering to produce a brand new character; a character who is a biggie for their Planeswalkers cast of characters. Kaya, Ghost Assassin has made history as the first black woman […]

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Geeking Out About : Gaming

I’m so totally a gamergirl!

Well, okay, I do play games, but mostly it’s the phone type games and it’s not like it’s an identity or something. I would probably call myself a “petty dabbler”. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a 46 year old black woman, who has been playing digital games since I first picked up a Merlin. Then I went on to Arcade and Atari  games like Pong, PacMan, Space Invaders (my personal favorite) and Centipede. It was a point of pride for me to avoid playing Donkey Kong and Ms. PacMan. I still don’t know why.

I didn’t get into fighting games until my brothers introduced me to Tekken and Streetfighter, as an adult. After that I couldn’t get enough of them and moved into playing Batman fighting games on occasion. Yes, I still like Tekken. I don’t play as  much now because I haven’t the time.

I will not play scary games though. I simply cannot play games involving things that come out of the dark to eat my characters. A few years ago my brother introduced me to something called DinoCrisis and my opinion of that game is that it needs to die and burn in Hell. I have never been more terrified in my life, and I have it on good authority that that’s a pretty mild game. So, horror movies I can handle, but apparently horror games is an issue. Go figure!

I won’t  play first person shooters, or quest games, which to me seem to mostly consist of a lot of running around, while trying not to get shot in the first case, and getting lost, in the second. I get bored playing those, except in the moments where something is trying to kill me, then I lose my shit.

I play games mostly to relax, in the same way others might watch mindless TV shows. I’ll play meditative games, or games where you break stuff, which is why Angry Birds first appealed to me. I love to break things. Speaking of breaking things, one of my current favorites is a game where you do nothing but break glass objects at a faster and faster pace, called Smash Hit. One of my favorite meditative games is Polyfauna, which is hard to describe, as it involves forming shapes with sounds.

I like strategy games too, like Plague Inc. I’ve only won that game twice on the easiest settings. It’s the only way I get to regularly destroy the world with a hideous plague. You can’t just casually play this one. It involves a lot of calculation. I play this when Im in need of some  lite intellectual stimulation.

For pure fun, I like to play Candistry, which is basically a fast matching game that is shaped like a Rubik’s cube, and  Pudding Monsters, because it gets progressively harder as you play, and it’s deeply funny to me, for some reason. My niece loves a game called Office Jerk, where she gets to throw various objects at some obnoxious guy, whose trying to work. She also likes another game that, as far as I can tell, seems to involve popping sheep into the sky, and another one that seems to be about dynamiting fish in a lake. She’s also learning to be a young entrepreneur, by playing some kind of cupcake bakery game, that feels like FarmVille, and puts me right to sleep.

Yes, I know about Steam, but I’m not registered on there or anything. I don’t have that kind of time, really. Please don’t ask me if I know…whatever. I probably don’t. Like the vast majority of people, playing games is just something I do in the spare moments that I have. Right now, I have enough time to play Neko Atsume’s Kitty Collector, which I’m enjoying far too damn much, and any iteration of Angry Birds.

Games I bought but haven’t played are Robocop, Badland, Infinity Blade 3, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Dead Trigger, and Injustice Gods Among Us. So, I have plenty of future games to look forward to learning, during some long vacation.

Do you play games? What kinds of games are you playing now? If you have a suggestion for a good “breaking shit”  or meditation game, let me know by hitting me up in the comments.