Supernatural: Season 10 Overview

I loved this season and I felt really positive about the finale. I know that sounds really weird but I’ll explain. The brothers chose each other once again, neither of them are dead and because of their bone-headed stubbornness, they have an all new, even bigger problem to solve next season.

(At least a part of this optimism, has to do with not being immersed in the fandom, the way I used to be. Not having to navigate my way through other people’s opinions about how they feel or about how I should feel has been very freeing. I no longer have this insane need to argue with people about their  interpretations of the show..and how they are all exceptionally and indubitably WRONG. I can just tell people what I think, and they have no choice but to accept my opinion or start their own blog. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆!!! (BWHA HA HA HA HA!!!)

But really, all gloating aside, this was a very good season and here’s why: my bar is pretty low when it comes to most TV shows. All I require is that they be entertaining, and  mentally and visually stimulating. When I get more than that, I get giddy.

Like now:

Black/Reichenbach/Soul Survivor:


I consider the first three episodes of the season to be a three-parter. For my views on these three episodes see: On Deanmon and Demonic Performance at:  where I address some of the issues that came up while watching them.

These are really some of my favorite episodes of the season. I know there were some fans who wanted to see more Demon!Dean, but I feel like a little bit of that went a long way and, apparently, there were some other points the writers were trying to make this season, that precluded much focus on Dean behaving badly. I also found Soul Survivor to be very suspenseful, with the hunt through the Bunker and the red herring of fratricide as one of the sub themes this season. See the above link to understand why I feel this was a ruse on the part of the writers.

You’re back! Great!

I think the writers wanted to get back to the first five season arc and the emotional focus on family issues and I think they succeeded. The focus is not just on the brothers, but all the families they came into contact with. For the rest of the season, the brothers meet various dysfunctional people and attempt to fix them, while working to strengthen their own relationship.

As a result, we get some fairly light-hearted, touching, and snarky moments with the brothers, throughout the season, and I enjoyed that. I don’t particularly care for those seasons where they seem to hate each other and there’s little humor between them but I will tolerate that for the purposes of storytelling.

All the families had some commentary on the brothers current relationship, especially the fourth episode of the season titled, Paper Moon. I did not like this episode but it is an acceptable story. The idea of Dean killing Sam is reinforced  and the entire episode is a direct commentary on where the brothers are in their relationship.

Fan Fiction:


If the previous episodes are a commentary on where the brothers are and where they might be headed then this episode is a chronicle of the brother’s past. I was not really on board with the idea of it being a musical but the writers managed to pull this off very well, without insulting the fans. This is now one of my favorites for the season. The theme song, as sung in the play, is one of the stand out moments of the entire season.

I feel this episode was also a love letter to the fans, as well.

Hibbing 911:


One of the things the writers got right this season was the depiction of women. In Paper Moon, Fan Fiction, Ask Jeeves, Girls,Girls, Girls,The Things We Left Behind, The Hunter Games, Halt and Catch Fire, Paint It Black and Angel Heart, there are decent depictions of women, who have agency, make choices that affect the plot, usually have more than one woman in them and  these women make efforts to reach out to each other and interact with each other intelligently.


The women depicted in these episodes are all characters in their own right, with motivations and backstories beyond being just girlfriends, wives and mothers. Yes, they are supporting characters (when it comes to the Winchesters, everyone is a supporting character) but their support “just happens” to be in line with what the brothers are trying to accomplish in each episode. Supporting the Winchesters isn’t their only reason for existing. And what often happened, was that the brothers would show up in the middle of a story, where the women were already involved.

And this brings us to Hibbing 911. I love the writers for introducing me to the show I didn’t  know I wanted, called the Donna and Jodi Power Hour. These two are an awesome team and I hope we get to see them again next season. Everything about the relationship between these two older, professional women was just lovely. From Jodi’s initial reluctance to get close to Donna, to her full (and physical) support when Donna gets bullied by her ex-boyfriend, to their conversations about their families, this is an example of what women talk about when men are (or sometimes aren’t) around, guys.

About a Boy:


I found the idea of Dean reduced to his childhood again very ticklish. I also enjoyed the mythology of Hansel and Gretel, most of which is in line with what I learned in mythology books, but given a modern twist. It also answers the idea of the witch being able to procure lots of children. She’s a lot less likely to get caught, and its a much more elegant solution. It’s a lot easier to  transform adults into kids rather than stealing  lots of actual kids.

Executioner’s Song:


The return of Cain was much anticipated. Yeah, sure theres every kind of plot hole but I don’t care because its always fun to watch Tim Omundson go to work.

All season long, the writers have been setting up the idea that Dean will kill Sam but I was only half buying it because every time there’s some set up or prophecy for what the brothers MUST do, they mostly seem to break it, defy it, or do some kind of end run around it. They almost always choose each other and I mostly expected that here. I prepared for Dean to kill Sam but I never really believed one of them would die.

Inside Man:


Is largely notable for the return of Bobby Singer. It was nice to see him again and he was not ill used. I also enjoyed seeing Metatron turned  human. I totally didn’t see that coming. The following episode was notable for watching Castiel get his groove back. That was pretty awesome, but somewhat mitigated by Boogertron’s escape.

The Prisoner/Brother’s Keeper:

I mostly viewed these two as one long episode. They were notable for the introduction of the Frankenstein Family, their destruction at the hands of BAMF!Dean, now fully in thrall to the MoC, and for finally getting to see Crowley’s red-eyed demon face. We often forget Crowley is a demon because he’s so likable but yeah!  demon!


Sam’s tearful pleading with Dean, that he was a good man and that he should choose him, really got to me. Hell, it still does. I haven’t been so emotionally affected since Crowley’s plea to be loved. Sam so desperately needed to save his Dean, (and himself) that it was truly heartbreaking to watch. It was not elegant or eloquent or articulate at all. He had only pure, raw anguish at his disposal and he used it to powerful effect.

He was cast in the role Dean occupied during season nine, only his role was much, more difficult than Dean’s. Sam couldn’t rely on trickery, demons or Angels to save either of them. He had to rely entirely on his own emotions, words and actions to convince Dean to choose life for them both. I thought, last season, he might have to eat the words he said to Dean, about not doing the same for Dean. I remember saying, “No, he won’t  do the same thing. He is going to do brand  NEW, shitty things instead”, and I was right.

While Dean’s condemnation of Sam’s words, from that time,  was entirely appropriate, his condemnation of Sam’s actions felt a little false. I didn’t get the feeling he was very upset about the things Sam did to try to save him, until they argued about The Book of The Damned and its destruction. That felt more genuine.

I mentioned before that this season was very enjoyable for me. The writers kept their shit on point, this season, with every episode hammering home the idea of family, duty, and sacrifice. Sometimes a little too heavy but that’s to be expected. This is really their first try at this sort of deeply focused storytelling.  The writers were on their game with the subplots and sub themes as well. There were many layers this season. A lot of depth. I have to give the writers the ” Golden Shizznickle” for effort.

We were introduced to several new characters and will be seeing more of them next season, although we lost Charlie. Dont get me wrong, I  loved Charlie. I loved her from the  moment she started dancing in that elevator, to what is now, one of my favorite songs,  “Walkin’ on Sunshine”, (when I’m having an especially good day, this is often the song floating through my head),  but I knew she’d die eventually and I knew when it happened it would not be pretty.

None of the Winchesters family or friends ever dies pretty. Hunters, as a general law, do not die in bed. The moment Charlie decided to become a Hunter, that was her death sentence.

I knew Charlie would have a brutal death, so I was not shocked by that. It was inevitable and just like Bobby, Rufus, Meg, Kevin and numerous others, it would be largely unexpected, meaningless and in service to the Winchester’s story.

Every guest on Supernatural gets “fridged”. One day it will be Jodi’s turn or Donna’s. One day Cas will stay dead.

If you think about it, for the brothers, it must be like living in a little slice of Hell. Everybody dies but them. Everyone who gets close to them goes away and they are only ever left with each other. They can’t ever be released from the torment of watching all they love, get carried away from them, and their only companions are pain, suffering and the demons and Angels who cause it.

This show has been a ten-year long paean to loss and mourning.

I can’t say I liked any of the Angel themes this season. I was mostly bored with Castiel’s story line but Hanna’s defection back to Heaven was a surprise. Really! It was a complete surprise. It came out of nowhere. I really could have used a little more foreshadowing on that.

Crowley’s story..well, that deserves its own post, so stay tuned. Crowley and Rowena was a very rich story line and we are going to examine that one in more detail, at a later date, in order to do it justice..

Still, over all, a very likable season. I don’t normally like to assign numbers but I’d give it four out of five stars.

Favorite episode was really, really hard to choose, but I’m going to go with a tie of Executioner’s Song and Fan Fiction.

What did you think about the season? Let me know in the comments?

Yeah, okay! You can argue with me, too.


Supernatural : Ask Jeeves

Tonight we get back to business, after last weeks delightful and charming episode. I gave high marks to that one. It’s not an all time favorite but it is in my top twenty. Last weeks episode was pretty mythology heavy, but mythology from five years ago, and I am wondering how long it’s  going to take for the writers to quit playing around and give us a little meat.

A butler is giving the rundown to a couple of maids at the household of an heiress in New Canaan, Ct. One of the maids is attacked and falls to her death at the hands of the dead heiress, Ms. Bunny LaCroix. The butler seems totally unsurprised and I’m not surprised at that.

Sam and Dean are drinking itty, bitty coffees and complaining about the radio silence on their scanners, just when they’re ready to jump back into the game. Dean tells Sam about a phone call Bobby received, to go to New Canaan, for the reading of a will.  They should go, as they qualify as his heirs. Maybe Bobby earned them some beer money.

imageThey meet the heiress’ family. They are a tad underdressed, but  are immediately accepted as adorable. (Cougars on this show all have excellent taste.) The butler takes them aside and explains that all of the family present are poor as churchmice, money grubbing and greedy. He gives them an envelope.  Inside is a large iron cross studded with four large jewels, which turn out to be fake. But the cross is a key, so the brothers are now on a case, more or less.

That evening the brother of the dead heiress is killed. Axed by Bunny’s husband, Lance, also deceased. When the brothers return, the butler acts as if he doesn’t know them, (He’s  pretty snotty. This is a clue) and they are now considered suspects in the brothers death, and can’t leave the house til morning. The family argue about whether or not ghosts did it.

imageDean investigates upstairs, while Sam chats with the sniping family. It’s a nice touch, when Sam mentions that he and his brother like each other just fine, when asked what family likes each other. Dean finds a secret room using the key. He also finds a body and the maid, who blames the butler for killing another guest. Everyone keeps thinking it’s spirits, but I don’t think it’s spirits. And, I think the maid may be lying about the butler.

Sam and Dean discuss it and set off to investigate but Sam gets accosted by one of the guests. Sam is not into cougars, apparently, since he tells her yes! then runs away. (Good move! Sam. Get to duh choppa!!!) Dean encounters the weird butler again, who still acts as if they’ve never met before. Sam finds a blood trail. Of course the butler is dead, stabbed in the back . He texts this news to Dean and the fake butler attacks him and runs away, leaving shapeshifter residue behind…and can I just point out – Eeewww!

(One more time. Just because.)


imageWhile discussing this, the maid wanders in and Sam and Dean explain the situation to her. They tell her they need silver and she brings them a case of flatware. Sam and Dean go test the other family members. Sam unconvincingly puts the moves on two of the  lovely ladies in order to test them with silver and they pass.This scene would be hilarious if it weren’t for the faint specter of non-consent in it. Dean finds two of the guests making out in the closet, they too, pass the test. He then walks in to find Sam having  his hands and hair thoroughly examined by the two cougars, who discuss him as if he was the neighbor’s prize- winning poodle. (Who doesn’t envy these two women, right now?) and Sam takes that as an opportunity to run away again. Dean loves that sort of attention and it just now occurs to me that Sam hates it when women admire his looks. He just hates the attention, I think. Probably all those years of avoiding attention, while feeling as though he’s wearing the worlds largest neon sign that says FREAK.

Then the maid finds yet another body. She just keeps finding them. I think she’s probably making them. This time the  guest drowned in a toilet and everyone gathers around and begins to argue about blame until Dash, one of the heirs, takes  both brothers hostage and locks them in the security room. (At least, theyre not tied up. ) While they’re locked in,  the family speculate that the brothers are low class, gay, murderers and I would like to point out, that technically, they are murderers. From a mortal, non-supernatural point of view, they’re both serial killers.

The brothers discover that the flatware they’ve been using isn’t actually silver and yeah, it’s definitely the maid.

The maid starts Monologuing. She’s really Bunny’s daughter, whose been living in the attic. She also explains why she killed each guest. (Thaaat’s right, keep talking and give the brothers time to get free.) So, they do get free and end up in a shootout with the maid. The biggest laugh tonight, is when one of the guests quietly asks if anyone else wet themselves. Now the maid is Monologuing again about her shifter father and how Bobby killed him and came after her. Her life was spared because Bunny agreed to keep her locked away. She gets the drop on Sam who can’t kill her because he has no silver bullets. But Dean does. He shoots her in the back. Several times. Several, several times. This is the first kill I’ve seen him make, since he lost the First Blade.  And things happen just as Sam fears, as Dean’s eyes go completely black.

Afterwards, Dash apologizes to the brothers for locking them up and they give him the key they inherited. Dean tells him to forget they were there and he’s  more than a little gruff about it. During the Bro-ment in the car, Sam asks about all the shooting, but Dean denies it had anything to do with the Mark.

And now the lying begins. To himself and to Sam. I was wondering how long the honeymoon would last. Apparently, about three episodes. Dean is pathologically incapable of Not lying to Sam and always for the same reasons. He loves him and doesn’t ever want to hurt him or he’s in denial about something.

Sometimes, Dean is one of the hardest headed- nincompoops in television history. Sam gets schooled by fate and only has to learn one damn  time not to do whatever the feck he did again. Dean keeps making the same mistakes over and over again until the world ends bloody. Sometimes I just want Sam to punch Dean, really hard,  in the neck.

I’m satisfied with this episode tonight. It’s not ever going to be a favorite as mostly it’s just a setup for us to see what effect The Mark still has over  Dean. Quite a bit, I guess. I was hoping, after last weeks episode, we would get back to the mythology this week. So, I’m good.

Once again, we have the overall theme of family and how far a person is willing to go for it. For the shifter, she’s willing to become a monster she doesn’t need to be. Bunny is willing to lock up her strange child for her entire life ,so that Bobby won’t kill her. Dash stands up to Sam and Dean for his family. This dovetails nicely with Cole’s mission of vengeance against Dean and Castiel’s perpetual infighting with his own.

You do notice that all this fighting for  family nearly ends in disaster for everyone. Bunny’s history of lies resulted in tonight’s murder spree. Dash, deciding to take charge and save the women, nearly got them all killed.  A couple of weeks ago, Hanna was ready to make a deal with the MetaBooger, to save Cas. I hope this is not some kind of message about the way this season ends for the boys.

I don’t normally like to speculate on these reviews but I’m thinking about the future. By the sixth episode, you start to notice something of a theme. I’m guessing, it’s family ties.  Is that mysterious woman we met earlier this season related to Crowley? Hey! everyone else has family issues this season, why not him? What happens the next time the brothers meet Cole, and The Mark is still there?