Supernatural : The Werther Project

Last week, the brothers, with the help of Charlie Bradbury, found the Book of the Damned and came into contact with another coven of witches, The Stein Family, who were also in pursuit of the Book, a semi-sentient entity, with a direct link to the Mark of Cain. The book itself is pure evil and could cure The Mark of Cain, but at far too high a price.

Tonight’s episode is another mythology heavy episode. We’re going to be getting all the good ones during this last stretch to the finale.

Plus: The return of Benny! Yay!

I loved, loved, loved this character, who is one of a handful of White guys, on this planet, with a voice to rival Barry White. (Those of you who don’t know who that is, let’s educate!)

(This is also a perfect Sam/Dean or Dean/Benny song, for those of you In the know! Barry even has Sam’s flowing locks and mastery of facial hair!)

And there’s also some other, minor stuff going on in this episode, involving Dean in Purgatory, Sam, flicking his hair (his own hair, not Dean’s) and, if we’re really, really good, some glowering from Crowley.

Okay, let’s get started.

St. Louis Missouri 1973

Two siblings fight over the TV and chores. The young lady is wearing some serious, high water, Sans-a- belt slacks and her Momma is an anti-feminist douche who makes her do all the “girly ” stuff in the house, like laundry. After the young girl breaks open a hole in the wall of their basement,she discovers a large metal box.  She gets knocked out and a green, smokey Tinker Bell flies free. On waking up, she walks in on the other members of her family who are in the process of killing themselves. Horror ensues.


Sam is making  a deal with Rowena, to translate the Book of the Damned, in exchange for killing Crowley. Rowena tells him to find an old witches Codex to help her.  The Codex belonged to a coven leader, who was  killed by the Men of Letters, and  may still be in the bunker.

Dean, after  taking  out six vamps, searches successfully for beer. Sam shows up chastises him for running off and doing the job alone. Dean says he’s getting tired of Sam looking at him like he’s a diseased puppy. Interesting conversation there. There’s feels all over the place.

Back at the bunker, Sam begins his search by listening to recordings of The Men of Letters, especially those involving Cuthbert Sinclair. The Werther Box, which killed two of the Men who found it, holds the Codex that Sam is searching for. This is a very nicely shot scene, involving a flashback with a long pan of the camera, until we’re back in the present, with Sam at the same spot.


The Werther Box is guarded by yet another spell. Sam calls Rowena for help and she lobbies to come to the bunker. Sam says no and runs off to find the the Box. He shows up at the house, where the family was murdered, but is shooed away by the owner, who waves a gun at him. Dean, smiling like a loon, surprises him at his car. He wants to know how Sam’s case is going. Call me cynical but I believe that Dean is just looking for another opportunity to kill something. Oh, but the look on Sam’s face….priceless!

Is there someone, out there, who could give at least one of the brothers a short, sharp slap, for still keeping secrets from each other? Dean, is in a really jovial mood, apologizes profusely, for doing his last case alone and says Sam doesn’t need to punish him by doing his case alone. Okay, he doesn’t actually know what Sam is up to, but Sam does tell him about the Werther box and that its responsible for the deaths of that family from 1973. (Better be careful Sam. You’re skirting real close to not lying.)

Dean talks his way past the overzealous owner, Susie, while Sam sneaks in the back way. (Susie isn’t much of a homemaker. The house looks like shit.)


Sam works his way into the basement, after nearly being discovered by Susie, who happens to be the young girl from the opening credits.  (Well, that explains why the house looks like crap. She always hated housework.) While Sam tries the spell, in the basement, Susie warns Dean about the Box. Deans tries to warn Sam to leave.(He calls him Sammy! Squeeee!)

Sam’s spell releases the spirit or spell from the box and it possesses Susie and Dean. Susie sees the ghosts of her family and starts shooting at them. She then shoots herself to escape their accusations.

Dean sees Purgatory.

Susie’s ghost confronts Sam and chastises him, although this sounds very like Sam’s guilty conscience talking. Before he can succumb to despair, Rowena shows up and vanquishes Susie’s fake ghost.

Sam goes to find Dean but Dean can’t see or hear him, or Rowena.


While dreaming Purgatory, Benny saves Dean from one of its monsters. Dean knows he’s dreaming but he can’t tell the difference. Benny and Purgatory look and feel extremely real.

Rowena’s solution is to tie Dean up, to keep him from hurting himself, while she and Sam try to break the Werther Box. So, now Sam is working with a witch, to break a spell box, to procure a Codex, to translate a Book, to break a Curse, given to Dean, by a demon.

Wow! Oookaaay!

Benny confronts Dean about loving purgatory, having the Mark of Cain, and Dean’s backup plan of killing himself. Which is useless because he’d only become a demon again, right? Or end up in Purgatory, right?

It turns out that a Legacy’s blood, Sam’s blood, can break the current spell on the Box.

Dean, manifesting his demonic self, breaks out of his restraints, makes a weapon from a bottle of wine and contemplates doing…something.

Sam offers up more and more of his blood to the Werther box. He’s starting to get weak from blood loss, which, of course, Rowena encourages because…evil.

Dean turns his weapon on the fake Benny, and wakes up just in time to save Sam from killing himself. Dean offers his own blood, to complete the spell, when he sees Sam can’t finish it. The blood works, Dean opens the Box, and retrieves the Codex.

Later, Dean sledgehammers the box. He tells Sam that what happened, was a perfect illustration of the two of them being better together, than apart. (If only the two of them followed their own advice.) Sam forgives Dean for running off to slay vampires without him and says he understands why he did it. (Yeah, I bet  you do, Mr. Lone Wolf.) Dean asks what was so important that it needed such a nasty spell to protect it. He does not  ask about Rowena’s presence.

Later, Sam takes the Codex to Rowena, then betrays her and locks her in irons. She can get free but only after she translates the Book of the Damned. How much you wanna bet that she somehow manages to get free, and cause even more havoc, because that’s one of her superpowers. Apparently, she is this season’s Crowley.

Next week, we get some Castiel action. Unfortunately, he’ll be accompanied, by his less than interesting minor…Claire. I’m not clamoring to see her again, so I’m not feeling especially shiny about next week.

And there was no Crowley at all, this episode.

I am disappoint!