The X-Files : Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Monster

Now this felt a lot more like the earlier seasons of the X-Files. I really enjoyed this episode. I love when a drama brings the funny and this was, in a knowing, meta-ish, kind of way. Gillian and David still have great comedic timing and still  play off each other’s strengths  wonderfully. Their snarkiness didn’t feel forced or unnatural. The events they were involved in were unexpectedly funny too.


This episode packed a lot into its 40 minutes. There are were-monsters,  fretful animal control agents,  peeping tom motels, red speedos, interviews with  trans-women and sex fantasies.

This time the dynamic is switched up a bit. Mulder is having some kind or existential burnout  and now doesn’t even want to believe, while Scully keeps giving him the side eye and calling him on it. She thinks all of this is fun. At one point, she just straight out tells him,  the internet is bad for him.



The agents get a call about a monster that’s out in the boonies, attacking people and find the situation to be nothing like it seems. They  find the monster but it turns out the creature is a rather benign, sad, angry and upset thing. He used to just be a lizard-man but having been bitten by a human, he turns into a middle-aged white guy every morning. He had a relatively care free life and now he has to go to work, and worry about his mortgage, whatever that is.


Its not just Mulder and Scully who make this episode especially funny. Its full of great characters, like the Peeping Tom motel owner, the Animal control agent who has had enough of this shit, and the two huff-heads who filed the initial report. Mulder trying to explain a transgender woman to a  were-lizard-man is a top moment in the show.

Mulder doesn’t want to believe anymore and decides he’s just going to take blurry videos of everything, which he does and then tries to show Scully who is, naturally, unimpressed by shakey-cam.


One of my other favorite moments is Mulder interviewing the monster in the cemetery, next to Kim Manners headstone. I loved that little nod to the creator of some of my favorite shows (and I miss him). I also loved the monster’s  little  add-on tale, featuring Scully as a sexpot, in a scene that was over-the-top ridiculous and right out of Playboy’s best true-lies, and a shot of David Duchovny’s red speedos, from his old, erotica show, The Red Shoe Diaries.


This episode totally captured the flavor of the some of the funniest X-Files episodes of the past, like Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, Bad Blood and my personal favorite, X-Cops.

I’m trying to give as much of it away without giving any of it away, but if you missed the comedies or  stand-alone episodes of the X-Files, this one is just for you.


X-Files Season Ten : My Struggle/Founder’s Mutation

I’m not going to recap as there are people online right now recapping like a muh-fuh, and doing a much better job of it than I would. Actually I have to confess, I didn’t pay that close attention to the plot of My Struggle.

Its my understanding that other people were not greatly impressed by the first episode, either. I didn’t care for the plot but I love that Mulder and Scully are back on TV, in brand new episodes. That the show would be revived, after such a long absence, just makes me hopeful for the future of Hannibal.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the mythology episodes. I’m not into alien conspiracy theories. I probably know more than I rightfully should about the mythology, considering how little I cared for that aspect. Most of my favorite episodes were one-off,  Monster of the week episodes. As soon as any of the characters start mentioning abductions and aliens, I just tune-out and watch the pretty people. So that’s what happened with the first episode. I am aware that stuff happened and plots were advanced, I just have no memory of any of it.


I did enjoy the second episode much better, about two superpowered teens searching for each other. It had a certain amount of pathos in it. I’d forgotten over the years that Scully and Mulder had a child together and that they can never be together because the gub’ment, won’t let them. So, I had some feels about all that.

I noticed their boss, Walter Skinner was back and still being kind of an asshole, without actually coming right out and actually being an asshole. The Cigarette Smoking Man is still smoking, despite the cancer that’s torn out his throat, which is frankly, kind of disgusting. That man’s got some serious fucking addiction, right there. Wow!

Abigail Hobbes, from Hannibal, cameo-ed in this episode. My mind keeps rejecting this actress’ name. I just watched her chewing the scenery in The Magicians and for some reason my brain has taken a disliking to her, and I can’t pinpoint exactly why, as she’s not a bad actress. She’s not actually doing anything bad onscreen. I’m just tired of looking at her, maybe.

Oh! I do have a memory about the first episode with Mulder declaring that everything he thought he knew about the alien conspiracy was all lies and there’s no actual aliens involved in the conspiracy. Its just regular people being dicks. It almost always is. I could’ve told him that. And how many times per season did he make such declarations.

Mulder is looking a bit care-worn but Scully looks as fine as she ever did. Possibly even better, and Hell, I didn’t even know Skinner was still among the living.  Surely, I thought he might have shuffled off the bureaucratic coil a  long time ago.

As far as I can tell from the three episodes that have aired, its the same formula as before. There is a mystery. Mulder and Scully investigate, find out the truth, some  heads are exploded and they wrap it up and move on to the next strange event.

Hey, don’t mess with a formula that works.