“Black Panther” in China: The racist responses online aren’t the full story — Quartzy

The surprise success of “Black Panther” in China came despite a persistent media narrative with ugly implications.
— Read on quartzy.qz.com/1231764/the-story-behind-the-racist-responses-to-black-panther-in-china/

This essay lays out the primary reasons we shouldn’t necessarily think of Chinese people as racist. They have been propagandized by decades of Western pop culture to believe Black people are lazy, violent, and a burden on American society. But the foundation, of some of their reactions to Black Panther, is something very different.

There is anti-blackness in China, but it’s something that’s been exported to nations that have very different relationships to Black people. The population of Black people in China is at best, negligible, so widespread anti- blackness would also be kind of rare. Many of the Chinese attitudes about color spring from their own cultural backgrounds.


The New Infinity War Trailer

I am really looking forward to this. I just want to geek out about all these different types of characters meeting each other, and what they could possibly say to one another. I’m not particularly interested in Thanos, as a character or villain. (As a general rule, I pay little attention to villains anyway.) I’m not seeing the movie for him, I’m seeing it for everyone else.



Big Barda and Ava?

On March 15, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced Ava DuVernay will be directing a live action New Gods film, based on Jack Kirby’s fabled Fourth World characters. Of course all of twitter lit up with the news! To be honest, DuVernay’s involvement in the DC Universe is a sign that Walter Hamada is really […]

via Ava DuVernay to Direct ‘New Gods’ for DC — The Nerds of Color


Selected Readings From Medium.com

I subscribed to Medium.com about a year ago, and recently upgraded to the membership plan, where you pay five dollars a month, to read special content for members only. So some of these sit behind a paywall, but some do not. At any rate, I can’t link to them, but I can provide an excerpt and author for the most interesting stories I’ve read this year. Normally, I’d make some comment before each article, but I’m just going to let them speak for themselves.



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The Last Jedi, toxic masculinity, and showing your place in all this

Sam Wood


‘Get Out’ And The Revolutionary Act Of Subverting The White Gaze Dianca London


How Hollywood Sells a Culture of Dominance

The industry has never been silent about keeping white men in power


Is ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ A Subversive Takedown Of White Supremacy?


Toxic Ideologies and Naval Tactics Rule the Wastes in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

This post-apocalyptic thriller is a masterpiece


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Octavia Butler’s science fiction made black girls heroes

She was the first sci-fi writer to win a Genius Grant, and opened the door for works such as DuVernay’s adaptation of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Bené Viera


When a loudmouthed DJ tried to kill disco, the homophobic and racist implications were impossible to ignore

It was black music. It was gay music. And the “disco sucks” movement said, “burn, baby, burn” Josh O’Connor


Racism Is Driving Modern American Gun Culture

It’s not about self-defense and “liberty”



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The Age of the Imbecile

The World is Turning Catastrophically Stupid. Here’s How Not to Join It.  umair haque


Male Supremacy Groups Are Hate Groups, And They’re Changing American Politics

These groups see female empowerment as a threat to their privilege — and they are infecting the mainstream  Kylie Cheung


The Tragic Stigma of Help

How we perpetuate a myth that keeps so many of us poor, overwhelmed, depressed, and alone. Mike Sturm







Stephen Hawking: What one of the most brilliant minds said on aliens, black holes and Trump. — Nerdome

From his specialty — black holes — to Donald Trump, a British boy band and motor neurone disease, across the years one of the world’s most brilliant minds weighed in on a range of topics. On Wednesday, Stephen Hawking’s family announced the renowned physicist had died at 76. As the science world mourns we collected […]

via Stephen Hawking: What one of the most brilliant minds said on aliens, black holes and Trump. — Nerdome


Black Speculative Fiction: The View from Here – Black Nerd Problems

Black Speculative Fiction: The View from Here – Black Nerd Problems
— Read on blacknerdproblems.com/black-speculative-fiction-the-view-from-here/

And not just in Speculative Fiction, but television and movies as well. If White creators want to keep that dolla, they’re going to have to step up their game when creating characters of color. As more choice becomes available, audiences are going to start choosing authenticity over simple representation.


White Men, Guns…And That Masculinity Thing

White Men, Guns…And That Masculinity Thing

— Read on btx3.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/white-men-guns-and-that-masculinity-thing/

The media has a huge part to play in white male racial anxiety, and the sad fact of this anxiety hand several other factors) is that it is killing them.They’ve been told by mainstream media, for decades, that black people are thugs, who are out to harm white people, when statistics show otherwise.


Watch This Documentary on Braids and Appropriation in America | ELLE – YouTube

Watch This Documentary on Braids and Appropriation in America | ELLE – YouTube
— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

Hair has always been political for Black women, and this video is a great explanation why. This goes into the history of braiding and Black women’s hairstyles.


50 Years After the Landmark Kerner Report Called Out Media Racism, the Power Structure Persists [OPINION] | Colorlines

Created to study the urban rebellions of 1967, the Kerner Commission revealed in 1968 how racist media played a role. As the Kerner report turns 50, Free Press’ Joseph Torres argues that large media companies continue to uphold White supremacy.
— Read on www.colorlines.com/articles/50-years-after-landmark-kerner-report-called-out-media-racism-power-structure-persists


Psychology Uncovers Racism at the Movies | Psychology Today

New research finds racial bias against movies with black leading actors and white supporting roles is rife amongst mainstream newspaper critics – resulting in an average revenue loss for these films of up to $2.57 million, per movie
— Read on www.psychologytoday.com/blog/slightly-blighty/201509/psychology-uncovers-racism-the-movies

This article is from 2015. Just putting this out here, because I always believed that my suspicions and theories, about racial bias among film reviewers, was entirely justified.


Monster Gallery: Men in Black II (2002)

Monster Gallery: Men in Black II (2002)

Monster Gallery: Men in Black II (2002)
— Read on monsterlegacy.net/2018/03/12/monster-gallery-men-in-black-ii-2002/


What Koreans Think Of Black Panther | ASIAN BOSS – YouTube

What Koreans Think Of Black Panther | ASIAN BOSS – YouTube
— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

Their reactions to this movie are surprisingly diverse and nuanced. Some of the people interviewed admitted that this type of movie wasn’t their cup of tea, and their focus was on other things in the movie, that naturally, not being Korean, I never even noticed. There is also a surprising amount of knowledge about US social issues, and I just wasn’t expecting that. They seemed to be really woke as regards racism in Western media as well.


Thoughts on A Wrinkle in Time

Thoughts on A Wrinkle in Time

Thoughts on A Wrinkle in Time
— Read on whatever.scalzi.com/2018/03/11/thoughts-on-a-wrinkle-in-time/


Bound By Law: Bitch Planet Comics Studies Round Table (part two)

Part Two in a scholarly round table examining Kelly Sue DeConnik and Valentine De Landro’s Bitch Planet.

via Bound By Law: Bitch Planet Comics Studies Round Table (part two) — The Middle Spaces