A #NationalStrike? Think about it. —

From Libbie Grant on Facebook, here’s something we can prepare for. Folks. There is serious talk today all over Twitter about organizing a national strike to force the GOP-controlled Congress to either impeach Trump or force his resignation. This is a great idea, but it’s something we need to prepare for, and we may not…

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Top 10 LGBT Superheroes (done)

Top 10 LGBT Superheroes (done)

Top 10 LGBT Superheroes (done)
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In honor of June which is also Pride month! I haven’t mentioned that much this month but I have a couple more articles about it, coming soon.

I would’ve loved if one of my favorite characters had been added to this list. Daken, Wolverine’s son. He’s such a mystery that I can see why he might not have been added. Is he a hero, a villain, an anti-hero? Don’t know! Is he actually queer, or just something he does to manipulate people with no feeling behind it? At any rate, I think he should probably be acknowledged.

I approve of the addition of Wonder Woman, Constantine, and America Chavez, though!

You Are Not A Fan: Addressing Toxic Nerd Culture

It’s 2018, and unfortunately, nerd culture is as insufferable as it’s ever been. Despite white male protagonists dominating mainstream media for decades, there is still a very loud portion of “fans” who can’t handle change. In the wake of recent news about Kelly Marie Tran’s decision to delete her Instagram, it’s time we all come […]

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Olivia Munn Speaks: On Suicide

I wanted to put this here because one of my favorite entertainers, Anthony Bourdain, has committed suicide at the age of 61. Suicides of celebrities always strike me very hard. (I’m still not over Robin Williams death, and its been over two years.)

The actress, Olivia Munn had words for Asia Argento, her close friend and Bourdain’s girlfriend, and I feel like so much of what she said is spot on. Suicide is not about wanting to die. Its about being in so much pain, that you just want it to end, and most of the time it is a hormonal thing, that’s  beyond your control. You are going to need help. (The trouble is recognizing that.)

When I was younger, I suffered from great bouts of depression, and was sometimes suicidal, but there was a small part of me that realized I didn’t actually want to die. I just wanted the pain and despair to end, and I was able to recognize that I needed help.  I haven’t had such a bout in many, many, years, but that has not stopped me from identifying with  those  who are going through it.

I really like Asia Argento, as much as I liked Bourdain, and my heart goes out to her. He doesn’t need my prayers, because his pain is over, but he has left plenty of pain behind, and I feel for her, and the rest of his family.



“For those who don’t understand depression, when someone is in that place it’s not because they want to die,” the 37-year-old wrote. “It’s because the ongoing relentless darkness is too painful to endure anymore.”

I have had need of this hotline myself, and yes, it really does help!

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


Dear White Allies, Stop Dangling Allyship in The Face Of Black People Like A Carrot

As someone that spends their life trying to improve the landscape of our humanity, I am always delighted when someone approaches me and tells me that they are an ally. If we desire for this world to be a better place, we will get there much faster if we realize that we can accomplish much […]

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‘American Gods’ Season 2 Casts Devery Jacobs & Kahyun Kim in Key Roles

The first season of American Gods was definitely an impressive start to an amazing fantasy series based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. From the gritty and unpredictable storylines to the larger-than-life characters, it was no surprise when it was greenlit for a second season. Now, a report from Deadline is giving us […]

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Reacting to the Latest Trailers

At Texas Frightmare last month, I attended a rather informal Q&A hosted by Blumhouse producer and Shock Waves co-host Ryan Turek. We were all free to ask any questions we wanted about Blumhouse’s past and future films, but there was one thing he let us know right away: despite expectations, he would not be debuting […]

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Dear Racists, Please Stop Apologizing Because You Got Caught Being Racist

Social media is still ablaze about Roseanne Barr, being who she has always been- racist and condescending, comparing former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarett to an ape. The backlash for Roseanne’s comments was swift, and within a matter of hours, ABC canceled Roseanne’s show, she was dropped by her talent agency, and […]

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Roseanne Train Wreck Raises Issues of Race in TV Coverage

In the fallout over ABC’s cancellation of “Rosanne” over star Rosanne Barr’s racist tweet, much of the commentary congratulatory, some critics raised a challenging question: How can the media cater to red-state voters without mainstreaming the racism that too many of them embrace?
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This article perfectly explains the reason why Roseanne needed to have her shit checked. It’s also not the first time Roseanne has attacked a Black woman by likening her to an ape. She knows damn well what she did was wrong, and has been showing her whole racist ass on Twitter, for a couple of years now. I’m not here for anybody who wants to stan for her “right” to dehumanize the members of my race, just because she thinks it’s funny.

Black History


I think this is the end result of decades of Hollywood whitewashing of history. We’ve gotten to the point where certain people, armed with no more than a high school understanding of history, and several hundred hours of television viewing, want to argue with experts, who have spent the better part of their lives studying this issue.

For historians, the idea that Black people existed throughout all of English history is a given that is worth no debate. This is not so for the various classes of bigot who are informed by nothing more that a basic knowledge of Tolkien, and a handful of historically inaccurate TV shows.