What I’ve Learned About Right Wing Trolls While Blogging (It’s a Long One)

I still plan on doing a reboot in a couple of months, or less. I hope to make a fresh start with a new blog and continue contributing to online conversations about today’s issues. Although, I won’t be covering everything, but I still hope to discuss some topics such as racism, sexism and others. I […]

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This pretty much sums up everything that is happening in Pop Culture as well.


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‘White Civil Rights’ Aren’t a Thing: Why Black People Are Protesting Unite the Right 2


The upcoming “white civil rights” rally isn’t an aberration of outdated hatred. On its face, it’s a grand example of Trump supporters’ desire to make America return to Jim Crow-era white nationalism. The implicit aim of the “alt-right” groups sponsoring the rally is to increase harassment and state-sanctioned violence against black, Native, Latinx, Asian, queer, trans, gender non-conforming, disabled and undocumented people while advocating against policies that would actually strengthen the social safety net for all people—including the poor and middle-income whites who make up the majority of people receiving public assistance.


If you wish to attend the counter protests, or know someone who will be attending tomorrow:




The Best Of Blerdcon, A Celebration Of Black Cosplay

Blerdcon is a show that was held last month in DC. It’s a celebration of Blerd culture, which began as a space for “Black Nerds” before spreading its wings and growing to encompass LGBTQ, disabled and other peoples of colour as well.

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Blerdcon is one of those little things that needs to be a bigger thing!

Decolonizing My Fandom

Dr. Who. Star Trek. The Twilight Zone. The Night Stalker. Monty Python’s Flying Circus.Battlestar Galactica (the original series)E. E. “Doc” Smith. JRR Tolkien. David Eddings. Margaret Weiss & Tracy Hickman. Joseph Campbell. The Avengers(tv show and comic), Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men, DC’s Trinity and on and on and on. What do all of these pieces […]

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Love this!

An Open Letter to Roger Ebert – The Raid: Redemption

(No real spoilers, but for those who haven’t seen it you may want to wait until afterward to read this) I loved The Raid. Yep, loved it to death. I gave it a 10/10 in my review grade, and I’ll stand by that grade, as I do all others. I know I’m not alone, but […]

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The writers at Roger Ebert’s site hated this movie. Here, Kiai- Kick explains how their framing of the review was wrong, and explains a lot of why those of us who watch martial arts movies, love them so much.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, and you love movies like Die Hard, and The Road Warrior, you would do well to check this one out, as The Raid seems almost like a mashup of the two.

Gaming Forums Must Get Political

Fuck having a comforting community for ‘everyone’.

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All of Pop Culture is political. Do you know why? Because its created and consumed by human beings  and ALL human beings are political. Even saying that you’re not political is a political statement, which is something  gaming has been trying to do for a while now.

Being apolitical is political!

The First Purge was better when it was five other movies and 90% less racist — Scott Woods Makes Lists

Not only should you not see The First Purge; you should question if anyone who thinks it’s okay that it was made should be allowed to vote. The film has two major problems (and a baker’s dozen of smaller ones): it is both a bad film and grossly exploitive. If you like ham-fisted analogies ripped from […]

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White People Built America

*Just highlighting the writing skills of one Michael Harriot. very possibly one of the best writers at The Root. (Stick around for the comment section to read trolls getting schooled.)

White People Are Right: They Built This Country

They will tell you the only way to change a 400-year-old system of oppression is to do the same things they did to create a the 400-year-old-system of oppression. They have faith in the American democracy because they have seen it work for them. Only for them. They place their trust and loyalty in the American values because  America was built to work for them. Only for them.

Because they built it that way.


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Dead Girls: An Interview with Alice Bolin — Longreads

It’s clear we love the Dead Girl, enough to rehash and reproduce her story, to kill her again and again. But not enough to see a pattern.

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This is an interesting piece on the Dead Girl trope in movies and shows. It outlines a lot of the problems I have with this particular trope (and some of the reasons I won’t watch them) and also discusses the depiction of serial killer masterminds in movies.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is A Terrible, Awful Film

This is one of the best reviews of Jurassic World, I’ve ever read!

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

Warning: total spoilers.

Today, a friend and I made the questionable decision to see Jurassic World: The Next One – sorry, Fallen Kingdom – a film whose relentlessly trite and overdone orchestral scoring made my fingers twitch throughout with the urge to mute the music. The only other film to ever provoke a similar tic was Eragon, which frankly does not make for a great comparison. Granted, I aggressively dislike both Jurassic World and the smugly punchable personage of Chris Pratt With Abs, but I loved the original Jurassic Park films (the first two, anyway) and am generally fond of trashy action spectacle. Had Fallen Kingdom been remotely good, these biases would have neatly cancelled each other out; instead, I was forced to sit through a film so bad, it made two hours feel like four.

Fallen Kingdom is, in every respect, an aggressively terrible movie. The music is…

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Monster Gallery: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) — Monster Legacy

Main articles: Abraham Sapien Mister Wink Wonders of the Troll Market and Beyond: Part 1 | Part 2 The Last Elemental The Angel of Death

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This is one of my favorite monster movies! If you love monsters and weird creatures, and you haven’t seen this movie, you’ve got to check it out!

The Narrative of the “SJW”

Culture Werewolf

As a werewolf who used Twitter at least once, I’ve seen the term “SJW” come up.

It stands for “social justice warrior.” It is almost always used negatively, as an insult or a criticism. To be a social justice warrior is not a good thing in the eyes of most of the people who use it, although certain people – almost invariably those who are regularly accused of being one – have reclaimed the term and wear it as a proud, albeit perhaps ironic badge of honour.

In almost any conversation on social media about gender, race, sexuality or disability, you will likely encounter the term at least once. Seeing this, you may ask: “but what does it mean?”

The answer, as we are about to discover, is simple: absolutely nothing at all.

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Black men are made to feel ugly, and we need to talk about it — Media Diversified

Derek Owusu talks about the emotional challenges faced by British black men when it comes to Eurocentric norms of attractiveness

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I love articles that give me new, and interesting, ways to think about the world, and the people around me. Up to now, I’d never given a whole lot of thought about how European beauty standards affected Black men. I was peripherally aware of the occasionally disgruntled Black guy, but mostly ignorant of how these standards impacted them, or made them feel about themselves. In fact, I was inclined to believe that most Black men were thought of as good looking, simply because I think of most Black men as good looking..

I was horribly wrong!

There are beauty standards for Black men, and our community needs to start talking about how they feel about it.