New Year New Baby

I have been thoroughly neglecting this blog but I have a very good reason.

On January 14th, my third niece was brought into the world (via cesarian) at 8 in the evening!

Her name is Tyler Chanel and she weighed 7 lbs/6 oz.

She is already quite vocal in making sure her needs are being met and she doesn’t like having her head touched or her swaddling removed!

I took a little time off to help my little sister prepare for the new baby. There have been all kinds of dramatic things happening in her life, which it’s not my place to mention here, but I’ve been preoccupied with supporting her through these wild events.

Right now she and the baby are doing okay. Momma is tired and a little sore because of the surgery but recovering (and fussing). She and the baby are eating well, resting well, and getting discharged from the hospital today. The brothers have things well in hand while I go to work, and I’ll be visiting the two of them later this week.

Well, that’s the news.

I’ll be back soon enough with plenty of trivia and articles about movies so stay tuned.


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