Yeah, I’m still here. I’m still writing (some long-form posts) but it is the Holiday season, so you’re probably going to notice some extreme slacking off in the next few weeks. Frankly, all of you should be slacking this season.

When I come back (probably next week) I want to talk about my favorite new series Interview with the Vampire, which did everything right when it came to race-bending and genderswapping characters, and by that time I will have something to say about the new series called Wednesday on Netflix.

I am encouraging as many people as I can reach to watch Interview with the Vampire which is one of the most trashy, campy, beautiful, and sexy shows about vampires I’ve ever seen. It is airing on AMC+. You can pay for the app alone or get it through Amazon Prime for 8.99 a month and I promise it is worth it, (at about 1.25 an episode) just to watch this show (after which you can cancel if you want.) Don’t go into it expecting a retread of the 1994 film, which is still one of my favorite vampire movies, although this series I think, surpasses and deepens the story in a lot of ways.

Coming in December will be my end-of-the-year favorite movies and series list! As far as entertainment, inclusivity, and representation, this was a spectacular year! Also next month, more on my weight loss journey, how much I lost, how it’s going, and what are my goals.

Until then,

Happy Holidays


One thought on “HELLOOOO!!!

  1. BlackMando

    Born in 92 & remember my sis (born in 82) loved Queen of the Damned & Interview, which lead to me checkin them out. Huge fan of anything Vampire….mostly even Twilight lmao Yes imma straight Black Man nd Twilight was my guilty pleasure in HS (also thanks to my Sis). Interview was an exciting part of my past Halloween, with TWD, & Fear Fest on AMC all October! We need more GOOD Black Vampire stories/Movies. Gonna be checking out some Holiday Horror w/a Female I’ve been dating & am def open to suggestions! Happy Belated Halloween & Happy Holidays y’all! ✊🏽✌🏽

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