Hi Guys! Summer Update

Yes, I’m fine.

I know I haven’t been heard from on here for a few minutes but I’m doing fine except for a slight head cold. Those are horrible, I know. A lot of my energy has gone towards taking care of my nieces and nephew who are hanging out in my house this Summer. Boy, are they energetic! They’re sweet kids, and I can sort of keep up with them, but after a while I just crash.

I forgot how much little kids can eat!

My weight loss journey continues apace. Since the end of March I have lost approximately 30 pounds. No, I don’t have a weight goal, because I wasn’t doing this to lose weight. It’s one of the side effects of the medication I’m using to control my diabetes, and it seems to be working! My doctor says my A1C is doing great, and to keep up the good work. My sister, the boxer, has offered to help me tone up these flabby arms. I forgot that when you lose weight you have a lot of excess skin.

Right now I have about 60 drafts of posts I’ve started and not finished! But I promise to have something out by Friday. Most likely it will be a trailer list for what I feel are some very exciting movies for me, and hopefully I’ll be more on my posting game next week.

Have a great Summer. Those of you who are in climate, please stay cool, and drink plenty of water.


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