Some Personal News

I know you guys are always curious about the little tidbits of my life that I sometimes post on here, so here goes.

I haven’t posted all week because I’m sort on Holiday (except for some stomach problems today), but I will be back next week with some late, but good shit…hopefully!

In other news, after my Mom’s passing, I took stock of the serious, and I do mean serious, health issues she had, and realized I do not want to go through any of what she did. Death is inevitable, but it can sometimes be postponed, and you can sometimes make it less painful than the constant invasive hospital visits she had to go through all year long. And I don’t want my family members to go through the trauma of what we went through while taking care of her. (It was really hard for all of us, y’all.)

So, I’ve decided to make a better effort to get my shit in order. I was already making some passing efforts to take care of my health, eliminating sugar, and fast foods, eating better foods, and retooling my medications, but now I’m in earnest.

I’ve eliminated soda, and fruit juice from my diet. The only real sugar I’m drinking now is a cup of tea for breakfast. I’ve changed my diet to eliminate as much processed food as I can. I’ve lessened any junk food I used to buy beyond the occasional treat (and by occasional I mean a couple of cookies, or a small bowl of ice cream a couple of times a month, no candy, no pastries. I just don’t buy the stuff anymore), I’m on all new medications for blood pressure, any possible heart disease (heading it off at the pass), and diabetes. One of the medications I’m taking is called Ozempic,which as as side effect causes you to lose weight.

Ozempic works by severely limiting the amount of food you eat so you have no choice but to stop eating once you’re full, and you get full faster, which has also completely changed my eating habits, because I have to think about food portions now in a way I never had to before. What can I eat vs what do I want. I always want more than I can eat, but now I have to be realistic about what I can actually finish eating.

I started Ozempic in late March, early April, and it’s working, because I have already lost 20+ pounds. By December this will probably cause a very noticeable change in my looks to my friends, and co-workers, and I will definitely need to get some more pants, cuz there’s only so much fabric a person can hem up.

I was told by my dietitian that even losing twenty pounds will help the knee problems, (it has), reduce my A1C, and improve my blood pressure, so here’s to my journey towards health. I haven’t started exercising as much as I should though, but I love dancing, so that’s where I’m headed next.

Guys, I don’t know here I’m heading in this journey towards health, someplace good I’m hoping. My weight didn’t ever stop me from doing stuff before but who knows what will happen from this?

I’m on my way for real this time!

So, wish me luck!


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