I Was Gonna Watch That

And Then I Didn’t….


I remember this was one of those series I was mildly excited about. I mean I like Loki, I guess (lukewarm sigh) and I most definitely like Tom Hiddleston, so why didn’t I care about this. I don’t know. Sometimes my excitement for a show just peters out or loses momentum. The level of excitement simply wasn’t enough to carry me all the way to the end of the series, although in my defense, I did watch the first two episodes, and the last episode, and genuinely liked them. I mean I don’t have bad memories of what I did watch, and I remember it was entertaining enough to watch to the end of each episode.

Unlike a lot of people, I don’t feel obligated to watch everything the MCU puts out into the world. I sometimes just skip things, and I think the reason why I’m capable of doing that is that I read the comic books of most of these characters. I know enough about them to skip their shows and still be able to pick up anything they’re in later pretty easily.

Tokyo Vice

Okay, I remember being very excited about this because I read the book a long time ago. I love movies set in Japan and have watched a helluva lot of them, and because it has Ken Watanabe in it, and I really like him. But…and here goes my unpopular opinion (as if I cared what’s popular) the lead actor in this series is quite possibly one of the blandest, and most boring men to ever walk across a TV screen. This lack of character was okay in the last movie I saw him in, which was Baby Driver, (and before that he was the forgettable young man from the Carrie remake) but for the life of me, I cannot understand why he keeps getting hired for stuff. Just stop! Is Hollywood hiring him because he’s such a nonentity that you can write any character onto him? I don’t know.

Oh, and while the book was compelling, the series is just kinda boring, which is a shame because some of my favorite Japanese actors are in it. It’s about an American journalist who gets involved with Tokyo’s criminal underground while working in Japan. Unfortunately, the show’s timing couldn’t be worse, because although it is based on a true story, its yet another one of those stories about a foreign country as seen through the eyes of a white American, giving it an exotic orientalist feel, and I was not in the mood. If I wanted that, I could just watch The Last Samurai again, a movie which also stars Ken Watanabe and a less boring Tom Cruise.

Raised By Wolves

This looked interesting in the same way that Westworld looked interesting, but I quickly lost interest in it after I found out it had religious themes. I’m not opposed to religious themes in general. I’ve watched plenty of such movies, but I’m not in the mood to watch futuristic religious oppression. I think it has something to do with some interplanetary religious authorities trying to take back some children who were kidnapped by a couple of once protective robots. You would think this would be right up my alley as there’s a lot of symbolism, violence, and aliens or something.

I have seen the trailers and some of the action scenes are awesome, and it’s a gorgeously shot series, but that’s not enough to make me want to sit through some series that have heavy themes that I’m simply not in the mood for. I allow myself maybe one or two thematically heavy series in a 6 month period. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth to watch more than two of these types of plot-dense shows at a time because they’re just exhausting.


I heard a lot about this series and at first, I thought it was about a Horror movie that came out a few years ago. I now realize that there are a couple of these corporate Horror things titled Severance. The main one came out around 2005 or so and involved office workers being killed off during a corporate wilderness retreat. It’s supposed to be funny. I haven’t watched that either.

I did start watching this though, although it’s not usually my type of show, and while enjoyable is a strong word, it was compelling enough for me to watch through at least three episodes. It’s about a mysterious corporation that requires its employees to have their memories wiped before going home in the evening. When they’re at work they’re not allowed to remember their home life, and when they’re at home, they can’t remember what it is they do at work. You get thrown right into the middle of this plot right at the beginning.

I will probably finish this, but I took a break to watch Fantastic Beasts 3, which I also did not finish. I’ll get back to them both soon enough. It’s a very weird, quirky show. I’m convinced that the characters are probably part of some kind of bizarre social experiment because I’ve watched several episodes and I still don’t understand exactly what it is they do at work besides type at their computers and eat weird foods. I haven’t really seen any of them “working” (at least not in the way that I understand that term).


I really wanted to like this series but I lost interest after the first episode. The most annoying thing I remember from the first episode was the lead character’s hairstyle, which is, I’m not gonna mince words, distractingly ugly. I wanted to get into the series, even though I never played any of the videogames (I have read the art gamebooks though). Maybe I was just tired or something but I couldn’t gin up any excitement. Sometimes a show isn’t bad or anything, I just get distracted by something better. That’s not the case with Halo, which was just a great big “meh”.

I couldn’t really tell you what it was about except its full of the usual cliches of humans fighting against some type of violent alien horde, a young girl caught in the middle who befriends some type of experimental soldier of death created by some kind of duplicitous government authority, and how he goes off-script and has to be hunted down by soldiers like himself. It heavily reminded me of a movie called Soldier, from back in the 90s, which starred Kurt Russell. I got all of that from the first episode. They tried but this was not especially exciting, although I am willing to concede that maybe it got better in later episodes.

Peaky Blinders

Is it fair to say that I started watching the first episode of this series, got distracted by some yarn, and fell asleep? No really, I meant to watch it. It was playing on the TV as I fell asleep, and when I woke up, Netflix had paused and asked me if I wanted to continue watching and I said nah, and went back to sleep. The show wasn’t boring or anything. I didn’t watch it long enough to be bored, but this sort of thing happens frequently because my bedroom is full of interesting stuff.

Okay, okay, I’ll try again at some point, but sleepy people cannot be trusted to finish TV shows.

But hey, the ten minutes I watched looked pretty good, if depressing, and Cillian Murphy is very pretty.

Killing Eve

I watched approximately two, maybe three episodes of this show and I liked what I saw, despite the fact that the first time I saw a trailer for the show, I hated Jodi Comer’s character. Later, I thought the character was funny. The character actually turned out to be something in between. I started watching it because there were some strong parallels between this series and Hannibal and I really like Sandra Oh. I was not wrong about the similarities, but I stopped watching it in its entirety because I watched Hannibal and felt I’d already seen it all before, only this time with two women.

The show really is pretty good from what I saw but it suffered from being too much like a favorite show of mine, that had just ended.


I don’t know what it is but I am unaccountably attracted to shows about assassins, so I made the decision NOT to watch yet another show about a retired assassin, but I couldn’t help myself. The show looks really, really good, and I just have not had the time to watch it in full. If I play my cards wrong I will continue to still not have the time to watch it, because I already have a bunch of series on my “to be watched” list, although I suspect I will fail, and during some dull moment on the weekend I’ll end up bingewatching another show about an assassin trying to be a good person. I did catch a couple of episodes back when I had cable, enough to be able to point to a couple of characters I like and a little bit of back story on them, but I haven’t sat down to watch it in order.

You see how this is right? Most of these shows I wanted to watch and I told myself I had to watch them because they looks really good, and then I did not do that, and now I feel some type of way about my inability to actually place my eyeballs upon the images without either falling asleep or being easily distracted as if I were a toddler. This is just a warning to young people (people younger than me, anyway), that once you hit your fifties, every time you sit down in your house your body will take that as a sign that it is time to go to sleep.

The Expanse

This is another show that I keep hearing great things about such that I’m starting to feel somewhat guilty about not watching it, and so it goes on the list of series I keep meaning to watch, but never quite find the time. Now to be fair, I did watch the first season and lost interest almost immediately, but then I was also not being distracted by another bunch of science fiction shows. Apparently, I only have so much room in my head for sci-fi series, and there is some kind of quota. I know enough about it to have picked up some names, have a couple of favorite characters (Nagata and Bobby Draper), and even did a review of the very first episode, but for some reason, the show just isn’t sticking with me, and I think it’s because of the political angles of the show. That part just doesn’t interest me and I don’t feel like following any of that. I suspect that I’m not getting into it because the show simply isn’t weird enough and from what I have seen, more than a little dystopian, and I’m almost never in the mood for that. I haven’t looked at it in so long that I cannot even begin to tell you what it’s about.

OTOH: There are things I did watch.

I did watch The Mandolorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and I actually am watching Obi Wan Kenobi, which I was mildly excited about, but wasn’t really expecting to like!


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