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This is for anyone who requires it: https://freethoughtblogs.com/oceanoxia/2022/05/06/tips-for-accessing-reproductive-healthcare-in-the-united-states/


📢 Abortion is still legal in the United States, but legality isn’t accessibility. ✨ Increasingly, more women and people are managing their abortions on their own without a doctor. There are a variety of reasons someone may choose to do so, including not being able to access in-clinic abortion care, cost, fear of safety or need for privacy.

✨ As we move closer to a post-Roe future, now is the time to educate yourself and your community about self-managed abortion with pills 💊 . The number of people turning to self-managed abortion is increasing, 📈 and knowledge about abortion can be empowering! 🍎 📚

📍Here’s what you need to know:

-It’s MEDICALLY safe and effective to take the abortion pills 💊(misoprostol and/or misoprostol+mifepristone) to end a pregnancy in the first 12 weeks without a clinic or doctor supervision.

-It’s LEGALLY risky ⚖️ – at least 20 people have been arrested for self-managing their care. ✨

📚 Here are some resources to explore & learn more (and accounts to follow!)

✨Step by step instructions and information about self-managed abortion with pills is available from Reproaction, the World Health Organization (YUP), and Aid Access.

✨ Plan C has a report card of online abortion pill retailers!

✨If someone needs help or has questions about how to use the abortion pills, they can contactWomen Help Women 💻

✨If someone has questions about their rights, they can call ☎️ If/When/How’s hotline atreprohelpline.org

✨If someone needs judgement free advice (or just needs an ear to listen!) they can call All-Options at 1-888-493-0092 ☎️

✨ Before you @ me, I wouldn’t be sharing if I didn’t think it was necessary. This is community harm reduction.

Quote from @abortion_embroidery on Instagram!


Self-Managed Abortion Is Medically Very Safe. But Is It Legally Safe? – Ms. Magazine

Article that gives more information over legality of self managed abortion. The actual statistic is that 21 people were prosecuted over 30 years and the few people who were convicted had their convictions overturned. I would encourage people to read the article for full context as it is not as legally risky as the above implies



you don’t need to ask for jane anymore: a guide to coming to chicago for a safe, low-cost abortion

A lot of people in the US are super worried about the Supreme Court axing Roe v. Wade, but what they might not know is that some states have laws in place that will protect the right to reproductive choice and abortion if that happens. One of these states is the state of Illinois. In 2019, a law was passed that protects abortion rights within the state even if the federal right to an abortion falls. This means that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion will still be a protected right in Illinois. Even before Roe, Chicago was a haven for safe abortions- you just called and asked for Jane.

Now, safe abortion access is the law of the land in IL, and there are several groups who can help you. This post is long, but I think it’s worthwhile. Even if you don’t read all the way through it, maybe save it for later. You or someone you know might need it. If you want to stop now, the TL;DR is this:

  1. f you’re a minor and you can’t tell your parents, get a waiver of notification
  1. from the IL Judicial Bypass program.
  2. Schedule your appointment.
  3. Contact abortion funds to get financial aid. Your home state might have s fund, and the Chicago Abortion Fund can help.
  4. Secure housing for the procedure through the Midwest Access Coalition or by talking to the intake staff at the clinic of your choice.

I’d like to start by saying that the closer to home you get your abortion, should you need one, the easier it will be for you… probably. It depends on your individual situation AND your safety. If I still lived in Indiana and I needed an abortion, I’d probably leave to get it done, even though there are abortion providers in Indiana, because Indiana is super hostile and there’s lots of clinic protestors- for example, when I was taking my GRE my senior year at Notre Dame, the testing center was in this little strip mall in Mishawaka next to Planned Parenthood. Despite the fact that the PP in Mishawaka does not provide abortions, there were protestors who yelled at me for going in there. I wasn’t even going to PP. I’d like to say that I said something devastatingly cool but I just ran in flustered. Point being: It really, really would have sucked if I was there for healthcare instead of a standardized test for graduate school. And that’s a very tame, mild situation! Real abortion clinic protests are often much more devastating! 

ANYWAYS. The less you have to travel, the easier things tend to be, if it’s safe to get an abortion where you are and if your state will have protected abortions if Roe is overturned.

The full and entire post can be found at Oceanoxia at Freethoughtblogs!

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