New Movie and TV Trailers

Jurassic World 3

I mentioned this one in an earlier post. I’m still looking forward to it. My enthusiasm has not waned in the slightest! Here’s the newest trailer. And I love it!


A new Jordan Peele movie is always a major event worth talking about. He is one of the premiere Horror directors today. A lot of people seem to think this is about aliens, but in all likelihood, I think everyone is being misled. I think what’s happening is going to be a lot weirder than aliens, although several people have pointed out that NOPE also stands for Not Of Planet Earth. So there is that, I guess. The trailer looks like something to “nope” right out of anyway, so I’m excited about this.

I am totally in love with Kiki Layne’s character, and that music (Stevie Wonder’s Fingertips Pt 1, which he performed as a teenager!) is totally taking me back. It’s interesting how some directors develop a stable of actors they love to work with a lot, and that’s what we’re seeing here with Daniel Kaluya and Steven Yeun.

I did not have plans to see this in the theater, because I don’t like being scared in public. I already have low-grade anxiety about being in public, and I don’t think adding a scary movie to that is a good idea. However, there is always an exception, and I have seen plenty of other Horror movies in the theater. I will go see this in the theater if my little sister will go with me. (She doesn’t have to hold my hand when I get scared, but that option is on the table.).

Black Adam/The Flash/Aquaman 2

I don’t know anything about Black Adam. Apparently, he is a rival to Shazam (whose name was Captain Marvel, until DC ran into some copyright infringement with Marvel, I think) but I did read the Doctor Fate books, which are DC’s answer to Doctor Strange. (Why is DC and Marvel like this?!!!) I’m excited for this because I love the Doctor Fate character (although that actor is NOT who I envisioned as him), and my personal favorite, Hawkman. (I did envision Aldous Hodge as Hawkman many many times, however!)

I am still cautiously excited about The Flash movie.

I haven’t even watched the first Aquaman movie, which has been readily available to me on HBO all year long. I mean, I started watching it, got sidetracked, and never started it again. I guess I’ll get around to it before this sequel is released if I remember.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Here’s the newest Doctor Strange trailer. The movie looks pretty wild. Also check out the newest superhero introduced here, America Chavez, whose presence here is entirely appropriate, since she is kind of a dimension-hopping, female version of Captain America. At least that was how she was originally introduced in the comic books. (Her backstory has since been altered to something a little different.) I think Strange is going to need her ability to crash through the walls between worlds. There’s also, I’m told a tiny cameo of Patrick Stewart. If true, then the implications of his presence are really huge for the future of the MCU.

Man Who Fell To Earth (Showtime)

I remember watching the David Bowie version of this (it was released in the early 70s) when I was in my twenties, and mostly I was just baffled. Afterward, I attempted to read the book, which made more sense than the film. I think the Bowie film is just artsy, for the sake of being so, and deliberately confusing. I think this version will probably be much more accessible to any viewers than the ealrier one, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt go check that out, because it is worth the watch.

I’m a big fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor (Doctor Strange’s Mordo). He always brings his A-game, and I like that this also stars one of my favorite actresses, Naomie Harris, (Shriek from Venom, Ms. Moneypenny from Skyfall) who really doesn’t get enough fan love. I am cautiously excited about this because there are about a million ways to mess this up, and/or lose my interest.

The Rings of Power (LOTR Series)

I was waiting for the trailer to decide if I was going to watch this, and I’m in. I like the premise and I’m told a few old favorites from the movies will turn up in cameos (Elrond and Galadriel). I’m not a Tolkien enthusiast really, but I’m more excited about actual Tolkien films than the many thousands of high fantasy Tolkien ripoffs that exist, and I know just enough about his works, that I can find my way around a series based on them. (I’m also glad someone remembered that black people like to see themselves in fantasy works, historical accuracy be damned, and let’s watch the bigots in the fandom of LOTR act like whole ass fools because of that. They are as predictable as gravity at this point!)

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