Ten More Terrifying Creatures in the SCP

The SCP is full of some truly terrifying creatures, many of which seem innocuous, but are exceptionally difficult to contain, making them Keter Class, and sometimes world-ending beings, which should rightfully induce terror. In an earlier post I listed ten of the most terrifying SCPs, but I wasn’t finished, and I’m never going to be finished because there are plenty of terrors to be had in the world of The SCP.

Here are ten more of the most terrifying.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Scarlet King – SCP 231

ArtStation - SCP Foundation: SCP-2317 [The Scarlet King], Cyprus Light

The Scarlet King is the greatest boogeyman of the SCP, and is something that most of the leadership of the 05 Council (more on them later), live in deathly fear of unleashing, even when they don’t completely understand what he is, his reach, or his influence over the SCP world itself. The Scarlet King is one of the primary villains of the SCP universe, and a major part of the mythos behind its creation, and should he ever be unleashed, that would not just spell the end of the world, but the possible end of the universe itself.

The Scarlet King is the avatar of pre-modern existence. He essentially hates modernity/technology, and would prefer that mankind regress to a pre-modern state of blood, brutality, and hardship. For this reason, The Scarlet King is a Keter Class being that the SCP takes a great deal of effort to contain. One of those efforts involves the perception that a young girl be horribly tortured to appease his blood lust, which keeps him from breaking free, and wreaking havoc. This may not actually require the torture of the girl, but as long as everyone believes that the girl is being horrifically tortured, The Scarlet King can be kept at bay.

I definitely prefer the idea that some girl must be perceived to be tortured, because the alternative is much too horrible. I prefer to think that the “torture” idea is just propaganda being put out by the SCP, and that in reality, the little girl is probably being kept asleep, or being entertained and given treats.

The Old Man – SCP 106

SCP-106 - SCP Foundation

The Old Man is some serious nightmare fuel! There is nothing else in the SCP, that is as openly nasty, and as gleefully evil, outside of the Hard to Kill Reptile, and what’s worse, he’s all but impossible to contain, which accounts for his Keter Class status. The Old man is a creature that tortures and consumes human beings for fun. Most of the time he’s passive, and spends his time in repose, or asleep, but when the mood takes him, he’s a real horror to encounter, and a terror for any Mobile Task Forces to recapture.

The Old Man looks like an emaciated, gray, walking corpse. He exudes a black, acidic goo, from his hands and feet, that can eat through any flesh, and most inanimate material, making it easy for him to pass through walls and floors, grab someone from anywhere, take them back to the dark and rotting dimension where he likes to store his “food”, where he will then torture them by chasing them for several hours before consuming them, after which he will seek out a new victim. Often, the only way he can be recaptured is by sacrificing another human being as bait to draw him out.

If you see that face, it does you no good at all to run. The Old Man could be anywhere, and your running just makes him happy!

The Sculpture – SCP 173

SCP-173 - SCP Foundation

This is one SCP I have a special hatred for. Everything about this “creature” is just wrong! The Sculpture is another innocuous looking nightmare that must be carefully and tightly contained, because if it should ever break free, it could result in a massive amount of death and destruction. It looks harmless, and it is, until you let it out of your sight. Those of you who are familiar with the Doctor Who villains called The Weeping Angels, and have seen the famous episode titled Blink, will know exactly what this means. If you have not watched that particular episode, I guarantee you it is some of the most harrowing viewing in a TV series!

Like The Weeping Angels, The Sculpture is a seemingly inanimate object, made of rebar and concrete, and can only move when you’re not looking, but that’s where its resemblance to the Weeping Angels ends.

The difference here is that The Sculpture kills its victims by near instantaneously snapping the neck of anyone who blinks in its presence. The containment procedures for this object sound absurd, requiring multiple people to keep the creature within their line of sight, at all times, while warning each other when they’re about to blink. If this were left up to the SCP, the creature would be left entirely in isolation, except that it constantly secretes “bodily fluids” (blood and feces), which requires constant cleaning of its containment chamber by D-Class custodians.

No one knows the creature’s origins, who created it, or where it came from, and it’s been hell trying to keep it contained, if one goes by the multiple stories of it breaking containment to wreak havoc. The creature is actually intelligent enough to play games, and do other unpredictable things, which is what makes its containment so tricky, and classifies its Euclid Class status.

The Sisters – SCP 1765

SCP-1765 - Sisters (SCP Animation) - YouTube | Scp, Animation, Sisters

The Three Sisters are some truly malevolent Keter Class reality benders that now exist in their own containment facility, which is now confined in its own reality bubble. All of the personnel who were working in that facility are considered lost. They simply cannot be rescued. The Sisters were discovered in the possession of a rival SCP style organization, and taken into custody, where the artifacts that contained them were awakened. The Sisters decided they would ally themselves with the SCP, and help them perform tests and experiments on anomalous subjects. What actually happened was that the facility, and all its employees, became the experimental subjects, and all of them are trapped in the malicious whims of these three beings.

Each sister took over an area of the facility to begin performing “scientific” experiments on the employees, like making them relive the same torturous day over and over, or making them fight each other in gladiatorial combats, and then bringing them all back to life to do it again, or making a person choose between different flavors of ice cream for all eternity. One of the sisters didn’t even bother to call what she was doing experimentation. It was just torture.

The SCP tried using different Mobile Task Forces to rescue the personnel but only ended up adding to the number of prisoners in the facility. The facility now belongs to these women, and exists in the pocket universe they created. The SCP keeps everyone inside that facility using what’s known as a “reality anchor”, which minimizes their powers to only that facility, but even that’s not a guarantee of safety. The Sisters are so terrifying to the The SCP, that should they ever decide to leave the facility in which they have been imprisoned, the onsite nuclear warhead would become a viable option.

Corrosive Snail SCP 075

SCP-075 | SCP Foundation | Know Your Meme

This particular creature seems like an ordinary snail except for the exceptionally large size of its “foot”, but it’s actually an apex predator that actively hunts its prey, and consumes it by using a substance more corrosive than anything invented by humans. Think the Facehugger from Alien, only much much larger. Right now, the creature is contained, but its containment procedures are complicated and finicky.

For example, it must be kept in a special corrosive resistant chamber, and be continually monitored, so that the humidity level in that chamber doesn’t rise too high. If that should happen, the facility in which its housed must be immediatley evacuated of all personnel, and the facility locked down until the humidity level is diminished to an acceptable level, because keeping the creature dried out causes it to enter a dormant state.

When not in its dried state it moves incredibly fast, for a creature of its size, and somewhat excessive weight. It is also incredibly aggressive, leaping and attacking its prey, and covering its prey with the corrosive fluid, which can reduce a human body to a slurry in minutes. The SCP is currently attempting to gain samples of the corrosive fluid without waking the creature from its dormant state.

Gorefield – SCP 3166

A creepy Garfield story - Album on Imgur

I’m having a hard time just getting past that picture. Apparently, I’m one of those people who is willing to admit they don’t hate the Garfield comics. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like them, but I don’t dislike them either. Strangely enough, this entity isn’t actually dangerous to the public. It’s mostly just ugly and really hard to contain. It is however, deeply dangerous to the creators of the Garfield newspaper cartoons, and explains why these cartoons are still being produced. One of the stories about this creature was whenever the Garfield franchise experienced a sales slump, this horrific looking creature (sometimes made entirely out of lasagna – eww!) would manifest and attack the artist, Jim Davis, no matter where he happened to be.

The attacks can only be stopped by feeding the creature more lasagna!

Today, this Euclid class SCP remains uncontained but well-documented. Jim Davis is still, at 75+ years old, involved in the publishing of the Garfield comics, but the attacks have expanded to include all the employees of the companies responsible for producing it, Random House and Andrews McMeel Publishing. To keep the creature from manifesting the SCP foundation has gone so far as to keep the publishing company funded.

The Shy Guy – SCP 096

Respect SCP-096, The Shy Guy (SCP Foundation): respectthreads

There are many many tales (and at least a couple of short films) about this character, because he truly is one of the most terrifying creatures in the SCP, that is very difficult to keep contained. He is also known as The Tall Man, or The Crying Man, because he is abnormally tall, and when not out killing people, he huddles on the floor of his containment unit crying.

The way The Shy Guy works is that anyone who views his face, anywhere in the world, in any manner, whether on video, or in a photograph, even to the smallest pixel, he’ll find out about them, go berserk, and hunt down the offending person and rip them to pieces. Now granted, it may take him some time to reach his victim, but he has also been clocked at some incredible speeds.

Apparently, there is a fun activity where fans of this SCP like to present various scenarios in which he can’t reach the person he’s looking for: What if they are on a plane? In space? At sea? From an alternate world? Well, those are stories which remain to be told, I guess.

The Many Winged Angel – SCP 469

The SCP Foundation,Secure. Contain. Protect.,фэндомы,SCP art,SCP-469,Класс  Кетер,Объекты SCP,SCP Объекты | Scp, Pale horse, Fantasy

This SCP is literally a mystery within a mystery. No one knows exactly what it is, since no one has ever seen it directly and lived. It appears to be a massive ball of wings, with some kind of humanoid entity at its center. The creature feeds on sound, which it uses to grow larger and more wings, and its willing to use other living creatures to fuel its growth.

Any person (or creature) unlucky enough to touch the feathers or just come too close, will be quickly grabbed, enfolded, and engulfed by the wings. The feathers are strong, prehensile, and tipped with sharp spines that release a stimulant into the human body that keeps its prey alive and screaming (thereby making as much noise as possible), while it feeds. The person will either die from blood loss, or suffocate under the extra production of feathers.

The SCP is still attempting to find ways to destroy it. Fire doesn’t work since that produces enough noise that it can grow feathers faster than it can be burned, and no one can get close enough to it to cut it with any type of blade. Its containment is a fairly elaborate system of special suits that cannot produce sound, muted phones, written notes, and text messaging, in a soundproofed and airtight cell. Like The Shy Guy, it spends its time curled into a fetal position on the floor of its cell until any sound awakens it.

With Many Voices – SCP 939

ArtStation - SCP-939 With Many Voices, Miur Jo

These creatures are so dangerous that only two of them are allowed to exist at any one time, and they must be rendered unconscious during any interactions with human beings, or cleaning of their containment cells. Their handlers are required to wear pulse monitors to indicate to those outside the chamber that that person’s life functions have ceased. This is important because these creatures are such excellent mimics, that not even voice recognition software is able to tell the difference. Its primary way of procuring prey is to speak in the voices of its previous victims, which is seriously creepy, since in most cases they have never heard their victims speak! They are Keter class SCPs because their containment requires involved and complicated measures.

Their heads contain no brain, and they seemingly have no digestive or circulatory systems, but they are apex pack hunters, that like to eat until the meat clogs their respiratory system, after which they will simply regurgitate it. The creatures also produce an amnestic mist that causes temporary amnesia. So, even if its prey manages to escape it the first time, they’ll forget what happened, and come back. Despite their lack of any kind of vital organs they still somehow manage to produce live young. And yet, these are not supernatural creatures. They are just anomalous organic beings, that can be killed, whose origins are completely unknown.

The Headlights – SCP 745

Lightbulbs | SCP-745 |: SCP

I am not a fan of driving, so this is an SCP that definitely raises my blood pressure. These creatures have something in common with the two creatures listed above, in that they catch their prey by mimicking something innocent. Unlike those creatures, however, these two are NOT contained in any facility, which gives them their Euclid status. Rather, they are confined to a specific stretch of highway in Arizona, which is guarded by SCP agents disguised as Highway Patrol officers. Their job it is to remove trespassers and capture any new specimens of this SCP that show up in that territory, and either transport them to containment facilities or destroy them. That stretch of road along which they like to hunt has also been rerouted to discourage drivers.

These SCPs are large, black, bipedal, nocturnal creatures resembling something like dinosaurs. They have completely transparent heads through which their brains can be seen, but which also emit a bright white light. This has the effect of making their bodies invisible at night so that when they chase down their victims, often hunting in pairs, they look like another vehicle. Their method is to pursue a lone car until they can get it to veer off the road, stop, or just crash, after which the two attack and eat any survivors. It is unknown what the victims have experienced, since there has never been a survivor of such an attack, and none of the crashed vehicles have ever shown signs of forced entry.

Imagine driving down some lonely road at night, only to look up and see what you think is another car coming up on you waaay too fast, only to find it’s not a car at all, as the headlights separate and slide over to either side of your vehicle!

Hey, this isn’t the last of my SCP lists. Coming up soon are posts about the top ten rival organizations to the SCP, and a list of my favorite Mobile Task Forces!

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