Halloween Month

It is now officially Halloween month, so that means lots of Horror series, movie reviews, and assorted horrifying topics!


I can’t guarantee I will get to post all my drafts this month, but I’m going to give it a try. I’ve been busy taking care of some personal issues, which leave me pretty intellectually drained, and physically exhausted, by the end of the day, so I can only post when my brain is actually firing on all thrusters. (It’s okay, I’m not sick. Just tired.) Nevertheless, I did promise another post about the things I’ve been watching, and a couple of lists of favorites, and a couple of long form posts. Hopefully, I can get some of these things up before the seasonal malaise, which prompts me to sleep all the time, sets in! (Vitamins are our friends!)

I did start off my favorite month by watching, you guessed it! the 1978 version of Halloween, for the five billionth time, late Thursday night. Next up, the 2018 version in preparation for this month’s release of the sequel, Halloween Kills, which looks awesome.

There are a number of great movies released this month. Along with the Halloween sequel, we’ve got the new Venom film, Let There Be Carnage, which looks like great, campy fun, and the release of Denis Villaneuve’s Dune.

As for today, lets get our Halloween groove on:

One thought on “Halloween Month

  1. A nice, festive e musical start to the month! I read the Vincent Price biography by his daughter, and he was a bit miffed that he got NOTHING for doing the voice at the end of “Thriller.” Oh well, he made plenty by scaring us in a ton of vintage horror films, many of which will get dusted off this month! Looking forward to your posts~

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