Spiderman: No Way Home Reaction

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but then this shit happened, and I found a reason to attempt to live through the Holiday season…which is anytime after Halloween.

I love everything…about this trailer.

I do love these little character “crossover” moments too, which were one of my favorite things in the comic books, so I’m looking forward to seeing just which members of the gang are all going to show up! I like the comedy dynamic between Dr. Strange and Peter Parker. I think the two set each other off very well, and hopefully Peter will show up in Strange’s movie next year.

You guys know I am a huge Spiderman fan. I’ve been reading the comics since the 80s, (and even backtracked to read the older ones, too), and I’m reasonably familiar with a lot of his classic storylines, but my favorite stories almost always involved The Sinister Six, of which there have been at least a half dozen iterations over the past few decades, with sometimes as many as twelve villains teaming up to beat Spiderman’s ass.

Now, I knew there was going to be some multiverse/alternate universe shenanigans going on, and I knew that Doctor Strange, and possibly the other two live action iterations of Spiderman would be putting in an appearance. What I was not expecting was the appearance of some of Spiderman’s greatest villains, and I really should have expected that. Just like Batman has a coterie of villains, who insist on working his last nerves, Spiderman does too, and they sometimes like to get together to be a thorn in his side.

We were introduced to two of its members in the first Spiderman film, The Vulture, and The Scorpion. We get introduced to possibly three more in the newest film, Doctor Octopus, Electro, and The Green Goblin. I don’t know who the sixth member would be, but The Sinister Six has occasionally included Mysterio (whom Spiderman just fought in his last film), Kraven the Hunter, (who has not yet been introduced into the MCU), The Sandman, (who also has not been introduced yet, but might be in this film, since he is one of the villains of one of the previous iterations of Spiderman), and sometimes, The Lizard. (We have already been introduced to The Shocker, in the first MCU Spiderman movie.)

I do like the way that Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the MCU has set up graduating levels of batshittery in the MCU, until we reach the point where we can be introduced to wilder plots, and more fringe characters. Starting off the MCU with the most familiar, more grounded, and easy to understand, members of The Avengers, was a great idea, and then over time, gradually easing the audience into the ideas of outer space aliens via The Guardians of the Galaxy, alternate universes and magic via Thor, Wanda, and Doctor Strange, and now multiple universes, the sacred timeline, and some of the more extreme, less grounded, characters like Loki, and talking Raccoons and trees.

Several people have stated that this version of Doctor Strange doesn’t seem like his usual self, and there is speculation that not only may that not be him, but that the plot may not actually be as we think it is from the trailer. For me, the speculation that the trailer might be misleading, makes me all the more eager to see this film. I also like the way they combined the two different cinematic styles of Spiderman of Doctor Strange.

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