Most Interesting Fall Trailers

And by interesting, I mean interesting to me, mostly. I’m sure you guys, if you’ve been paying any attention to new trailers at all, have your favorites, but ever since I cut the cord (and no longer have cable or satellite TV) my television viewing has gone waaay down, and that did have some effect not just on what I can see, but want to to see. Starting with those series and movies that have the greatest interest for me, and finishing up with shows I’m not the most enthusiastic about, but look good enough to check out before I eventually lose interest, and wander off to re-watch an old Classic for the 400th time.

Y: The Last Man

This particular show is based on a graphic novel that I did not read. This series looks interesting though, I have high hopes for it, although I’m always a bit dubious when I see Black women prominently featured in genre shows, becasue they are often abused or disregarded by the white female characters, or just badly written by white writers. But I’m going to give it a look-see out of curiosity.

Venom Let There Be Carnage

I really enjoyed the first movie, and I’m looking forward to this sequel, even though I don’t know that much about Carnage (or the screaming woman) outside of these characters being rivals of Venom, who actually started out in the comic books as a hardcore villain to Spiderman. I didn’t read the books featuring spinoff versions of Venom because they showed up after I’d stopped reading superhero comics, so I’m sort of walking into this one blind. Carnage does look suitably terrifying however, and I wish these characters were part of the Spiderverse, or the MCU.

Dune (New Trailer)

This is the newest trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, to be released in October. I’ve told you guys about my enthusiasm for this series, and I’m really looking forward to this. The one drawback I have is that most of the characters being played by PoC die in the books. On the other hand, its hard to be mad about that if everyone in the story gets killed, so… and in some of the later books, some of these characters get revived.

This movie is the first full blockbuster/epic that was made during/after the pandemic, so I hope it makes a lot of money, so that we can get to see the second half. I have absolutely no intention, whatsoever, of seeing this in a theater ,and its one of the primary reasons I got the HBOMax app.

Day of the Dead

This looks like a really fun series. I don’t think its related to the Dawn of the Dead movie franchise. I didnt get too far into Z Nation, although what I did see of it was a lot of fun and the lead character was a Black woman named Roberta who was something of a badass. I’m hoping this show is something similar, or takes place in the same universe. At any rate, it certainly looks more lighthearted and fun than The Walking Dead, which finally wore me out after ten seasons. I just could not take the relentless pessimism any longer.

What We Do In The Shadows Season 3

I loved the movie this was based on, and if you haven’t seen it don’t worry, you don’t need to have watched that, to understand what’s happening in this show. I would, however, strongly recommend that you check out the original as it stars Taika Waititi, of Thor Ragnarok fame. None of the characters from the movie are here, but the relationships in this series are just as hilarious and delightful. My favorite is Colin the Psychic Vampire, who is not even a type of vampire featured in the film version, but should have been. I would say that Colin needs a good sharp slap, except that he would thoroughly enjoy it!

Brooklyn 99

The television landscape is divided into two spheres, pre-2020, and what happens after that. Yes, I’m well aware that all cop shows are copaganda, but I still watched them. I’ve never mistaken them for real life, but as the fantasies they are, and have always preferred the most ridiculous ones. I was a huge fan of Reno 911, which was the polar opposite kind of humor to Brooklyn 99, seeing as how the N* word was regularly deployed, along with gay, rape, racist and misogynist jokes! That said, I got into these shows for the characters, and The 99, have some of the nicest, silliest character relationships.

This is the show’s final season, however, and I kind of knew that would happen after what happened last year. I knew the writers would either have to change the format of the show, or cancel it entirely. Most likely only the hardcore fans, like me, will tune in to watch it anyway. And that’s okay. Sometimes a genre outlives its usefulness.

Reservation Dogs

This just looked like fun. I don’t normally watch teen shows, but these are Native teenagers, and we don’t ever get to hear too much about or from them. The writer’s room is the same, and it will be interesting to watch this. Native humor tends to be snarky, and somewhat absurdist, and that is definitely my type of funny.

Only Murders In The Building

I love it when Steve martin and Martin Short get together. They’re a great comedy duo, and this looks like a lot of great ridiculous fun, as they try to show off their sleuthing talents.

Yakuza Princess

This looks entirely generic, as it is filled with typical dialogue and archetypal characters, but I’m going to watch this anyway, because I’m a sucker for Samurai swords, and Ninjas, and simply cannot help myself!

Don’t Breathe 2

The plot of the first movie was kind of icky, and I have questions about who is that little girl, but this does look badass. So, I may watch it, and just deal with the “ick” factor, later.

See Season 2

I ignored the first season of this, so I need to check that out before I watch the second season of this show, which looks pretty good. I like Momoa and will watch him do anything, and I like the premise that the entire world is blind, except for one person. Also I have questions, and I need a backstory on this world. And well, snowy, wintry landscapes just do it for me.


This is the plot of pretty much every action movie ever made, and the dialogue sounds like it came from anywhere, but it does star Mary Elizabeth, who appears to be reprising her role of Huntress, from Birds of Prey. In fact, I thought this movie was a solo film for the character, but it turns out not to be that at all. I’m less enthusiastic for it, after finding that out, too.

La Brea

Well, it has at least one of my favorite subjects, prehistoric creatures! I’m a little dubious about the cast though, as they seem like your typical generic, middle class, pretty, urban, white people, with at least one token poc, who is essentially unlikable, which is the kind of thing you get when the writer’s room lacks diversity. I’m not particularly impressed with the special effects either. I just like the basic premise, and I hope the portal works both ways, so that the dinosaurs, or whatever, get loose, and run wild in the city, at some point.

Plan A

This is another movie (or series) where I like the premise, but it looks much too “dramatic” for my tastes, right now. I like the idea of watching Jewish people fighting back against the Nazis, since we so rarely get to see that. We usually get white savior stories of other people saving Jewish people. I don’t know that I’m in the right mood to watch something so dark, and kind of depressing, right now, although it looks gorgeous.

Honorable Mentions

American Horror Story Season Ten: Double Feature

Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this one yet, but I felt it deserved mention, because I liked some of the previous seasons.

Chucky (Series)

This is probably a soft nope. I’m only a fan of the first Chucky film. anything that came after that, I skipped. So I wont have any trouble skipping this.


I think this is a remake of a British show about a couple inhabiting a house full of ghosts. it looks mildly funny, but not really my type of humor. This one would entirely depend on whether, or not, I liked the characters, and their relationships.

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