My Favorite YouTube Subscriptions

As a general rule, I do not go to Youtube for the minimum. At least not most of the time. I’m usually watching very specific stuff, and its usually long form. I do, on occasion, have some fluffy stuff I might look at for a few minutes at a time, but most of the things I watch on YouTube are more than ten minutes long, and I make playlists of videos to watch later. Right now my subscription count stands at 67 ,which is a modest number of channels to subscribe to, and most of those are movie commentary channels. Here is a short list of some of my favorites.


I don’t subscribe to a lot of channels dedicated just to talking about or doing funny stuff, mostly because I have a lot of funny stuff recc’d to me on my front page, and I just watch that. But here are the three channels I consistently find hilarious. Sometimes there is a wee bit of overlap between funny, and political, or funny and pop culture, though.


This is one of the few humor channels I subscribe to, that’s by an American white guy. Generally, my humor and theirs don’t usually match up very well, as far too much of white male humor involves being physically and emotional harmful to people for shits and giggles, and I’m not necessarily into that. But Charlie, despite his fascination with rubber dildos, is surprisingly wholesome, with a lot of his videos consisting of him and his friends having weird contests involving the dildos, attempting to churn butter, trying to make french fries with a tennis racket, and ranking weird things, like garbage trucks, and fruit. Here he is talking about a toy that makes unicorn poop…

Sir Stevo Timothy

I always look forward to these short videos of Sir Stevo, hollering at Kathleen in his car, about perfectly innocuous things, that he has completely misunderstood, like Black men not living in Ireland, gay people not actually being real, and soccer. When I first came across these videos, I didn’t like them much, until I figured out they were parodies. Parody and reality are difficult roads to walk sometimes, and one can easily be mistaken for the other. Here, he is trying to “gently” let Kathleen know that she’s gotten fat…

Nicque Marina

I just ran across this person by accident, when I was looking for reviews of the television series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, by Black reviewers, after it became obvious to me that most of the white commentators simply did not have the range to be able to discuss this show, in a way that was actually illuminating, and I found, what is hands down, the most hilarious MCU critic on YouTube.

Not only that, but her perspective on the show is really interesting, as she is also a military veteran, who comments on the military issues, and plausibility, of what’s happening in the show, but in a completely humorous way. Lately, she’s been doing recaps, which are hilariously accurate, especially her interpretations of Tony Stark and Baron Zemo…


I don’t have cable television anymore. I mostly watch things on my Firestick, so I have to get my news elsewhere. Outside of Breaking News online, I listen to these people, in the absence of mainstream media, and still manage to stay relatively informed. No. They aren’t all Liberal or Progressive, but they are definitely not on the Right. Jesse Dollemore used to be Right wing, but left the Conservative movement, a few years ago. I don’t even know how to classify Beau of the Fifth Column, except to say he is very level headed, reassuring, and intelligent and I can say the same thing for Tyler. Dollemore uses a lot more humor, and insults, and usually discusses specific political figures, with his current favorite being Tucker Carlson. I do watch a lot of political stuff that’s not listed here, that’s relatively neutral, like The White House Press Briefings with Jen Psaki. I didn’t provide videos for some of these people as they make serious in-depth videos, that are never less than 30 minutes long.

Stand Up w/Pete Dickinson

This is a podcast, with interviews of social, comedy, and political figures, along with short recaps of major news events. None of Dickinson’s interviews clock in at less than an hour, and he usually interviews two people per show. He is a comedian though, so you have to expect a certain level of silliness, from both him, and sometimes his guests.

Brian Tyler Cohen

Largely consists of commentary on political activities, figures, and issues, along with some livestream interviews with the major political figures of the day. Brian has a little bit of snark in him, when it comes to discussing the day’s issues, but is usually all business, when it comes to his interviews and live-stream events.

For Harriet

You’ll notice there aren’t a whole lot of Black women on this list. I do subscribe to several, but since they tend to talk about everything, including politics, pop culture, feminist issues, and the intersection of all three, its difficult to classify some of them. For Harriet discusses everything from the most trivial, to the major political.

Here’s a short list of some of the Black female Youtubers I like:

Tee Noir, Sensei Yamashita, Kat Blaque, Nappy-Headed Jojoba, Jouelzy

And a recent personal favorite:

Intelexual Media

Beau of the Fifth Column

I don’t know a whole lot about Beau, beyond some cursory googling, but he’s the first person I look to when some disturbing political event has happened. He always explains the meaning of whatever happened in a way that any layman can understand. I know he’s somewhere to the Left of the American political spectrum, (possibly anarchist), but probably doesn’t actually classify as anything in particular. He is a strong proponent of the idea of Community Networks, where Americans take care of each other, rather than relying on the American government to do it. He also teaches some light bush training, and self sufficiency, on his other channel The Roads.

Jesse Dollemore

This channel is mostly devoted to commentary on the most current political events, and people. I came across Dollemore when he was roasting Tomika Lohren. Dollemore also has a podcast which he runs with his wife. The two of them are hilarious together, btw.


I subscribe to several YouTubers from the LGBTQ community, that I stumbled across, either because they were recommended to me from other YouTubers, or because I was looking up movie reviews from people in the community. One sure fire way to find other Youtubers,who are like the ones you like, is to look at their Channel page, to see who they subscribe to. So, if you’re looking for Progressive news channels, for example, you’ll find that they subscribe to people a lot like themselves. Please support these content providers, as quite afew of them make their whole living off their videos.

Jessie Gender

I found this YouTuber, kind of accidentally, because, like me, she is a huge Star Trek fan. She talks about a lot of things, but I especially love her discussions on the intersection of transgender identity, and pop culture.

Council/Breakroom of Geeks

This YouTuber covers much of the same subjects as Jessie Gender, but with more of an emphasis on movies, and Doctor Who. Note: She has two channels, one called The Council, and the other is The Break Room, which touch on slightly different topics, but are all pop culture related.


Adrien is a delightfully silly person, so be prepared for a lot of jokes and laughter, regarding political issues and pop culture. Like For Harriet, he will talk about anything, and everything,and always seems to be delighted by his own humor, which s sassy, but never mean spirited. Don’t let the laughter fool you, though, AdrienExpression knows how to make a point, too.


Here is an openly gay, Black, comic book, geek who mostly talks about movies and shows. He is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and excited about these topics, that he’s a a lot of fun to listen to. He is currently covering Falcon and the Winter Soldier, (mostly because Anthony Mackie is foine! and Seb Stan ain’t too bad either!)


Does some deep intensive examinations of Pop culture and media based on Queer Theory. Expect to set aside some time, when going to this channel, because he goes in-depth on an issue. I;m not going to put one of his videos here, as none of them clock in at less than 45 minutes, so here’s a link to his page. Please like and subscribe.

Pop Culture/Commentary

These are channels that talk almost exclusively about how Pop Culture, social issues, and politics interact with each other, in ways I sometimes miss. I’m much better at seeing historical patterns, in Pop culture, of a particular era. I’m not so good with the current events stuff. These Youtubers help to fill in that gap.

Renegade Cut

From the channel: Renegade Cut is a leftist video essay series about the politics, philosophies, and culture, that informs popular media. he used to make videos exclusively about movies, but in the past few years, has branched out into political discourse. In this video, it seems he must be talking about Lil Nas’ last video, bu this is actually a discussion of how the images of Christian mythology are used in popular culture.

The Vile Eye

The Vile Eye is a channel totally dedicated to the philosophical examination of evil characters in movies, with the occasional foray into real life figures.


I really appreciate this channel, because the public has gotten the idea that criticizing a movie means finding something negative to say about it, and that’s not exactly what that means. Critiquing something is just stating your feelings about it, and why, and how the movie supports those feelings, analyzing what you think the movie means, or what you believe the filmmaker is attempting to say ,and how the film supports that. CinemaWins does a little bit of both. He talks about why he loves a particular film, and then goes into detail about why, and what he thinks the movie is trying to say, and I’m here for that kind of positivity. There are too many critics who only talk about stuff they hate. It’s good to meet a critic who only wants to talk about the movies he loves.

SCP Channels

I don’t get all my SCP information from these sights, but they do inspire me to look up other stories and SCPs on the actual website. I like the Eastside Show for the narrator’s voice acting. They just have a very soothing voice, although most of the SCPs they talk about are already known to me, through The Volgun and The Exploring Series. The Volgun and The Exploring Series are the two most professional, and in depth channels for SCPs. Thye both specialize in the long form SCPs that are largely stories about the different objects and events. The Volgun does exclusively SCP videos, while TES goes into other topics like gaming with its Final Fantasy, and Dungeons and Dragons series, and some literary subjects, with its Lovecraft series.

Eastside Show

The Volgun

The Exploring Series


These video channels don’t have any deeper meaning, they’re not especially philosophical or anything. They’re just fun and relaxing. TkViper makes videos of himself walking through the streets and parks of Japan in the rain. These videos are great for falling asleep, or if you just need some relaxing background noise. I initially started watching them because the videos were like taking a personal tour of Japan. Little Adventures is just cute little images of this young ladie’s collection of Guinea Pigs. TabiEats is a gay couple, Satoshi, Shinichi, and their little doggie, from Japan, who showcase different fast foods from convenience stores around Japan, or snacks sent to them by their followers. I don’t know why I find International snack foods so interesting….


Little Adventures


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