Geeking Out About It


Here’s a short list of the movies and shows I’m most excited about in the next few weeks!

I’ve been away from here for a quick minute, because …well a lot of shit happened in the past month! My mom had a quick little heart surgery, (she’s doing fine, now), her dog died, (its alright, he was a little old man, at about 80 in dog years), I got the first part of my vaccination, and lost the use of my right arm for 24 hours, my car started worrying me, (its fine now), my stove broke, (I have since bought a new one, thanks to having extra money in the bank), and then there’s all the outside problems like police brutality and mass shootings…I’ve had a very emotional thirty days!

So! I am very happy to talk about some trivial stuff that’s making me happy right now, like…

Army of the Dead

I have five good reasons for loving this trailer, and this movie better live up to it.
  1. The Gambler theme song!
  2. Dave Bautisita as a Special Forces Operative, wearing glasses!
  3. Zack Snyder
  4. Tig Notaro, outchere looking hot as f***, and smoking a cigar!
  5. Zombie tiger!

Despite my disagreement with the politics in some of his movies (like the fascism in 300), I actually think Zack Snyder is an okay, but kinda depressing filmmaker. I do prefer when he does the zombie thing, though, because, that movie seemed just a tad more upbeat than his superhero films, and I greatly enjoyed the first zombie movie, the remake of the Dawn of the Dead.

I’m excited to watch this. I hope its good.


I was really hoping someone would grab ahold of this story of the Black Samurai. Right before Chadwick Boseman passed, I’d heard he was to be involved in a live action version of this story, but of course that movie got canceled, and this was the outcome, and will have to do. Lakeith Stanfield has taken over the voice work, in Chadwick’s place, and I’m okay with that.

Yasuke’s origin story is kind of mysterious, so there are plenty of gaps that can be filled in with mystical, magical content, which is what I think is happening here, and I’m here for it. This is from the same animators of The Boondocks, and Cannon Busters, with that same clean, open style. It also doesn’t stint on the racial aspects of the story either, as Yasuke would have been a novelty to the Japanese, back then. I greatly enjoyed Cannon Busters, too, and its still playing on Netflix, if y’all want to check it out, becasue it’s a lot of fun!

I’m not a person who watches a ton of anime, (and I almost never watch any of it with the idea of shipping anybody). I am starting to get a little more into it though, as long as whatever’s being recommended to me does not contain squealing little girls in miniskirts. Fortunately, I didn’t see much of that in this trailer.

Shang Chi

I have two words for this trailer!

Awwww Shit!

Guys, its about to go down! I would almost prefer this to be a TV show, though, so we could get a little more in-depth, but Simu Liu, the special effects, and the fight scenes, all look pretty solid, so I’m here for it! I prefer smaller, more intimate stories, about superheroes, and this looks okay. The world-saving stuff can come in a later film.

The Water Man

This looks like a semi-typical, childhood, fantasy adventure movie, and I’m here for it. Black people are often asking for movies like this, where Black characters get to go on adventures, and have fun, and defeat monsters, and none of it has to do with fighting racism.

I’m not against stories about combating racism, I just think we need other kinds of stories too, less we suffer from trauma fatigue, and this one looks mysterious enough to be intriguing to me. It also heavily reminds me of the movie, I Kill Giants, which I thought was pretty good.

Space Jam

I have semi-fond memories of the original Space Jam, although, for me, it was not the generational juggernaut it became for a lot of Millennial fans. That’s okay. I can respect that they love the original and are looking forward to this remake with great excitement. I am not a fan of sports movies, but I can make an exception for LeBron James, and when it looks this funny.

Black Widow

After viewing this trailer, I’m a little more interested in seeing this. I was kind of indifferent before. I don’t like Black Widow, but I don’t dislike her either. Actually, its more that I don’t particularly care for Scarlett Johanssen, which is really weird, when you sort of like a character, but dislike the actor attached to them. I like the other actors in the movie more than I like her, and it looks like its fun, so I’m willing to check it out.


Loki is another of those characters I feel kind of diffident about. I don’t like him, but I don’t dislike him either. I really like Tom Hiddleston, however, the trailer looks interesting, and I like to see people get the best of Loki, from time to time.

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