Uh -oh! I’ve Been Watching YouTube

It’s pretty much all I have the energy for, since my allergies have been kicking my ass, for a couple of weeks now, and when I’m not asleep, I’m hopped up on Benadryl, and fizzy sugar water (gingerale). I haven’t knitted a darn thing. I haven’t read anything beyond Medium articles, and most of the time, I’m too tired to pay close attention to anything I’m watching.

I do remember watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and enjoying it, though. I watched Wandavision, but since everyone else was discussing it, I didn’t feel any pressing need to do it, although I liked it a lot. I’m currently managing to concentrate on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is awesome, so far. When I get my mind back, I’ll talk about these things in greater depth, maybe.

But here’s what I saw on Youtube:

Suicide Squad

For the record, I was not one of the people who hated the first version of this movie. I thought it was stupid, but fun. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were the best things about it, and I thought the villain was thoroughly unimpressive. This new version is directed by one of my favorites, James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, and the writer of the Dawn of the Dead remake, and Slither. I have high hopes for this movie, based on his past work, and I really like the trailer. Is the movie any good? I have no idea, but I like the looks of this.

That said, I think the best way for the DCEU to differentiate itself from Marvel, is just to go hard on the craziest aspects of its universe. Yes, that is in fact, a giant man-shark, who is both hilarious and terrifying. The villain in this movie is Starro the Conqueror, which is a giant space-going starfish! In the comic books its the size of a building, and it spawns little starfish, that attach themselves to people like the facehuggers from Alien, so that the central mind of Starro can control their bodies. Yes, I just typed that! I mean this is a universe with psychic gorillas, and shit. Marvel tries to be semi-serious about its plots and characters, which are sort of grounded in reality. I say to the DCEU, just go buck wild, pull out all of the stops, and fully embrace the utter ridiculousness that is the superhero genre.

Lil Nas X – Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

The latest video from Lil Nas X is hilarious, and beautiful, and a pointed criticism to all the Christian homophobes, who bullied and terrorized him his whole life, and I’m okay with that. I personally don’t believe in Heaven and Hell, and I’ve never been homophobic, so this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. There’s also a surprising amount of depth, as he quotes Plato, and the bible, in several instances. Notice that all of the figures in the entire video are images of himself. There has been the predictable amount of peal clutching from the usual establishment figures, but as far as I’m concerned, Lil Nas X is following in the footsteps of a long line of controversial musicians, from David Bowie, Boy George, and Madonna, to Prince, NWA, and Tupac Shakur, so he’s in great company.

And yeah, I think the song slaps! It’s going on my phone this weekend

Rashid Alexander

How come nobody told me about this man? How come nobody ever told me that there were male bellydancers, although now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense, so why wouldn’t there be? Apparently, this guy is pretty famous in the world of bellydancing, and Youtube only chose this weekend to put these videos in my recommendations, despite that I have searched for bellydancing videos in the past.

I do not understand why YouTube can’t simply offer me more videos on the subjects I’ve actually searched for, and watched, rather than continually trying to get me to watch Conservative Fascism-lite videos, featuring Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson. I have never in my existence watched or searched for any of their videos, but Youtube keeps thinking, maybe I’ll change my mind.

Naw, You (dumbass)Tube, offer me more of this stuff!

Thousand Hand Boddhisatva

I remember watching this video some time ago and if finally ended up in my recommendations even though I had not been searching for any videos about dancing recently. Its very beautiful ,and from what I understand the dancers here are all deaf, and the musicians in the orchestra are blind, so now my brain is trying to figure out the logistics.

Morgan Bullock

I’ve always been fascinated with Irish dancing. I was a big Riverdance fan when it was hot at the time, although I could have done without Michael Flatley’s grandstanding. I even went out and bought the album. A few months ago a video of this lovely young Black girl, Irish dancing to Megan the Stallion’s Savage, surfaced on Youtube, and a lot of people’s heads blew up!

Of course there was some pushback against a Black girl doing Irish dancing, (most of it from racist Irish Americans), but the actual Irish people love her, and have fully embraced how she has fused these two cultures, Black and Irish, and is bringing Irish dancing back to the world’s attention again. If the Irish have no problem with what she’s doing, than neither do I.

I haven’t been posting as much as usual because of the above reason, and I may, or may not, post anymore this week. It all depends on if I have another lucid moment, I guess. We’ll find out.

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