What Fandom Racism Looks Like: All The Pieces of Heroes of Color — Stitch’s Media Mix

“[…] this problem of cannibalizing a hero of color to enhance a white character isn’t new.” – tumblr user thehollowprince in response to a tumblr message received July 16, 2020 (Archive link.) I’ve never seen folks in fandom cut up aspects of a white hero to then give those characteristics to another white character. No […]

What Fandom Racism Looks Like: All The Pieces of Heroes of Color — Stitch’s Media Mix

Note: Because I posted this excerpt from another persons blog, addressing an issue that’s of importance to many PoC, I have seen an unprecedented amount of traffic driven here through links from Tumblr (and other blogs!)

Some of the comments on this post were reiterations of fights that were had on Tumblr. As a result I have closed comments on this specific post! This isn’t Tumblr.

Let me state for the record, clearly, and distinctly , that I do not tolerate any fandom bullshit or nonsense on this blog! I am not the one, I have no patience for white women (the primary commenters) whining about fandom, and I will close comments, and block anybody foolish enough to think they should try me.

Do I make myself clear?

Take that shit somewhere else! I will not give people a platform to be racist, make excuses for racism, or disseminate their badly thought out responses to a post that is important to PoC.

I support and agree with the person who’s post I reblogged. That will not change.

White fandom: I do not care about your thoughts on this issue, which is why I closed the comments. I’m not deeply engaged in fandom for a reason, and y’all are it!

For my regular followers: people like this are exactly the reason why I’m not involved in fandom the same way they are, why I support Stitch, and why I reblog her posts. I believe she is doing important work. We do not do the same kind of work, though. My interest is in critically looking at the source material that inspires fans, while her work is critically questioning the various fandoms surrounding the source material.

And for anyone else who stumbles across this post, the comments below are an example of what not to do in fandom.

As of today, I have deleted the comments. This just is not the place for this, and I simply don’t want to subject my followers to this.

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