Racism In Fandom

Here’s MelinaPendulum speaking on how racism in fandom hurts Black people in the real world:

Addressing one of the points in her video, I left this comment:

It frustrates me to no end, that Black people making a statement about our lived experiences, is seen as an opportunity to fight about what was just said, rather than an opportunity to learn a new perspective.

Another point I wanted to make is that all of the harassment of these entertainers, and fans, serves no purpose, and in fact may actually be detrimental to fandom. This behavior doesn’t just hurt PoC. It hurts white fans too.

Movies and TV are a business. They cast PoC, not just because we’ve been begging them to do so for over a decade, but because these corporations make a hell of a lot of money from appealing to a wider segment of the population than just straight, cis-gender white people. These are businesses that know which side of the bread their butter is on, and where their future lies, and they’re going to continue down the road of diversity and inclusion, until it ceases to be profitable, (which is unlikely). White people throwing temper tantrums at the fans and/or actors/creators is not going to change the future of their business model.

Also, when a person of color walks away from fandom, because they had a racist experience, that’s one less person lending their energy and voice to the creation of more of whatever people are a fan of. When PoC stop being fans of something, you know what happens? Your favorite show that you didn’t want to see any Black people in, gets canceled, (Agent Carter), or that movie doesn’t make any money, so there’s not ever going to be a franchise.

The harassment of people like John Boyega, Candace Patton, Kelly Marie Tran, Ana Diop, or Leslie Jones, accomplishes absolutely nothing at all, either. It’s not going to cost them a job. They already got cast in the role. They already got paid. White people harassing them online, just means they’re no longer available, on social media, to talk to their real fans, who helped make their career possible. (Although I do realize, that for the people who engage in this kind of behavior, there are other, more nebulous, benefits for them, like causing emotional harm to strangers.)

it is ridiculous that this behavior has gone on as long as it has, (but white people always seem to find the energy for hating PoC), but its not surprising either, because for every step forward made by PoC, most especially Black people, we will experience a virulent and thoroughly nasty backlash from white people, (Yes, all white people!White women are not innocent of any of this!), who believe they’re protecting something they have sole ownership of, and that’s the entertainment we all consume, and the fandom that surrounds it.

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