5 Most Exciting Trailers This Weekend

A lot of really great trailers got released this past weekend, most of them by Marvel, as they released their film and TV timeline for the next two years. Here are my five favorites, not all of them MCU related, along with a bonus extra.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier

I haven’t read a whole lot of stories in the Falcon as Captain America universe, so that’s not why I’m especially excited for this series. I’m excited because The Falcon is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I’ve been reading about him, since I was a kid, back in the 80s, although that version is a little different from the MCU version. I also really like Mackie and Stan’s dynamic in the film, and this just looks like fun.

I once described their film relationship as Salt N’ Sugar, where they don’t actually hate each other, it only looks that way to people outside their relationship, (I’ve been in a few of those), we get more of that here. In the movies, each of them had their own dynamic with Steve, and I like how their friendship with each other is distinguishable from each of their relationships to him. And I like the happy friend/cranky friend relationship, because I’ve been in a couple of those too, as the broody/cranky friend, so I can 100% confirm that the cranky friend does indeed love their happy friend, even if they refuse to admit to it.


Its interesting to have watched the rehabilitation of this character since we first saw him in the Avengers. In that film, he was a straight baddie, and a lot less comedic. I’d argue that Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarok went a long way towards making me truly like this character, and I’m looking forward to this series, because it just looks like fun, and seems to capture more of the zaniness of the title character, from the comic books.

Don’t be mistaken, Loki is still very, very, dangerous, but he is actually pretty crazy, as befits a God of Chaos. Tom Hiddleston has captured those qualities so well, I can’t think of anyone else being able to play this role.

Shadow in the Cloud

A couple years ago we had Overlord, which was a War/Zombie/Action mashup, with a Black lead character, that I found very appealing. Here, we have yet another such movie, starring one of my favorite actresses, Chloe Grace Moretz, as a female bellygunner, carrying a mysterious package, on a fighter plane that’s being attacked by monsters! That just sounds like fun, and the action scenes are incredible. There are the usual disrespectful sexist quips from the men, but that’s easily dispensed with, so we can get to the action sequences. Anytime you’re rooting for people, just from watching the trailer, the movie might actually turn out to be pretty good.

What If?…

I’ve read quite a few of these stories in comic book form. In the DCU its called the Elseworlds series, where different types of scenarios happen to some of your favorite characters just by asking, What If.. Peggy Carter received the super serum, and became Captain Britain, superheroes got turned into zombies, King T’Challa was the one who became Star Lord? Those all sound like interesting stories to me.

I like the animation because its a nice, clean, easy style for my brain to interpret, (Y’all recall, I said I had some issues with interpreting the Miles Morales movie, when I saw the trailer). I’m looking forward to this series, because I hope to see some of the stories I read as a kid.


I was somewhat indifferent to this when I saw the first trailer for it. Since then, I’ve viewed a few more trailers, and I’ve decided I’m going to give it a try, rather than ignore it completely. I do admit, when I saw the first trailer, I took it at face value, but it turns out that, like the series itself, I guess, the trailers were not as things seem, and I rather like that. Its seems heavily reminiscent of World of M storyline, in the comic books, where Wanda became delusional to the point where her powers affected the world around her.

I know there are people who don’t like her character much because she doesn’t seem especially powerful but Wanda is probably one of the most powerful superheroes in the comics. In the books, Wanda is a Reality Bender, which is one of the most dangerous powers to have. Now imagine if someone with reality changing abilities went mad. That’s what happened in Word of M, and I wonder if that’s what the story is here.

Honorable Mention:


This is one of those types of movies love to watch, where a seemingly ordinary person turns out to have been hiding some deadly talents, and like the Godfather, they get pulled back into a life they were trying to avoid. That said this was a plot used in the 90s, starring, of all people, Samuel L Jackson, and Geena Davis about a housewife who discovers she is actually an international assassin.

I like this plot a little bit better. There’s no amnesia excuse for why he doesn’t use his skills, like Rurouni Kenshin, he just doesn’t want to kill anymore, but has no choice, when his old enemies discover his whereabouts.

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