News For 2021

Hi everyone,

It’s been six years since I started this blog, and I guess its time to level up, as people say. I have, at this point, reached almost 1,000 followers, between both WordPress and Tumblr, and I’m regularly clocking over a hundred views a day, something which sounds incredible to me, even if others might think that’s small fish! It’s always astonishing to me that people aren’t just reading my little ramblings, but actively seeking them out, (although y’all could hit that “like” button a little more often. I’m gonna have to get on y’all’s case about that.)

I started this blog at the bequest of my good friend, over at A Blog Devoted To Supernatural, BellaUK. (Hi!), who I met while writing over there about the show. She was a great encouragement on this journey, and I’m thinking of her now, as I move forward.

I have no plans to stop blogging at this time, but I do want to do something different. I want to try different ways of reaching the audience, while still talking about those things that make me happy, namely geeking out about Pop Culture in general, and discussing racial issues in particular.

But I’m going to need a little help here. I’ve been researching different means and types of expansion, like podcasting, Youtubing, and/or opening a Patreon. Keeping in mind, of course, that I do work full time.

I am leaning very heavily towards podcasting, (which is easier to monetize, and sounds more fun than videos), along with the occasional Zoom or Youtube livestream. I want to pick the one that’s not going to take too much time away from caregiving or knitting!

So, I think I’m ready for this. I can do this.

Sometimes, you gotta take that leap of faith, right?

So if you want to reach a new audience, grow your current audience, or even just provide a new avenue for your readers to consume your content, you should start a podcast.

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