Things That Make Me Happy This Monday

Hi everybody! Its Monday, and I’m feeling alright. We had a huge storm yesterday, that knocked over some trees in my neighborhood ,and knocked out some of the electricity too, but me and Mom are cool. I actually got to bed on time, and had a good sleep.

Tonight, I’m going to relax and play with some yarn, and a set of knitting needles I just bought, while I watch some comedies. So since I’m feeling good, and I suspect you would like to do so as well,


Have a tiny, angry, frog who think’s he’s a lot tougher than he sounds…

He looks like a sand covered tennis ball with eyes!

That angry…sound, simply isn’t having its intended effect.

Also, have a tiny sleeping hummingbird, who snores!

I’m A Bee! Thas Right Y’all, a funky bee! Probably this is how those African Honeybees dance.

Okay, then! I dare you not to laugh at these roly poly animals.