Gay And Lesbian Horror Movies

There was a time that whenever members of the LGBTQ community appeared in mainstream Horror movies, they were treated as comedy relief, horribly killed, as a means to punish them for being gay, or as villains (Sleepaway Camp, Silence of the Lambs, Dressed to Kill), so to get Horror movies where they’re treated as no different than the other characters, they are the primary characters, or sometimes get to be heroic, is still something of a novelty. Here are 8 Horror movies, where gay, lesbian, or transgender characters get to be primary leads, get to save the day, or experience the uncanny, without that being a reflection on their sexuality.

Spiral (2019)

Malik and Aaron are a same sex couple that move to the countryside, along with Aaron’s daughter, and encounter strange neighbors, and mysterious ritual. If you like movies like The Wicker Man, Hereditary, and Midsommar, then give this movie a try on Halloween night. I haven’t finished this movie yet, (its not boring, I was just tired), but the trailer looks pretty good. his movie is airing on the Shudder app, through Amazon.

Hellbent (2004)

This probably isn’t the first gay slasher, but it is the first one that’s been treated as a typical slasher film, except all the primary characters present in such films have been replaced by gay characters, right down to a Final Guy. Eddie, and his friends, encounter a serial killer during West Hollywood’s annual Halloween Carnival. I’m still not a fan of the production values on this, as it looks murky and too dark, but the plot and characters are taken as seriously as if this were a movie about straight characters. This is currently on the HERE TV app.

Haute Tension (2003)

This is one of those movies about an interesting little twist. When the girl she has fallen in love with is kidnapped by a serial killer after they visit her parent’s house, Marie has to go on the defense to rescue her. This film is very gory, and pretty serious. The twist ending may be problematic for some viewers, but if you like gory Horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween, then is worth a try. The American title to this French film was Switchblade Sisters, so you may find it streaming under that name. Its also available on the IMDB app, through Amazon Prime.

What Keeps You Alive

This movie is about a lesbian couple that violently hash out their issues during their stay in the countryside. You can tell this by the amount of blood seen in this trailer. I haven’t seen this one yet, but it looks pretty chilling and has been on my radar for at least a year This is now streaming on Netflix, if any of you are interested.


I wrote about this maybe a year ago. I generally liked it, although since its kind of artsy, it is somewhat ambiguous on the outcome, as such movies tend to be. its about a young woman in her first year of college, who struggles physically and emotionally with her attraction to a young lady she meets in the school library. There’s a paranormal element involved, a la Carrie, but seems like there’s a happier ending. Its worth watching though, and is currently streaming on Hulu.

Assassination Nation (2018)

When the people in her small town of Salem start to behave erratically after someone starts hacking everyone’s phones and computers, revealing all their embarassing, and deadly, secrets, Lily has to go to the extremes to defend herself and her friends. The film stars one of the first transgender actresses to star in a slasher film, Hari Nef, as one of Lily’s friends. Assassination Nation is streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

We Are The Night (2011)

After they’ve killed all the male vampires for being greedy, a coven of female vampires, led by a woman named Louise, initiates a new member, Lena. Lena is looking for love, but when she doesn’t return Louise’s affections, she must fight to be free of the coven. This available to buy or rent on Google Play, and Youtube.

The Quiet Room (2017)

After a suicide attempt, Michael ends up in a rehab center that appears to be haunted. He ends up having to fight for his life, both physically and psychologically, if he expects to survive a fate worse fate than death. This movie has the distinction of having a gay Black man as the lead. The Quiet Room is airing on Amazon Prime.

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